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JUST IMAGINE ! Mabior Makur and David Anei Thon TRAINING THE TRAINERS IN SOUTHERN SUDAN Duk County Teacher Training Initiative.

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1 JUST IMAGINE ! Mabior Makur and David Anei Thon TRAINING THE TRAINERS IN SOUTHERN SUDAN Duk County Teacher Training Initiative

2 UN Millennium Development Goals GOAL 2: ACHIEVE UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling. STATUS IN SOUTHERN SUDAN: Although 1.3 million children are enrolled in primary school, only 1.9% completes the level. The ratio of of pupils per teacher stands at a staggering 1,030. Under current budget plans, this goal will never be achieved. “It seems they have no hope for us” David

3 TOGETHER WE CAN! Help achieve this goal LOGO (MAKING DREAMS REAL): In 2008, at an Ellensburg Morning Rotary meeting in Washington State, John Dau spoke of his dream for teacher training and literacy support in Southern Sudan. The members decided to help make Dau’s dream real. LOGO (IRA): With technical support and encouragement from International Reading Association (IRA), the Club developed a three phrase plan to work toward this dream. LOGO (THE FUTURE OF ROTARY IS IN OUR HANDS): Current Rotary President Kenny’s said that as Rotarians we must look beyond our own communities’ needs. With this in mind, our Rotary Club took it upon themselves to reach across continents to teach the world to read through supporting teachers’ professional development.

4 Our Journey PHASE 1 In August 2009, two Ellensburg Morning Rotary members and a CWU Professor journeyed to Tanzania, Africa. The following goals were accomplished: -They welcomed and hosted, at the Pan African Reading Conference, Mabior Makur and David Anei Thon, two district inspectors from Duk County, sponsored by EMRC -Over the course of 6 days, the Team did an informal, yet comprehensive needs assessment, connected the two men with educators from Africa, provided resources and showed them how to use them and developed a strong friendship. What we learned has opened our eyes, given us a dose of reality, and infused us with the passion to forge ahead!

5 Just Imagine! If 85% of the schools in your county were “under the tree” schools

6 Just Imagine! If in your children’s classrooms there were also 100+ children attempting to learn under the guidance of just one teacher.

7 Just Imagine! If in our classrooms the students in any one class ranged in age from 6 through 12, and there were virtually no students in secondary school.

8 Just Imagine! If many of the children in your community’s schools were being taught by school drop outs with no training. “We are misleading ourselves to think they can teach.” Mabior Makur

9 Just Imagine! If the only supplies in your children’s schools consisted of chalkboard and chalk.

10 Just Imagine! If the few textbooks, supplied by the government, were printed in another language and were based on beliefs that you did not hold.

11 Just Imagine! Having no postal or email addresses, no phone service, and no easily accessible roads to your school or between schools. “Many children walk an average of 3 miles to school each day.” David “Getting teachers together for training and support is a very difficult task.” Mabior

12 A Typical Sudanese Village

13 Just Imagine! Wanting so much more for your students but not being able to provide for them.

14 Just Imagine! Training carefully selected teacher leaders from Duk County to train other teachers in literacy and best practice teaching methods. Looking at the Deng Malual Library and Education Center website.

15 And now, in their own words… “We came to this Conference thirsty for knowledge. We learned so much as to what is happening in other parts of the world.”

16 What they will take back to Duk County.. “We will tell our people that we are all behind in knowledge. The world is moving and we are only staying in one place.”

17 They took back supplies..

18 And were shown how to use them. “Materials given to us mean nothing unless we are shown how to use them. ”

19 They learned about IRA Filling out IRA Membership Registration Forms. “When we came to this Conference we have seen IRA as a very active organization working in all directions of literacy.”

20 And, they learned about Rotary “I want the Rotary people to know that it has been wonderful to come to this Conference...a good beginning and we wish with good coordination between us we will all do wonderful things.” David “I want to say Thank You to Rotary for the money spent. I am very happy for the activities you will be doing in Duk County. I am saying thank you for the promise to train the teachers of teachers.” Mabior

21 What Next? Begin to plan for Phase 2: Training the Trainers in Southern Sudan This would include: creating a 12 month literacy and best practice teaching curriculum which can be taught in the Sudan to 6-8 Southern Sudanese teacher leaders who will in turn teach their colleagues. In the meantime, stay connected to John Dau, Mabior & David, support David & Mabior in becoming members of IRA, make connections with other educational leaders in Sudan, partner with other organizations interested in project, seek funding Work with and support the efforts of The Deng Malual Library and Education Center (following slides) Share John Dau, Mabior and David’s message

22 Future Teacher Training Site 

23 Rotary and CWU Support

24 The Container of Books!

25 One Way to Lend a HAND

26 Final Thought “This is our time…our time to train teachers..finally. THANK YOU!”

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