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Process Management Systems

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1 Process Management Systems
PM- BATCH Recipe / product Data Management and job control PM- MAINT Maintenance- management Maintenance Diagnosis Analysis of Alarms and Process Data PM- QUALITY PM- ANALYZE Job / Batch - oriented Archiving and Recording Production - Quality Management Solutions for Communication ( Online links, File exports, Connetions to PI and SAP R/3 ) PM- AQUA System-integration Data Processing for Water Industries PM- OPEN

2 Plant Information system
PM-OPEN PI Online link to PI – Plant Information system PM-OPEN PI allows a flexible and rapidly configurable link from the automation systems to the PI-Plant Information System. The software product PI-Plant Information SystemTM, produced by OSI Software Inc. CA, USA, is a universal plant information system for the display, evaluation and archiving of process data. PM-OPEN PI can be fully integrated into the powerful Siemens visualization system SIMATIC WinCCTM or run as a stand-alone system.

3 New Features Advanced configuration support Release for PI-API 1.3.4
Online configuration from the PI-System Online configuration with WinCC variable selection from PM-OPEN PI Release for PI-API 1.3.4 Stand-alone Version with WinCC Version 5.1 Release for WinCC Version 6.1 Release for the use on a multi-client Running with WinCC V6.0  PM-OPEN PI V6.0 WinCC V4.2, V5.x  PM-OPEN PI V4.1

4 Online Configuration It is cyclic checked whether tags for PM-OPEN PI are created, modified or deleted in the PI-System. In this case, it is tried to create missing variables online in WinCC For available variables, the transmission of the variable values is directly started. On modified tags in the PI-system, it is checked whether the value for the parameter ScanPoint has changed. Corresponding to this, the transmission for this tag is stopped or started. If a tag is deleted in the PI-System, the transmission is stopped for this tag.

5 Online Configuration The start of the transmission of variable values is online possible from PM-OPEN PI, if a tag with the same name exists in the PI-System. In the options, configuration menu the transmission cycle and the transmission direction can be selected. After that the WinCC-dialog for the variable selection appears, in which multiple selections are possible. If this dialog is confirmed with OK, it is tried to start the transmission online for the selected variables. For all selected variables also configuration data lines are created in the file PM_OPEN_PI.PRO. Through this it is very easy to create missing tags in the PI-System. Also the starting can be substantially simplified in new projects by the last point.

6 PM-OPEN PI For questions please contact: Internet:
Fon: +49 (0) /-3641/-3382 Fax: (0)

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