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1 Bibliothèque Dieter Schmidt Resources and services MBA 2011 Martine Allègre September, 14th.

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1 1 Bibliothèque Dieter Schmidt Resources and services MBA 2011 Martine Allègre September, 14th

2 2 … Learning Enhancing information skills Integrating the School The Library, support for Learning, Teaching and Research The Gem Library for…

3 3 Resources Services And a team / 9 Librarians + 10 Information Companions MBA Information Companion The Gem Library

4 4 Library on site and free-access Management Print Books on Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Production, Research and development, Human resources, … Print Journals Dissertations Reference : dictionaries, atlas, grammars Literature : novels, drama,.. E-media : PCs, printers, photocopier, scanner Academia for Faculty

5 5 Elles ont une couverture thématique, une couverture géographique, temporelle, linguistique…même si aujourdhui, leur contenu se diversifie. Elles sont le produit dun éditeur ou dun distributeur. La BDD peut être en effet distribuée soit par léditeur lui-même, soit par plusieurs éditeurs, soit par un agrégateur (=distributeur de plusieurs éditeurs) Editeur : le contenu des BDD est relativement plus réduit Agrégateur : plus de contenu mais plus de disparités et moteur de recherche plus puissant pour retrouver linformation Library map … une équipe.

6 6 Specialised resources on management Books and E-books Press and journals and E-journals Students dissertations and E-dissertations The Gem Library / Resources and E-resources

7 7 The E-Library to Access E-resources Sign up Student\bond00007 password

8 8 Database = structured files to find relevant information Thematic, geographical, temporal cover The publishers Editor Aggregator The databases to find relevant information E-Resources and Databases

9 9 Search by indexes Authors, Titles, Names of companies, All words…. Subjects ( Keyword / Mot-clé,..) Each database has its own thesaurus or list of keywords or lexicon or vocabulary And combine with operators AND/OR/NOT Proximity operators How to search ? DATABASES / How to search ?

10 10 The search engine depends on the content of the database Languages of the database Interface # Database content The databases Databases / Guidelines

11 11 A shared database with the Grenoble Chamber of commerce Books /E-books/ Dissertations/ Print journals Indexes Author / Title / Keyword (Bilingual Management Thesaurus) / Language / Publication date…. All (indexes) Library (Gem or CCIG) / Sections / Call numbers (=cote) A specific database, the Library catalogue Useful databases / The Library Catalogue SIMON

12 12 International news FACTIVA English-speaking in economics and management literature BUSINESS SOURCE COMPLETE ABI INFORM EMERALD SCIENCE DIRECT AtoZ / full text E- journals Useful databases / Press and ACADEMIC Journals


14 14 Economy The World Bank Portal Global Economic Monitor Technology GARTNER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Careers Career Insider /Vault Useful databases / Economy, Technology,..

15 15 E-BOOK collection / Ebsco DAWSONERA / Dawson Macroeconomics by Blanchard SAGE Reference online / Sage Useful databases Useful databases / E-books

16 16 SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) is a tool designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. Useful databases Useful databases / Methods and Research

17 17 Training sessions Get a tour to Factiva, Business Source Complete, GMID, e-books Recto/Verso Collection Essential Learning tools Librarians / Information desk E-desk If you need help…

18 18 Loans / Information desk Renewals / E-catalogue Reservations / E-catalogue The Gem Library SERVICES

19 19 Thank you for your attention ! Any question ?

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