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Welcome to the fastest growing home-based business opportunity & language learning experience in the history of the world.

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1 Welcome to the fastest growing home-based business opportunity & language learning experience in the history of the world.

2 A Company built on TREMENDOUS experience. Launched 14 th February 2005 EN101: A Company ready for the long term. Incorporated in Nevada, USA. Debt Free & Stable. Executive HQ in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA. Additional Global offices being developed.

3 It all began with the vision of one man... Richard McCullough CEO and creator EN101 Richard spent eleven years creating successful online MLM software & business concepts for others and watching them capitalize on his ideas. In 2000, he met his future wife, Karin - who spoke no English. Richard spoke no Spanish. The international language of love prevailed, and the seed of En101 was planted. Over the next several years, the idea of One World, One Language evolved. What if we could teach the non-English speaking world how to speak English over the internet and create an online business opportunity for marketers who help us share our product?

4 The TEAM comes together. Paul Mandelt. President EN101 In 1999 Paul joined another company (Richard had created the concept for) and that company turned his belief in multi- level marketing into a reality. Thus began his friendship with Richard and his current involvement with Mary Mandelt Director of Education With two decades of experience teaching EFL & ESL courses, Mary heads up the development of our three year EFL standard online language learning programs. EN101 is simply focused on teaching the World how to speak English & Spanish more effectively than ever with our new State-of-the-Art interactive multimedia courses.

5 The Sales Network Starts. After developing the concept for En101, Richard approached long time friend and Russian university professor, Dr. Alexander Bogdanov. Upon learning that the Company had a product that teaches English to Russians, long time New York resident Alexander contacted some of his closest contacts in Russia and some of the surrounding countries. In a matter of days the business showed great potential. Within ten weeks from this humble beginning, sales had exploded to over 15,000 members in over 110 countries. The global expansion of EN101 has truly begun. The Company is now growing into an army of entrepreneurial visionaries who are attracted by our mission to teach the world English & Spanish and by our innovative learn and earn business model.

6 A Product the World desperately needs. The preferred communication method is rapidly becoming VOICE communications. Everyone wants to SPEAK English to prosper in life. English is the No.1 business language in the World. If you could speak English & Spanish you could communicate with over half of the world. Currently our market consists of around 600 million Internet users that go online daily and cannot speak English. They want to learn, and we aim to teach them. According to a study conducted by the British Council, there could be as many as 2 BILLION people learning English within the next 5 to 10 years!

7 The EN101 Simple Learning experience. Starts at an elementary level and builds up to a full 3 year EFL standard course. Anyone with access to the Internet and a desire to learn can learn English through En101. Daily lessons… 5 days a week… every week. Starts with simple words and phrases. Includes quizzes and tests. Students click on pictures and hear audio explanations in English or Spanish. All lesson text is in the local language of the student.

8 EN101 has an exciting product that … The Power of our product is its simplicity! Additional trade specific courses are being developed. Thank you. Youre welcome. Does not require a teacher present Allows the student to work at their own pace without peer pressure Develops the art of hearing & communication skills Improves vocabulary Improves confidence in SPEAKING Is affordable by the masses $129.00 for 12 months study. $69.00 for 6 months study.

9 The EN101 Home Business Opportunity. The Product : Unique, AFFORDABLE sight & sound learning product available over the Internet. The Market: Huge market potential with sales in over 100 countries in just 10 weeks! The Opportunity: The fastest growing Internet opportunity in the history of home business marketing. The Potential: Anyone can participate in this business on the internet from anywhere in the world – instantly! In a sea of mediocre opportunities EN101 is certainly capturing the worlds attention.

10 The simple role of EN101 Independent Representatives. 1. Find customers to use our products and earn direct sales commissions for every sale. US$30.00 on a 1 year course. US$20.00 on a 6 months course. 2. Share the opportunity with other potential representatives to build a sales team AND earn additional commissions from our sales bonus pool. The more customers and representatives you introduce, the more commissions you can earn. All commissions are paid weekly through multiple payment delivery options. By VISA Debit Card, Check, Bank Wire, Money Gram, E-Gold or Western Union.

11 Developing your sales teams. Simply and easily develop 2 sales teams: Who says young marketers today cant be successful?.... Not En101! You earn points on ALL sales in both teams, regardless of who makes the sale! As few as 6 sales can constitute a Pay Step. You can earn multiple Pay Steps daily. No flushing of volume! Make one sale in your LEFT team Make one sale in your RIGHT team Personal SaleTeam Sale You

12 A WIN-WIN business model. Your first sale is automatically placed in the same team that you were sponsored into, which strengthens that team… and creates teamwork! This business model makes it possible for you to help the people in your teams, and for them to help the people in their teams. Numbers create momentum! This is not a pyramid. Anyone in your team can build a stronger business than you - and earn more commissions! The cumulative effect and income possibilities when people help people to succeed in our business can be quite amazing. Upline You

13 Qualifying to earn commissions. You qualify your position to earn bonus pool commissions by making two sales - one in your right team and one in your left team. You cannot purchase multiple positions but you can earn two additional positions: one in each sales team. To earn your bonus position(s), simply make one product only sale and introduce one sales representative (into either team) – A bonus position will be automatically placed in whichever sales team you meet these requirements. Each position can earn US$10,000 a week maximum. 3 Positions could potentially pay you US$30,000 a week. RepresentativeCustomer onlyBONUS Position You UnpaidPaid Silver Star Gold Star $ $

14 Pool. Every time a sale is made anywhere within the organization, the dollar amount shown is added to the downline commission pool. At the end of each week, the number of Pay Steps earned by all reps is divided into the total amount of dollars in the pool, and that amount is paid out to the reps. The entire pool is paid out weekly. Representatives All sales made in either of your 2 teams count for you! Pool # of Pay Steps earned $ Amount of Pay Steps $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ USD$60 USD$25 1 Year 6 Month Pool

15 Pay Step. A Pay Step equals (=) 30 points with at least 1/3 of the points on either team. All Points made in either of your 2 teams count for you! 10 points on one team and 20 on the other team = 1 Pay Step 100 points on one team and 200 on the other team = 10 Pay Steps and There are no limits to the number of Pay Steps an individual can earn in a pay period. $129 $69 = 5 Points = 3 Points You 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 5 10 Left + 20 Right = 1 Pay Step

16 Tools and Support. When you become a representative with EN101 you are given: a sales presentation website viewable in multiple languages. an online business tracking and placement control center. you are given help, support & training from the leaders above you in the sales organization you are positioned. And full live support available through the Company executive offices. In fact, you get everything you need to build a business for yourself but not by yourself!

17 Getting Started with EN101. Visit the website of the person who introduced you to EN101 and click on purchase. Decide if you want the 6 month course or 12 month course. Fill out the form and decide how you want to pay: By Credit Card, Money Order, Money Gram, Bank Wire, E-Gold, or Member Wallet. Visit your Online Office. Set your site welcome name. Choose how you want to be paid your commissions. Take ample time to familiarize yourself with the different sections. Attend a team training and business opportunity meeting and arrange a business orientation session with your sponsor (he or she who introduced you to the company). Remember you cannot earn commissions until your position is paid for. You can start building your team and providing your site is paid for within 21 days you will not lose any commission that may be due to you.

18 You are invited to join a winning team. You have been invited to overview our business because someone who knows you feels you could benefit from our product and business opportunities. We understand ours is not the only opportunity out there but we truly believe that EN101 is the finest opportunity on the planet. We invite you to join us TODAY in our mission to teach the world English and Spanish and benefit personally from the HUGE EARNINGS potential of our home business opportunity. Dont wait a moment longer to prosper with EN101, you deserve to do well! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME & WELCOME TO THE EN101 EXPERIENCE

19 Where dreams really do come true! Join in the fun today…

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