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Mid-July Brochure Just chillin’ July 12–August 8, 2014.

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1 Mid-July Brochure Just chillin’ July 12–August 8, 2014

2 For Consumers July 12–August 8, 2014

3 Fridge Fundamentals! Freeze-It™ 11-Pc. Set for only $64

4 Fridge Fundamentals! Freeze-It™ Door Set for $15 Freeze-It™ Smalls for only $14 with any $50 order Limit one with any $50 order. Power Chef™ System for $49 Save $20

5 Delicious Demonstration Recipe Strawberry Freezer Jam Using Power Chef™ System

6 Delicious Demonstration Recipe Mango Lime Smoothie Using Power Chef™ System

7 Breakfast Bunch! Microwave Cereal Bowls for $15 Keep-It-Krunchy Cereal Set for $19 Buy super size, get regular size FREE Tupperware Impressions® 11-oz./330 mL Tumblers for only $15

8 Encourage Attendance at the Party! Jr. Cereal Storers for only $10 Set of two at this price. Limit one offer when you attend a party.

9 Short Term Offers Available July 12-25, 2014 only!

10 Reusable and Refreshing Solutions! Microwave Luncheon Plates for only $15 Buy more, save more with set of 8 for only $25 Tupperware® Impressions 1-Gal./4 L Pitcher for $15 Tupperware® Impressions Mini Serving Set for $13 Two Weeks Only! July 12—25, 2014

11 Fresh Favorites! Lunch’n Things™ Container for $12 each One in Fuchsia Kiss and one in Tropical Water One Touch® Topper Canisters for $21 One Touch® Reminder Canister Set for $24 Save $16 Two Weeks Only! July 12—25, 2014

12 For Hosts July 12–August 8, 2014

13 Tools To Develop Datings Dating Gift Small Packables Container Free gift helps you date parties! Date & Hold Gift Select from items in Summer 2014 Catalog

14 Exclusive Host Gift Special Tupperware® Impressions Summer Party Set Free with $450 party & 2 datings held for $68 in Host Credit $151 total value! Includes the Tupperware® Impressions Colander! Serving Spoons snap together and double as tongs!

15 Hosts receive up to $158.50 in products for FREE! With $450 in party sales and 2 datings held during July 12–August 8, 2014 ProductValueHost Cost Dating Gift (Small Packables Container) $7.50$0 Use $68 in Host Credit to select brochure Host Gift Special (Tupperware® Impressions Summer Party Set) $151.00$0 Total Product Value$158.50 And, purchase 2 half-off selections from the catalog!

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