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St. John the Apostle Grades 3-5.

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1 St. John the Apostle Grades 3-5

2 St. John the Apostle John the beloved was a fisherman in Galilee.
His brother was James son of Zebedee. They were called “sons of thunder” (Mark 3:17). They left their father, their servants and all their wealth to follow Jesus. They met Jesus on the sea where they had caught large amounts of fish

3 They followed Jesus Christ and became his disciples.
John liked to lie on Jesus’ bosom, as he loved Christ very much.

4 He walked with him on his journeys, services, and saw all HIS miraculous acts, heard his teachings and held fast to His discipleship in spite of the Jews persecution to Christ.

5 When Jesus was crucified, he stood under the cross
He took Jesus’ mother, Mary with him after His death on the cross. He saw the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ

6 John began his service and leadership in Palestine and then in Asia Minor.
He lived until he was 100yrs old All the apostles had been martyred, so he became the only Bishop in the world who saw Christ at that time.

7 So when heresies spread, and when John saw that they were against the Divinity of Christ, he wrote:
The Gospel of St. John and The 3 epistles First John Second John Third John These were written to his Christian children as models of excellent servants

8 Sacrifices John loved Christ very much, but like many in that time that loved Christ, were tormented and tortured for their christian beliefs, as was John. Emperor Domitian laid him in boiling oil in 96 A.D. Then sent him into exile on the island of Patmus.

9 However, the Lord was with him in exile and He granted him the eternal revelation.
Read Revelation 1

10 Conclusion John the Beloved was a model of prayer and contemplation.
He learned all these things because he was always closer to Jesus’ side. Do we as Christians move closer to Jesus’ side and test His love?

11 Memory Verse “Do not be afraid, I am the first and the last”
(Revelation 1:17)

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