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New CASORT Feature Briefing Digital Inspection Job Aids 1002-49-01© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. You can advance to the next slide after this star symbol appears.

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1 New CASORT Feature Briefing Digital Inspection Job Aids 1002-49-01© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. You can advance to the next slide after this star symbol appears.

2 CASORT does not require you to complete a job aid to log your inspection action. Why a digital Inspection job aid? Recent ICAO auditing teams have asked to see completed “checklists” as evidence of completion of inspections. They have implied that, without a completed checklist, the inspection task may have not been “fully completed.” While there is no ICAO SARP that requires the use of a formal checklist during a technical is our philosophy to make provisions for the CAA to comply. For that reason, we have inserted the option to generate digital inspection job aids that may also be used by the inspectors as checklists. The software will store the completed job aids (and any documents or photos) with the associated inspection “action” record. 1002-49-02© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Use of digital job aids does provide an excellent method of document storage and retrieval and trend analysis.

3 To Open a digital Inspection Job Aid... Start the entry of a new Action Record... © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-03

4 Enter the Action Number... Enter an “Inspection” Action Number that has an associated job aid... 2602I1 © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-04 Watch this portion of the entry form in the next slide....

5 If there is an associated Job Aid......for this Action Number, the “Checklists” label field will appear.... Selecting the right-side down arrow will cause a listing of job aid(s) for this Action Number to appear. © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-05

6 Selection of the Job Aid......will create a Job Aid for this CAA Action... (1)Selecting the job aid to use... © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-06... and a link to that document. (2)Selecting that link will cause..

7 The job aid checklist to appear... © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-07

8 Job Aid Header “Finish Editing” link allows the user to exit the job aid, returning to the Action record. “Print” link allows the user to print the full job aid for dissemination. “Concise View” link provide the job aid with abbreviated questions. Job Aid & title are the key to the stored job aid. The remainder of the Job Aid header information is extracted from the Action (primary) record for this job aid. Revising the Action record will also revise the job aid header © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-08... but will NOT revise the inspector answers in this job aid.

9 Concise View 1002-49-09© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Selecting “Concise View” brings up the job aid with abbreviated questions. The Concise View shortens the job aid questions for use on Smart Phones. Some inspectors prefer working with the digital short form version of the job aid for their Inspection. Selecting this link - when in the Concise View mode - will take the user back to the large question checklist

10 Initial Answer: Not Checked Note that the default answer at opening is “NC = Not Checked.“ © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-10

11 Completing the Inspection Job Aid Check NO if entity is in NOT in compliance with this requirement Check YES if entity is in compliance with this requirement. An INSPECTION job aid compares the relevant regulations with applicable standard. Then you will be prompted to author the basis (finding) for the NO selection. Check NA if the requirement does not apply to this organization, aircraft or person. 1002-49-11© 2013 AVSOG, Inc.

12 YES Answer = Compliance © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-12 If the inspector determine that the regulatory requirement is addressed – the answer would be YES.

13 Non-Compliance? The inspector must select NO when the entity is found to be not in compliance with requirement. © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-13 The selection of NO will start a sequence of inspector actions to report, mitigate and resolve the finding.

14 Tell us - why did you select NO? Selection of a “NO” finding causes the screen to “gray” and......this Finding box to appear in the center of the screen. 1002-49-14© 2013 AVSOG, Inc.

15 Insert Inspector Finding... The inspector must provide the general facts that substantiate non- compliance. The inspector now has a choice for how this finding will be handled. 1002-49-15© 2013 AVSOG, Inc.

16 Is it a Safety Concern? If this finding meets the definition of a safety concern... Then select the “Safety Concern” button to begin the process of resolution. 1002-49-16© 2013 AVSOG, Inc.

17 Safety Concern Created? A momentary notification of the creation of a safety concern record...... and disappears.... appears in the upper right corner of the screen © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-17 Continue with the completion of the job aid..

18 Saving the Job Aid 1002-49-18© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. A job aid checklist was saved from the moment you created the link on the Action record.. Each answer is saved as you move to answer the next question. Normally the user will complete the full job aid during the inspection. If you exit inadvertently or intentionally, the job aid is saved at that point.

19 Exiting the Job Aid 1002-49-19© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. You may exit the job aid at any point during the completion. Normally you will exit the job aid via this link.

20 ...returning to the Action record © 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Note that the link to the job aid is now permanent Note there is now 1 Safety Concern associated with this Action record You can view and edit that concern from this View link... The preferred method for leaving the Action record is to select the GO button. 1002-49-20

21 Test your knowledge of this feature © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-21 True/False?#POSSIBLE ANSWER FALSE1.Digital job aids are provided for all CAA Action numbers. TRUE2.NC=Not Checked is the default answer to all questions. TRUE3.The inspector must provide the written basis for any NO finding. FALSE4.Exiting a job aid without using the “Finish Editing” will result in the loss of data. TRUE5.The selection of specific job aid creates the digital job aid from a template and attaches it to the CAA Action record. TRUE6.The use of the Concise View link is intended for a smart phone application. FALSE7.The “Checklists” field appears on all Action Entry Forms. TRUE8.After entering the finding text, selection of the Safety Concern button auto-generates a Safety Concern record. FALSE9.The user cannot view or edit the safety concern from the Action record. Only “core” or “special” job tasks will have digital job aids. CASORT is continuously saving in small bytes to prevent loss of data. This field will only appear if there is a job aid for that technical task. A link to view and edit the safety concern is on the Action Record.

22 Scroll Question before inserting NO The “Finding Box” will always appear in the center of the screen. 1002-49-22© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Good Practice: Scroll the page so the question being answered as NO is above the box.

23 Using this SC View link for editing © 2013 AVSOG, Inc. To View the listing of Safety Concerns associated with this Action Record. To View or Edit a Safety Concern, select View. 1002-49-23 Then use normal Safety Concern editing procedures. Miscellaneous:

24 Complete Action Form & Job Aid Header © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-24 Completing the Action record to record the inspection details also completes the Job Aid Header. Miscellaneous:

25 Note that both the Edit and View page of this Action record show the link to the completed job aid. But You CAN ONLY View from this link on the View page. To Edit the job aid, you must (1) select Edit. (2) Then select this job aid. © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-25 Later Re-Entering to Edit Job Aid

26 Miscellaneous: Selection of the “Cancel” button will change the NO answer back to NC. 1002-49-26© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Cancelling a NO Answer If your finding cannot be categorized as “Safety Concern” or “Admin Concern” you cannot answer “No.”

27 Miscellaneous: 1002-49-27© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Creating & Tracking an Administrative Concern Some findings involve low risk or no risk (see example) But if it is identified as a concern, it must be reported and tracked for resolution PIC Roberts’ license does not have a radio operator endorsement. Selection of this button will insert the concern into the Admin Tracking database. Then follow normal procedures for tracking and correction of admin concerns.

28 Miscellaneous: © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-28 There is also a provision for inspector certification, which can be set up for electronic signature. A completed inspection job aid will paginate as necessary to print out a hard copy. As a digital document, the job aid will be an easily accessible and storable one page document. Printing a Hard Copy of the Inspection Report

29 Status & Intended Capability © 2012 AVSOG, Inc.  The capability to insert digital job aids into CASORT – then access and complete them - is now operational.  The software update for this capability is available from AVSOG on request.  The necessary job aids for inspection of foreign AOC operators are the first provided.  We will continue to insert and update job aids that are necessary to the “core” inspection functions.  We will insert additional questions proposed by a CAA into existing job aids.  We will insert “special” job aids provided by a CAA if these aids follow the methodology outlined in this presentation. Consider the following concepts when providing your proposed questions or job aids. 1002-49-29

30 Purpose of Job Aid? © 2012 AVSOG, Inc. Inspect Evaluate ----------- APPROVAL FOR USE IN AVIATION ----------------------------------------------  Eval Document  Eval Procedure  Eval Program  Eval Individual  Eval Organization  Inspect Document  Inspect Procedure  Inspect Program  Inspect Individual  Inspect Organization Use “Evaluation” to describe events before CAA approval for use in aviation. Use “Inspection” to describe events after CAA approval for use in aviation. To Evaluate a Proposed MEL To Inspect an Approved MEL Use an Evaluation Job Aid. Use an Inspection Job Aid. 1002-49-30 By this definition, an “evaluation” does not generate safety concerns. An “inspection” generates safety concerns that must be corrected.

31 Job Aid Development Goals © 2013 AVSOG, Inc. Inspect Evaluate ----------- APPROVAL FOR USE IN AVIATION ----------------------------------------------  Eval Document  Eval Procedure  Eval Program  Eval Individual  Eval Organization  Inspect Document  Inspect Procedure  Inspect Program  Inspect Individual  Inspect Organization 1002-49-31 Evidence of pre-approval CAA evaluation Compliance with regulations Conformance with relevant safety practices Acceptable policy & practical procedures Integrated flight safety documents system Comment notes for applicant correction Evidence of on-going CAA inspections Validation of continuing compliance Ensuring conduct of thorough inspection Tracking of identified safety concern correction Tracking of other identified concerns Development goals for “inspection” job aids. Development goals for “evaluation” job aids.

32 Test your knowledge © 2013 AVSOG, Inc.1002-49-32 True/False?#POSSIBLE ANSWER FALSE1.An Inspection job aid is for use before a CAA approval is issued. FALSE2.It is possible to have a NO answer without a Inspection finding. TRUE3.Completing the CAA Action record fields populates the header of Job Aid. TRUE4.The “Finding “ entry box for a NO answer will appear in the middle of the screen. TRUE5.An electronically signed hard copy of an inspection report may be printed. FALSE6.Use the job aid link on the View page to edit the job aid. TRUE7.To inspect an MEL, use an Inspection job aid. TRUE8.All inspection job aids will follow the protocols of this lesson. FALSE9.A Medium Risk concern may be handled as an Admin Concern. TRUE10.A CAA may have special questions added to a digital job aid. Use an inspection job aid after a CAA approval is issued. The inspection software will not allow a NO answer without a finding. You can ONLY EDIT the job aid from the associated Action Entry Form. Only very low risk or no-risk concerns may be Admin Concerns.

33 Your comments and questions will be appreciated. 1002-49-33© 2013 AVSOG, Inc. You may test this feature in the AVSOG Training database. If you need log-in information, please advise.

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