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1 YES ALL JUNIORS GET TO DO A RESUME AND A JOB SHADOW THROUGH THEIR ADVISORY AND THE CAREER CENTER!! Over the next couple of weeks in advisories our juniors will be working on the district wide job shadow and resume requirements. Not only do the requirements help students with future career exploration, but they are also a mandatory piece in earning the.5 Career Development Credit. This credit is a graduation requirement. Let’s see what this project entails…

2 What Is and Why A Job Shadow? The Job shadow is an important part of the junior year. It is a great career experience for our students, and it is a requirement for graduation. A job shadow is a minimum of a 3 hour experience observing a person in the community in an occupation that he/she is interested in exploring. Next Tues. in advisory, all juniors will be choosing 3 occupations that would be of interest to them in job shadowing. The Career Center staff will be taking your resume and your job shadow choices to the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 18 (your due date). The Chamber will be reading your resumes (that’s why they need to be perfect) and placing you in an occupation of your choice using various businesses and companies in the Hillsboro/Portland Metro area. Then the student will wait to hear from Mrs. Lyle in the Career Center. She will call students down once their shadow is set up and give them all the details. Your turn may come up the following week or it may not occur until spring. Students can always check on their status with Mrs. Lyle If they becomes concerned about the time frame.

3 JOB SHADOW CHOICES Advisor led Activity: HAVE A QUICK BRAINSTORMING SESSION TO SEE WHERE YOUR STUDENTS WOULD LIKE TO JOB SHADOW, OR WHICH OCCUPATION? WHY? Has anyone in the class ever done a job shadow? This experience may lead students to think about a career related topic for next year’s senior project. This may be a good opportunity for the advisor to tell a little bit about his/her job shadowing experiences and how these may have helped in his/her career decision making.

4 What is a Resume? A resume is a brief history of your accomplishments Purpose: To stimulate the interest of an employer and to generate an interview Secondary purpose: To serve as a reminder that you are available if an opening occurs The resume that you are creating for your job shadow is used to generate interest in you and to inform an individual, group or company about you and your interest in the career you are pursuing for your shadow

5 A good Resume is… Concise – It presents the facts in a clear and easy to read style Well Organized – The reader should be able to see your strong points at a glance Dynamic – Action verbs make your past come alive. Start an action verb whenever possible (examples: Supervised, organized, planned, developed, created) NEAT - A neat appearance says, “I take pride in my work and I am proud of who I am and what I’ve done.”

6 “Johnny B Good” Resume Sample Johnny B Good 503.324.2281 450 South Main Street Fax: 503.324.8221 Hillsboro, OR Education 2000-2004Glencoe High SchoolHillsboro, OR » General Education- GPA 3.90 » Classes that apply to job shadow/internship request: » Business and Management » Career Focus Program » AP Statistics Awards » 2000-2004 Scholar Athlete » 2003 Most Coachable Athlete » 2002 Lettered in Track Work Experience 09/04/07-presentJim’s Supermarket Hillsboro, OR » Customer Service/Stock Clerk » Customer assistance » Shelf stocking » Car escort Volunteer Work 2000-2004 » March of Dimes- game booth » School sponsored car wash » Pet Sitting » Banks Community Auction Extracurricular Activities » Member of Future Business Leaders of America » 2000-2002 Class President Interests and Activities » Photography » On-line gaming Skills » Typing WPM: 60 » Excel, PowerPoint and CAD ReferencesAvailable upon request.

7 Examples of Good Section Headings Objective – This states why you are submitting this resume – for your job shadow your objective can be: I am exploring my career options so that I can gain some knowledge and insight that I may use when making my careerdecisions. (Note: for the purpose of the job shadow you may leave this section heading out or use the one above). Career Objectives - Volunteer Activities - Education – ie.; relevant coursework, classes, expected graduation date, focus program of study Skills and abilities – i.e; refer to strengths slide, word processing, second language, good customer service skills, mechanical, artistic, creative, mathematical, etc. Interests - ie.; Sports, clubs, child care, book club, animals, etc. Special Training Special Honors – i.e; Focus Program cord, Honor Roll, Rotary Student of the Month, State Championship athletic team, Team Captain, etc. Certification – i.e; First aid and CPR certified, CNA, Eagle Scout Honors and Awards NOTE: There are many more that you may come up with on your own

8 PERSONAL SECTION HEADINGS Advisor led activity: Can you think of any other section headings that you might include on your resume?

9 The Do’s and Don’ts for Resumes Do Be Honest – A skillful interviewer will be able to spot any exaggeration or false information Do Keep it Brief – If you are a recent graduate or in high school, you should be able to limit your resume to one page Do Write it Yourself – You know yourself better than anyone else does. Be confident in who you are Don’t use gimmicks – Photographs, unusual formats, loud colored paper, etc., may attract the wrong kind of attention Don’t include salary requirements – You may want to leave this information out as your preferred salary may not allow you to get to the interview phase Don’t include unnecessary personal information – It is best not to include details such as race, religion, and political affiliation unless it is directly related to the job you are applying for.

10 What are your strengths?? Teacher led activity: Ask your students to think of 10 strengths that they have. Have each student to list them quickly on paper?? Try it now! Strengths Checklist – When preparing to write your resume or go on an interview, it is important to be very aware of your strengths so that you can communicate them clearly. Use the following checklist to take an inventory of your best attributes…

11 Strengths Checklist Able AffectionatePositive ArticulateRespectful AthleticSelf-reliant BrightSensitive CandidTolerant How about you??? CaringTruthful CommittedVisionary CompassionateAssertive CourteousBrave DedicatedDependable DisciplinedHard Working EfficientMotivated EagerSelf confident FunnyDiligent FairCalm Good ListenerFriendly HelpfulMusical InspiringResilient IndependentTeam player LovableUnderstanding LoyalEncouraging

12 Resumes are required for one-on-one job shadows –see student info. below All resumes are due to your advisor by Tues., Oct. 18. They need to be proofread and spell checked before being handed in. Use a simple format with bullets. See Johnny B Good sample as an outline to follow (each student should receive a hard copy of this sample resume). Use the same categories and headings listed in the “Johnny B Good” resume sample. Feel free to delete a category if you have no information to list. Use spell check! Misspelled words will be unacceptable Make sure that your advisor, parents, another teacher or adult provides you with some feedback before you hand in the final typed draft to your advisor on or before Tues., Oct. 18. Next Tues. in advisory you will be working on your resume and making choices on who, where, which occupation you would like to job shadow in the community. Details provided in advisory next week.

13 YOUR RESUME Advisor Led Activity: Can you think of one thing that you would put on your resume that makes you unique? Can you think of one thing that you would not want to leave out in putting your resume together?

14 Starting your Resume Now look back at all of the section headings that we have gone over in this power point… Write down 5-7 section headings that you will use in creating your own resume List the information that you will include under each section heading For Example; “Education” is a good section heading for all. I might include the following information: Education: Hillsboro High School 3.5 G.P.A. (only list GPA if a 3.0 or above) Expected graduation date – June 2012 Courses of interest – Spanish, Accounting, Fitness and Sports Medicine

15 What Career Related Learning Experiences can take the place of a job shadow The Chamber of Commerce Staff may place a student in a little different experience than a one-on-one job shadow. This would still qualify for the job shadow career credit. The Chamber looks for the best opportunity/ placement for each junior based upon his/her requests. Some of the placements that the chamber may place a junior in besides the job shadow are the following: *Informational Interview: 1.5-3 hour experience having a one-on- one question and answer forum with a professional. *Group informational interviews: For hard to place career requests *Career Days: 3-5 hour experience with other students in a day in the life of … i.e; firefighter, lawyer, nurse, beautician, etc. Note: Students will know which opportunity the Chamber places them in when they meet with Mrs. Lyle (career counselor) one-on-one.

16 Reminders… Don’t forget…Your resume is due to your advisor no later than Tues., Oct. 18 It needs to be typed with no spelling errors It should be simple It should be in bullet form It should be a good representation of who you are It should be factual not fictitious


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