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AXA Achievement September, 2004 AXA Achievement September, 2004 sm.

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1 AXA Achievement September, 2004 AXA Achievement September, 2004 sm

2 Prior to 2001: Important part of the AXA corporate culture Charitable activities have focused on such subjects as AIDS, Arts Education, After-School Programs and Aging. Since 2001: Build a long-term, national strategic philanthropy program to meet both social and business objectives Ensure the theme reflects who AXA is as a company to be consistent with business profile Philanthropic Mission 2

3 AXA Achievement: AXA Foundations signature philanthropic program AXA, through AXA Achievement, is one of the nations largest corporate providers of college scholarships 500 scholarships = $1.4 million annually 3

4 The Need for AXA Achievement In 2003-04, tuition at public four-year institutions rose 13% over the preceding year, the largest increase in three decades. [Trends in College Pricing 2003, The College Board] 70% of Americans think that higher education is being priced beyond the income of the average family. [The Affordability of Higher Education, Public Agenda for the National Center for Public Policy and Education, 2002] 4

5 Program Elements AXA Achievement sm Scholarship, in association with U.S. News & World Report AXA Achievement sm Community Scholarship Program AXA Family Scholarship Presenting Sponsor of National Scholarship Month AXA Day of Service Advice: Financial Seminars to parents, educators; Advertorials; Presentations at high school events; Online Guidance for accessing sources of financial aid; AXA Financial Internships 5

6 AXA Achiever AXA Achievers vary by ethnicity, gender, socio-economic level and geography, but have some distinct similarities: Demonstrated achievement, ambition and dedication beyond the classroom Ability to achieve in a college environment Commitment to succeed Respect for self, family and community AXA Achievers achieve conventional feats in unconventional ways. 6

7 AXA Achievers Quinn Nystrom Baxter, Minnesota Daniel Aldaz Leadville, Colorado Aminah Phelps Atlanta, Georgia 7

8 Program Benefits Positions AXA as one of the nations largest corporate scholarship providers Increases awareness and strengthens relationships with AXAs current and prospective clients Offers a spectrum of turnkey opportunities for employees to get involved in local communities Provides media opportunities nationally and locally Educates millions of parents, teachers and youth about how to financially prepare for, pay for and succeed in college 8

9 AXA Achievement sm

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