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CEN/TC278 WG16 DT2 PT1601 Deployment issues of cooperative ITS (C-ITS): Current situation and next steps in standardization and procurement April 2013C-ITS.

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1 CEN/TC278 WG16 DT2 PT1601 Deployment issues of cooperative ITS (C-ITS): Current situation and next steps in standardization and procurement April 2013C-ITS deployment issues1

2 Content April 2013C-ITS deployment issues2 ITS and C-ITS standardization EC mandate M/453 and EU/US joint approach Research activities Industry Standards Releases PT1601 work and technical facts Conclusions on deployment

3 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) April 2013C-ITS deployment issues3 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is the name of the Technical Committee TC204 at ISO, founded in 1992. TC204 has 13 active working groups:ITS WG1:Architecture WG3:ITS data base technology WG4:Automatic vehicle and equipment identification WG5:Fee and toll collection WG7:General fleet and freight management WG8:Public transport / emergency WG9:Integrated transport information, management and control WG10:Traveler information systems

4 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) April 2013C-ITS deployment issues4 WG11:Route guidance and navigation systems WG14:Vehicle / roadway warning and control systems WG16WG16:Wide area communications / protocols and interfaces WG17:Nomadic devices WG18WG18:Cooperative systems Several working groups work jointly together with WGs from CEN TC278.CEN TC278 TC204 is in the process of being re-structured ISO TC204 is THE global leading advocate for standards on technologies improving safety, security, efficiency and comfort of the world's transportation system

5 Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems April 2013C-ITS deployment issues5 Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) is a subset of ITS in which information is communicated and shared between ITS station applications to facilitate actions and decisions that improve ITS safety, sustainability, efficiency and comfort beyond that achievable by stand-alone systems.

6 Other SDOs April 2013C-ITS deployment issues6 ETSI TC ITS, founded December 2007 upon an initiative of members of ISO TC204 WG16, is focused on a slice of C- ITS promoted by the Car-to-Car Communications Consortium, i.e. on car-centric communications and applications for road safety and traffic efficiency.Car-to-Car Communications Consortium IEEE 1609 working groupIEEE 1609 working group is working on usage of 802.11(p) in vehicular environment (US DSRC, WAVE). This is a sub-set of C-ITS with a similar target as ETSI TC ITS. SAESAE is specifying message sets (BSM) for US DSRC.

7 Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems April 2013C-ITS deployment issues7 C-ITS is the technical topic of mandate M/453 "Standardization mandate addressed to CEN, CENELEC AND ETSI in the field of information and communication technologies to support interoperability of co- operative systems for intelligent transport in the European community" of the European CommissionM/453 EU (EC DG INFSO) / US (DOT/RITA) task force on harmonization in standardisation (results of harmonization task groups 1 and 3)EU (EC DG INFSO) / US (DOT/RITA) task force (results of harmonization task groups 1 and 3)

8 Research activities - Technologies April 2013C-ITS deployment issues8 Some examples of EU projects on basic technologies: CVIS and COOPERS implemented and validated first versions of ITS standards from ISO TC204 WG16 (CALM).CVISCOOPERS ITSSv6 works on IPv6 in the ITS stationITSSv6 SAFESPOT worked on vehicular networks for road safetySAFESPOT GeoNet worked on geo-dissemination of information in C-ITS.GeoNet

9 Research activities - Support April 2013C-ITS deployment issues9 Supporting EU projects: COMeSafety is in support of European Community wide implementation and deployment of C-ITS, effective EU-US and international cooperation, and deployment preparation.COMeSafety iCarSupport sets out to convince the public at large that ITS technologies and applications are an investment for Europe’s futureiCarSupport eCoMove works on cooperative mobility systems and services for energy efficiencyeCoMove

10 Research activities - Framework April 2013C-ITS deployment issues10 Further EU projects: FRAME is to provide a minimum stable framework architecture necessary for the deployment of integrated and inter-operable ITS within the European Union.FRAME FOTsis is a large scale field testing of the road infrastructure management systems needed for the operation of close-to-market cooperative I2V, V2I & I2I technologies.FOTsis

11 Industry initiatives towards harmonization April 2013C-ITS deployment issues11 Six major infrastructure suppliers announced their joint work towards a common set of standards for Cooperative Mobility services.joint work towards a common set of standards European vehicle manufacturers announced a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperative ITS (C-ITS). Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) However these two big groups have very different basic requirements. Harmonization between these groups is a pre- requisite for successful procurement.

12 Standards release 1 for C-ITS April 2013C-ITS deployment issues12 The definition of a Release 1 for C-ITS at CEN, ETSI and ISO started. Release 1 aims on identifying a set of standards which "fit together" allowing development of conformant implementations by selection of those standards required for a specific conformance profile. However ETSI is solely working on an ETSI Release 1, ignoring standards from CEN and ISO. Comparing the current "official" ETSI proposal and a proposal made by CEN/ISO experts, almost no overlap is given.ETSI Release 1proposal made by CEN/ISO experts

13 "Core standards" for C-ITS April 2013C-ITS deployment issues13 ISO 21217Communications architecture TS 17419/23Application management (PT1601) ISO 24102-xStation management (local, remote, SAPs, IICP, FSAP, path & flow) ISO 21218Access technology support ISO 212155,9 GHz communications ISO 21213...Cellular networks ISO 29281FNTP (non-IP communication) ISO 21210...IPv6 communications ISO 16788...Security see also the complete CEN/ISO proposal for Release 1!

14 Link applications to communications in a global context April 2013C-ITS deployment issues14 PT1601PT1601 is drafting two CEN/ISO Technical Specifications: TS 17419 "Co-operative systems — Classification and management of ITS applications in a global context“ TS 17423 "Co-operative systems - ITS application requirements for selection of communication profiles" related to C-ITS management (system enabler!) which will be upgraded to EN/ISO standards. PT1601's scope includes International Harmonization and recommendations to the EC (on required registries and infrastructure services). Contact us:

15 ITS-S reference architecture (ISO 21217) April 2013C-ITS deployment issues15 The ITS-S is defined as a B ounded S ecured M anaged D omain. There are many other stations used in ITS already today, which are not following the principles of BSMD. Nevertheless communications between ITS-SUs = BSMEs and other ITS station units has to be possible.

16 Communications and applications in C-ITS April 2013C-ITS deployment issues16 Communications standards are already well developed and available. Application and message set standards are in the process of being developed. Essential (management) functionality of an ITS-SU, which goes beyond the functionality of existing systems, is identified but not yet fully standardized. Globally unique identifiers are in the process of being identified, and will be subject of registration. "Simple" implementations (more or less silo-based) with restricted functionality are possible based on existing C-ITS standards, however the aspect of "trust" is not yet sufficiently supported in standards and in the infrastructure (PKI).

17 Comm. profile selection (TS 17423) April 2013C-ITS deployment issues17 In an ITS-SU, applications do not need to know about available communications tools. Applications only present functional requirements.

18 ITS-AID registry (TS 17419) functional description April 2013C-ITS deployment issues18 ITS-AID: ITS application ID  registry ITS-AOOID: ITS Application Object Owner ID (designer)  registry

19 ITS-S application process (TS 17419) functional description April 2013C-ITS deployment issues19 ITS-APDID: ITS application process developer ID  registry

20 Conformance and interoperability testing April 2013C-ITS deployment issues20 ISO and CEN selected ETSI to develop test suites and test platforms. For a number of communication standards from ISO and ETSI, and for message set based applications from ETSI test suites already exist. STF 455STF 455 funded by the EC under mandate M/453 currently is extending the C-ITS test platform at ETSI to include the test suites for ISO base standards of communication protocols. Such a test platform is a prerequisite for conformance testing and certification of equipment. A demonstration is planned for the ITS world congress in Japan in autumn 2013. This test platform will be available from 2014 on for plug-tests. Please provide your implementation of FNTP, FSAP, IICP and ISO 21218 asap to STF 455! Contact us:

21 Procurement of C-ITS equipment Conclusions April 2013C-ITS deployment issues21 In a first procurement phase (in about three to five years from now) the following C-ITS scenario is feasible: Single-hop roadside to vehicle communications using FSAP over FNTP and 5,9 GHz. Short sessions similar to EFC sessions and local information dissemination (e.g. SPAT at intersections) Single-hop vehicle-to-vehicle communications using BSM / CAM / DENM over FNTP and 5,9 GHz. Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (and vice versa) using IPv6 over cellular technology. Ordinary hot-spot communications with non-moving stations. Local dynamic map (LDM) usage.

22 Procurement of C-ITS equipment Conclusions April 2013C-ITS deployment issues22 Geo-dissemination of information to remote destinations will be efficiently reliable with IPv6 over cellular technology once the cellular networks are prepared for this. Geo-dissemination of information over narrowband channels such as those at 5,9 GHz (GeoNetworking) with multiple hops is very unlikely to be possible due to restrictions imposed by the communication channel.

23 Procurement of C-ITS equipment Conclusions April 2013C-ITS deployment issues23 C-ITS will use several different communication technologies, including ad-hoc (single-hop) communications (5,9 GHz, 63 GHz,...) cellular networks (LTE,...) Internet (IPv6) The C-ITS architecture has the capability to finally cover all application areas with mobility requirements (moving stations – wireless communications). There is one world and only one C-ITS!

24 Terminology APIApplication Programming Interface BSMBasic Safety Message (SAE J2735) BSMDBounded Secured Managed Domain (functional view) BSMEBounded Secured Managed Entity (physical unit, implementation of a BSMD) C-ITSCooperative ITS CAMCooperative Awareness Message (ETSI EN 302 637-2) DENMDecentralized Environmental Notification Message (ETSI EN 302 637-3) DOTDepartment of Transport EFCElectronic Fee Collection FSAPFast Service Advertisement Protocol (ISO 24102-5) FNTPFast Networking & Transport layer Protocol (ISO 29281-1) IICPITS station-Internal management Communications Protocol (ISO 24102-4) ITSIntelligent Transport Systems ITS-AIDITS Application Identifier ITS-SITS Station (functional view) ITS-SUITS Station Unit (physical unit, implementation of an ITS-S) LDMLocal Dynamic Map PKIPublic Key Infrastructure PTProject Team (expert team at CEN) SAESociety of Automotive Engineers (in USA) SAPService Access Point SPATSignal Phase And Time message STFSpecialist Task Force (expert team at ETSI) WAVEWireless Access in Vehicular Environments (IEEE set of standards) April 2013C-ITS deployment issues24

25 C-ITS web sites General: ISO related: CEN related: ETSI related: April 2013C-ITS deployment issues25

26 ESF GmbH Hans-Joachim Fischer Fichtenweg 9 D-89143 Blaubeuren Germany phone: +49 7344 175 340 fax: +49 7344 919 123 LECIT Consulting SrL Fausto Caneschi Via Santa Maria 25 56126 Pisa Italy phone: +39 335 7122 730 SRA, Inc. Richard Roy 3351 Shady Spring Ln Mountain View, CA 94040-4582 USA phone: +1 650 861 3351 Members of PT1601 April 2013C-ITS deployment issues26

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