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Undergoing an internal review Seek assistance from External Advisory Board.

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1 Undergoing an internal review Seek assistance from External Advisory Board

2 IST Core – 7 courses IST Track – 3 courses IST breadth – 4 courses (one from each of four areas) Senior design – 2 courses Math – 2 courses Communication – 1 course Satisfactory completion of certification test Total of 19 courses

3 IST 126: Intro to IST CSC 204: Programming I (Java) CSC 206: Visual Programming I IST 220: Intro to Databases IST 221: Intro to Networks (CCNA#1) IST 222: Intro to Operating Systems TCO 285: Document & Web Design

4 Programming - CSC205: Programming II - IST350: Software Engineering Tools - IST463: Advanced Database Development Internet Development - IST276: Introduction to Internet Programming - IST351: Dynamic Content Delivery - IST461: Web Server Issues Computer Networks - IST277: LAN & WAN Technologies (CCNA#2) - IST352: Network Operating Systems Use and Integration (CCNA#4) - IST462: Network Security Database Development - IST318: Database Administration - IST351: Dynamic Content Delivery - IST463: Advanced Database Development

5 One course from each of the four areas below: A.- CSC212: Programming Language - IST311: Scripting Languages - IST313: Visual Programming II B.- IST316: Network Protocols (CCNA#3) - IST277: LAN and WAN Technologies - CSC360: Computer Networks C.- CSC312: Database Systems - IST318: Database Administration D.- BUS349: Management Information Systems - IDM470: Management Information Systems

6 IST 470: Senior Project Design I IST 471: Senior Project Design II or IST 472: Internship

7 STA 126 – Elementary Statistics MAT 141 – Business Calculus

8 TCO 341 – Technical Communication

9 Design is 13 years old with little change Lots of requirements Lots of options Most popular track is Network (CCNA curriculum) but have to offer courses in other tracks Difficult to offer courses for all tracks on regular basis We lost one faculty member who taught most of the network (CCNA) track Currently using adjunct to cover CCNA courses (at night) Dean will provide funds for faculty re-training


11 Preserve Cyber Defense Team Continue service to other departments (Business and TCO) Look at IT Curriculum Guidelines (ACM 2008 IT Curriculum located at recommendations) Seek advise of External Advisory Board Seek outside evaluator

12 Reduce number of required courses (currently 19 courses) Eliminate tracks Produce one student product instead of multiple ones Add service learning component Stress Cloud A dd more Information Assurance and Security Strive to become a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Security Education Need for c entral theme or focus

13 Pillar Approach IT Fundamentals 5 Pillars Information Assurance & Security Professionalism



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