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Page 1 Organize for Success IST Organization Design January, 2013 MALCOLM BERNSTEIN CONSULTING.

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1 Page 1 Organize for Success IST Organization Design January, 2013 MALCOLM BERNSTEIN CONSULTING

2 Meeting Objectives Provide an overview of the Organize for Success Project: –Project objectives, scope, timing –Current IST organization structure Obtain input / feedback regarding the future IST organization structure Page 2

3 Organize for Success Project Objective: Develop an IST organization design that is responsive to institutional needs by: –Review the current organization, including: Customers served Services delivered Estimated work volume Strengths and weaknesses –Conduct an environmental scan: Consult with selected faculties, task forces outside of IS&T Consult with selected educational institutions –Develop a renewed organization that supports the vision, governing principles and new directions from the strategic plan Timing: October 2012– April, 2013 Page 3

4 Organization Structure – Current State Financial Planning, Management, and Control Human Resource Administration Management of Space and Facilities Major Departmental Events Software Administration Committee and Task Force Support Administration Support for CIO Provide Help desk (CHIP) services (e.g. wireless troubleshooting, software distribution, WatIAM administration, BlackBerry setups) Desktop support for academic support, including desktop rollover program IT support for the Faculties Coordinate IST communications Perform web development, migration IT Training Programs Server acquisition, installation, and support Infrastructure support of Active Directory, DNS, web servers, printing, file sharing, database Application integration for campus and departmental applications Storage provisioning, for database requirements, shared file storage, backups Campus email and calendaring applications storage, Draft Security Policies to be disseminated and enforced across the campus. Monitor the network for unwanted intrusions and coordinate a response. Manage the IST data center firewall. Monitor the network for vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing Design and operation of campus wired and wireless network. Campus telecommunicatio ns services. Physical security systems. Provide project management, business analysis, development, infrastructure, and related services. ERP systems (Finance, HR, Student). Campus-wide systems (Document and Identity Management) Large information systems (Coop, Housing, Research, Advancement) Department- focussed applications (Athletics, Food Services, Health Services) Support the on- line learning environment Design, install, support e- classroom and presentation room audio and visual (a/v) equipment. Provide video and web conferencing /streaming services and support. Manage films and documentaries for education. Manage a/v equipment loans and rentals. Administrative Support Melissa Conrad Instructional Technologies and Multi-Media Services Andrea Chappell Client Services Bob Hicks Computing Systems Services Martin Timmerman Information Security Services Jason Testart Network Services Bruce Campbell Information Systems Dave Kibble Chief Information Officer Dave Wallace

5 Future IST Organization – Discussion Topics Do you suggest any changes to the scope of services delivered by IST? For instance: –How can IST contribute to the process of identifying and deploying innovations in technology? –How can IST contribute to supporting student life (and the view that the university is a technology leader)? –Are there improvements to current services that you would suggest? Are new capabilities required? In areas such as: –Account management (liaison between IST & its customers) –Data management (analytics, reporting) –Project management / program management (methods, techniques, project management services) –Architecture –Technology (different technology platforms) Page 5

6 Future IST Organization – Discussion Topics What are the key touch points between IST and other areas of the university? –What changes or improvements would you recommend in order to improve customer service? Are there any issues that you feel need to be addressed by the future organization structure of IST? Page 6

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