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ISupplier Users Guide for Suppliers. Table of Contents Introduction Introduction Page Introduction2 iSupplier Information Flows3 Invitation to the iSupplier.

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1 iSupplier Users Guide for Suppliers

2 Table of Contents Introduction Introduction Page Introduction2 iSupplier Information Flows3 Invitation to the iSupplier Portal4 Login to the iSupplier Portal5 Change Your Temporary Password6 Oracle User Home Page7 Home Tab (1) Search Options9 Advanced Searches10 Orders Tab (2) Purchase Order History13 View Purchase Orders14 View PO Details15 View Change History16 Request Cancellation17 Order Cancellation Confirmation18 Request Changes19 Splitting Shipments20 Print a Purchase Order21 Example of a Printable Purchase Order22 Export a Purchase Order23 Shipments Tab (3) Shipments Tab (3) Page Delivery Schedules26 Receipts27 Returns28 Overdue Receipts29 On-Time Performance30 Account Tab (4) Invoices32 Create Invoices33 Add Lines to an Invoice34 Add General Information35 Review and Submit Invoices36 View Invoices37 View Payments38 Print Invoices39 Admin Tab (5) Maintain Supplier Profiles41 Supplier Details Page42 Add Attachments43 Address Book44 Contact Directory45 Bank Accounts Page46 User Accounts Page47 Who to Call for Help

3 What is the iSupplier Portal? A web based page with 5 tabs which … Enable Rogers and its suppliers to efficiently communicate key procure-to-pay information with each other i.e., Managing Supplier Profile Information, Ordering, Shipping and Receiving, Billing, Sourcing Enable suppliers to have real-time access to information (i.e., purchase orders and delivery schedules) Enable suppliers to respond to Rogers online with order acknowledgments, change requests, and shipping notices Benefits of iSupplier Introduction Easy to navigate, intuitive look and feel Visibility access to Rogers Procurement system Fully integrated with Rogers Procurement software, allowing suppliers immediate access to all Procurement related data as it becomes available Easy to respond to Rogers Procurement needs Easy to acknowledge POs, submit change requests and update supplier profiles Easy to find POs, invoices, and receipts using the iSupplier Portals extensive search capabilities Web-based Real-time access User Friendly Search capabilities Update Banking, Addresses online Add more users from your company Invoicing and Sourcing Self Serve

4 iSupplier Information Flows iSupplier PORTAL ROGERS SUPPLIER ACCESS POs PAYMENTS RECEIPTS INVOICES RESPOND ACKNOWELDGE POs SUBMIT CONTRACT REQUESTS CREATE AND SUBMIT INVOICES MANAGE SUPPLIER PROFILE VIEW PAYMENTS SHIPMENTS RECEIPTS INVOICES POs SEND RFI RFQ AUCTIONS POs Click link to Oracle Login page Receive invite Logout Login Oracle user Home Page displays Click the iSupplier Portal Full Access Navigate to necessary pages Access and view documents Respond by creating documents Change temporary password Enter Username & temporary password Complete necessary tasks Supplier Responsibilities Respond to login invitation Maintain profiles View Purchase Orders View and Submit Accurate Invoices Monitor receipts View payment statuses Simple View of How to Use the iSupplier Portal

5 Invitation to the iSupplier Portal Page

6 Login to the iSupplier Portal Page Username is frequently your address. Be cautious! To ensure high levels of security, Rogers allows only 3 attempts to login before the system will lock out and require you to contact Rogers for a new password. Do not copy/paste the Username and Password from your invitation . Manually enter each into the login screen.

7 Change Your Temporary Password The first time you login, the initial password must be changed. Passwords must be more than 5 characters long and cannot include any number or letter twice (i.e will fail, will succeed).

8 Oracle User Home Page The Worklist provides a list historical of Notifications of Rogers electronic responses. iSupplier Portal link Logged In As: Navigator list will vary depending on your relationship with Rogers

9 HOME TAB #1 The iSupplier Portal has 5 tabs to allow easy access to information

10 Search Options The portal home pages search field enables the system to be searched via document number. Quickly find information about: Purchase Orders Shipments Invoices Payments - Select which type of document you would like to search for in the first box - Enter the document number in the second box and click the GO button Icons Calendar: allows dates to be quickly inserted into a field Search Edit Delete Manage Details Show: Expand to show details Hide: Minimize details Radio Button Special Search Characters %: this is used as a wildcard to search for generic terms - (the hyphen) and _ (underscore) All other special characters are ignored Do not use the following: Enter Key instead click the appropriate button Back button from your internet commands, use the links and tabs available on the page Note: An * next to an input field indicates that it is mandatory. Information must be entered in the field. #1

11 Advanced Searches iSupplier Advanced Search defaults to searching for all values entered To change select the second radio button and enter appropriate values. #1

12 Advanced Searches (contd) The Flashlight icon will be displayed next to any field that has a list of values associated with it. #1

13 ORDERS TAB The Purchase Orders screen displays details of the entire purchase order. iSupplier can follow the purchase orders throughout the entire procure-to-pay flow, in real- time Using the purchase order information, the supplier can: Acknowledge and view purchase orders Make change requests to purchase orders Split shipments Cancel orders PO revision history #2

14 Purchase Order History Purchase Order History section #2

15 View Purchase Orders #2 Click on the PO # to open

16 View PO Details Additional Purchase Order processes ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #2

17 View Change History Viewing Purchase Order Details To return to PO screen ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #2

18 Request Cancellation Action indicator for the PO ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #2

19 Order Cancellation Confirmation The Cancellation order confirmation will display to indicate that the request has been submitted. Click the Return to Purchase Order Summary link #2

20 Request Changes ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #2

21 Splitting Shipments #2

22 Print a Purchase Order ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #2

23 Example of a Printable Purchase Order Smith, Jane #2

24 Export a Purchase Order ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #2

25 Export a Purchase Order (contd) #2

26 SHIPMENTS TAB iSupplier shipments tab includes information on delivery schedules as well as historical views of receipts and attachments recorded for shipped goods. Detailed information on Overdue Receipts of past shipments, includes: Receipts, including historical views and attachments recorded for shipped goods Returns Shipping features including: - Alerting the buyer of upcoming shipments - Expediting receipts and payments for Rogers #3 iSupplier enables the following Shipping related tasks: View the need by date of Suppliers Purchase Orders View existing shipments View delivery schedules View overdue shipment receipts

27 Delivery Schedules Rogers Supplier #3

28 Receipts Supplier #3

29 Returns #3

30 Overdue Receipts ROGERS SUPPLIER Smith, Joe #3

31 On-Time Performance #3

32 ACCOUNT TAB Invoice and payment information plus invoice statuses and submitting invoices for payment can be accessed through the Account Tab. #4

33 Invoices There are two methods available for Invoicing Rogers: NAPPC: the current paper-based process Creating Invoicing in iSupplier Invoice and payment information as well as invoice statuses can be accessed through the iSupplier Portal. The iSupplier process also includes the functionality to submit invoices. #4

34 Create Invoices To proceed to the next screen. Smith, Joe #4

35 Add Lines to an Invoice Click the Add Another Row button insert addition rows for entry. #4

36 Add General Information Click the Save for Later button at any point in the process to save the information created to be accessed at a later time. #4

37 Review and Submit Invoices Rogers Supplier #4

38 View Invoices #4

39 View Payments #4

40 Print Invoices Select File > Print from the browsers menu or Ctrl + P to access the printing function. Rogers Supplier #4

41 ADMIN TAB Profile Management enables maintenance of key profile details used to establish and maintain business relationship with Rogers. Rogers Supplier #5

42 Maintain Supplier Profiles Supplier (self-service) record maintenance enables: Effective supplier representation Accurate and up-to-date record maintenance Efficient business relationship with Rogers Uploading of documents to enhance profile Supplier Maintenance includes the following information: Supplier details (Supplier Name, Supplier Number, Taxpayer ID) Address information Names of main contacts Banking details #5

43 Supplier Details Page The Supplier Details page is the introductory page to Supplier Profile Management. Suppliers can manage key profile details used to establish or maintain a business relationship with the Rogers. Rogers Supplier #5

44 Add Attachments Rogers Supplier #5

45 Address Book #5

46 Contact Directory Select desired address to link to #5

47 Bank Accounts Page #5

48 User Accounts Page JOE JANE DOUG SUE PETE AMY MIKE BOB BILL Supplier #5

49 For further information on iSupplier process, please contact: Who to Contact for Help

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