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“Joie de Vivre” * * Get a taste for life JVi 2014 LAUNCH PLAN.

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1 “Joie de Vivre” * * Get a taste for life JVi 2014 LAUNCH PLAN


3 Introducing the new JVi A unique, European formula 9 common European fruits and vegetables and 3 ‘imperial’ fruits Rich in vitamin C and copper - source of biotin - and contains carotenoids, naturally present in these fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C and copper contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C, copper and biotin promote respectively to normal collagen formation, normal skin pigmentation, and maintenance of normal skin. Add some “joie de vivre” to your life, with JVi:

4 JVi Launch Official and full launch on 01 March, 2014 Available in all our European markets (except Turkey) It’s Scanner / Skin Carotenoid Score Certified And we are confident enough to offer you a Money Back Guarantee (MBG)

5 Benefit from our launch discount! JVi’s normal Wholesale price will be set at € 56.70 (excl VAT) or 73.60 PSV* But specially for the launch, we offer a 5% launch discount * on all JVi orders placed and paid for during March, April and May 2014. * For full price overview, see last slide. This 5% launch discount also counts for JVi ADR orders, but not for packages or kits that include JVi.

6 JVi LAUNCH PLAN G3 DISCONTINUATION And automatic ADR-migration of g3 to JVi

7 We stop sales of g3 as of 28 February, 2014 What to do with g3 ADR orders? JVi is not a replacement of g3, it was developed in its own right to be better able to meet the specific needs of our European markets. But we do recognise that it has equivalent nutritional benefits to g3. That is why … … we will simply and automatically transfer all g3 ADRs to a JVi-ADR!* * On 01 March, 2014, Nu Skin will automatically migrate to a JVi ADR order all g3 ADR orders that are still open on 28 February, 2014.

8 Automated g3 to JVi ADR-migration This ADR-migration will be fully handled by Nu Skin, on 01 March, 2014*. So it will be a carefree change-over for you. *NOTE: JVi comes at a lower price and PSV than g3, so the total ADR PSV may fall under 100 PSV. If applicable, Distributors should take the appropriate actions to avoid any possible impact on their commissions and monthly requirements. People who do not want to be migrated to JVi, need to go and change their ADR setup. Changes to ADR orders have to be made minimum 5 working days before the next scheduled shipment. What you need to do? Nothing*! Extra bonus: When you migrate from a g3- to a JVi-ADR, you automatically benefit from our JVi Launch promotion, as well as the 5% launch discount!


10 Recognising your commitment We feel that people who show such trust and confidence in our company and our products, that they are ready to start running an ADR order for JVi when it only just launched, should be rewarded…

11 Free branded shotglass for ADR orders! * 60 ml glass. Only for ADR orders placed and paid for during March or April of 2014, or as long as stocks last. Not applicable to JVi orders that are part of a kit. Limited to one (1) shotglass per order. That is why during the first 2 months of the JVi launch … Nu Skin gives away a free JVi-BRANDED SHOTGLASS to everyone who orders JVi through ADR*

12 JVi LAUNCH PLAN NEW ADR PACKAGE JVi - LifePak + - Marine Omega

13 All your key nutritionals in 1 ADR package Enjoy the complementary benefits of JVi, LifePak + and Marine Omega*. A solid nutritional basis for your healthy diet and dynamic lifestyle, and at a very advantageous package-price. Discover the new Essential Nutritionals ADR Package New in our webshop as of 01 March, 2014: JVi, LifePak + and Marine Omega* bundle their forces: * Marine Omega will be replaced with Optimum Omega in Switzerland and Finland

14 Double your benefits! In addition to all the good these products bring, remember that you also get these ADR benefits: EXTRA TIP: Order the Essential Nutritionals package during March or April 2014, and benefit from the Launch promotion. A very advantageous reduced package-price And all the usual benefits of the ADR programme

15 Treat yourself to some “ Joie de Vivre ”! In all European markets, except Turkey Available in our webshop as of March 2014

16 JVi Pricing 1 package containing 2x 750 ml bottle Wholesale price (excl. VAT) Whole-sale PSV ADR price (excl. VAT) ADR PSV Launch price with 5% discount From 01 March to 31 May, 2014 € 53.8770 PSV€51.1866,50 PSV Normal price From 01 June 2014 onward €56.7073,60 PSV€53.8770 PSV All prices shown are in EUR and withoutVAT


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