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DAMA Houston (aka, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) A Practical Approach to Application Integration February 12, 2013.

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1 DAMA Houston (aka, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) A Practical Approach to Application Integration February 12, 2013

2 2  Problem Statement  Approaches: Academic vs Reality  TGS / Volant offering Agenda Why is this stuff so difficult? and Why can’t I buy one off the shelf? Why is this stuff so difficult? and Why can’t I buy one off the shelf?

3 3  Leading provider of multi-client seismic data and related geoscientific products to the oil & gas industry  Main offices: Houston and Oslo Regional offices: London, Perth, Calgary, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro  Fundamental values  Unmatched Quality and Service  Growth for Stakeholders  Approximately 800 employees  Traded on Oslo Stock Exchange, in OBX Index (25 most liquid shares at the OSE)  Market Cap: ~$3.2 billion This is TGS Leading and global provider of multi-client seismic data TGS Main Offices

4 4  Founded January 2003  Focus: Upstream Oil & Gas Integration  Volant Integration Solution  ENVOY Integration Server  Suite of Adapters  EnerConnect Application  Professional Services … and Volant

5 5  Trying to integrate…  Multiple (different) applications  Multiple (different) types of data  Multiple (different) data formats  Multiple (different) languages  Multiple (different) operating environments  Multiple (different) user communities  Multiple (different) customers  … and then things change What problem are we trying to solve? Big Challenge!

6 6 Typical Energy Company WellFinance LogsDrilling GIS Browser Geoframe Paradigm Petrel Geographix GeoGraphix

7 7 The Academic Stuff

8 8 Terminology Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Extract Transform Load (ETL) Extract Transform Load (ETL) Mediation Federation Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Broker Adapter Integration Services

9 9  Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise.middleware  Enterprise Information Integration (EII): ensure that information in multiple systems is kept consistent (aka, Data Integration)  Extract Transform Load (ETL): standard data movement and transformation process primarily targeted at bulk data integration or data warehousing Definitions Source: Wikipedia

10 10  Mediation – EAI system acts as a broker between multiple applications; event-driven model  Federation – EAI system acts as an overarching façade across multiple applications; user-driven model Most Integration solutions leverage both. Integration Patterns Source: Wikipedia

11 11  Point-to-Point  Unique connector between applications or systems  Transformations, logic and messaging handled by connector  Fails to scale with additional systems  Broker / Hub  Provides transformation, messaging and routing  Supports asynchronous communication  Loose coupling  Potential single point of failure  Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)  Distribute integration tasks  Minimize single point of failure Integration Approaches A A B B A A B B Hub C C D D E E B B C C A A D D E E

12 12  Integration Method  Point-to-Point vs Hub/Broker vs ESB  Transformation Services  Point-to-Point  Half-Link  Canonical Data Model  Adapters / Connectors  Integration Services  Unit conversion, Exception handling  Transaction support  Guaranteed Delivery Things to think about

13 13 The Real Stuff

14 14  Unfortunately, there really isn’t one…  One size does not fit all  Software + Services  Start small and contained  Do that well  Evolve and expand the solution  Case in point  Large Independent Energy Company  Scope: integrate OpenWorks and PETRA  Then…  Add PPDM and Recall  Add TGS Well Logs  Add INTELLEX, ADM (IRIS21) and GCS/GDS Tops  Add OpenWells (EDM)  Add GeoGraphix Recipe for Success

15 15  Exchanges data with the system or application  Use a devkit, if available  Keep ‘em stupid – no business logic  Business Logic belongs in the integration server / modules  Provide sufficient level of control  Attribute-level control  Create vs Update (or both)  Be extremely flexible  Things will change  Be externally manageable  Heartbeat  Configure  Start, Stop, Restart Adapter - Functionality

16 16  Orchestrates business process  Provides standard services  Cartographic Conversion  Unit Conversion  Messaging  Reporting  Business Logic  Data Transformations  Transaction support  Administration Control  Monitor  Manage Components Integration Server - Functionality

17 17  How many applications do I need to integrate?  Will I need to add additional applications in the future?  How many communication protocols will I need to use?  Need for data routing or data aggregation?  How important is scalability to my organization?  Does my integration situation require asynchronous messaging, publish/subscribe messaging models, or other complex multi-application messaging scenarios? Key Questions to Ask

18 18 TGS’ Integration Solution

19 19  We built Adapters  Assumed that Integration Platforms were in place  Unfortunately, not the case  Implemented Integration Server  Adopted webMethods™ – Integration Server, Broker  Allowed us to focus on  Transformation  Business logic  Reporting  Transactions  We built user interface  Browser-based, Amazon-like application Volant’s Evolution …

20 20  Key Components  ENVOY Integration Server  EnerConnect Application (user interface)  Suite of Adapters  Key Features  Integration Platform (data transfer, data sync)  Common Data Access Layer  Software Development Kit  Key Functionality  Business Process  Guaranteed Delivery  Core Services – cartography, units, etc  Job Management – create, start, stop, pause, resume Today – Volant Integration Solution

21 21 EnerConnect / ENVOY PPDMPIDM RECALLINTELLEX 3 rd -Party APP EnerConnect Geoframe Paradigm Petrel Business Logic Geographix INTELLEX Petrel RECALL Geoframe Paradigm GGX PxDM Adapter GeoGraphix

22 22 How it all works

23 23 Search for Data

24 24 View Search Results

25 25 Select and Add Data to Your Cart

26 26 Transfer to PETRA

27 27 Job Running / Complete

28 28 PxDM PPDM transfer request query order price Use Case: Transfer Process PIDM RECALL Paradigm

29 29 PPDM Proprietary Logs Well Data Use Case: Transfer Process PIDM Well Logs SIF LIC Business Logic Log Data Transform job report (email) RECALLPxDM Paradigm

30 30 PETRA after Transfer

31 31  Integration is hard!  Focus on flexibility and extensibility  Hub / Broker and ESB are primary architectures  Start small and expand from there  Professional Services component is key … and, No, ya can’t buy one at Best Buy. In Summary

32 Thank you ©2013 TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA. All rights reserved. Scott Schneider 832.667.4715

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