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Short Stack Strategy: Odds & Outs Strategy: No Limit.

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1 Short Stack Strategy: Odds & Outs Strategy: No Limit

2 In this Video What cards will help you? Learning to weigh risk against reward Not every helpful card really is helpful Outs Odds Pot odds

3 Outs – What cards will help me? Example A Example B Your outs

4 Outs – More Examples Flush draw 9 outs OESD 8 outs Two overcards 6 outs A pair with a chance of a 3oak / 2 pairs 5 outs Gutshot 4 outs

5 Odds – What Probability does the Draw have? Example A Odds = unhelpful cards: helpful cards Unhelpful cards = unknown cards – helpful cards Flop/turn odds = (47 – outs) : outs

6 Outs and Odds Outs Flop/ Turn Odds (1 Card) Flop/ River Odds (2 Cards) Examples 146:122.5:1Backdoor –flush draw (two cards of one suit on the turn and river) 222.5:111:1Turn pocket pair into 3oak 315:17:1 411:15:1Gutshot 58:14:1Turn one pair into 3oak or two pairs 67:13:1 Two overcards 76:12.5:1 One overcard + gutshot 85:12:1 OESD 94:12:1Flush draw 103.5:11.5:1 2 overcards + gutshot 113.5:11.5:1 123:11:1Flush draw gutshot 132.5:11:1OESD and one pair 142.5:11:1Flush draw and one pair 152:11:1Flush draw and OESD

7 Pot Odds – Can I play my Hand profitably? Example A Pot before opponents bet: $10 Opponents bet: $2 Possible profit for you: $12 Bet you have to place for this: $2 Pot odds = possible profit : bet to be placed If the pot odds are better than the odds of an incomplete hand, one will make long-term profit. If they are worse, one will make long-term loss.

8 Discounted / Modified Outs Example A Opponents Your Outs Your discounted outs Opponent Your discounted outs

9 Conclusion Odds Unhelpful cards: Helpful cards Pot odds Possible profit: Bet When is it profitable to play a draw? Good Luck!

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