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Eternal Specialty Chemical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

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1 Eternal Specialty Chemical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
ETERNAL SHOW 2007/01/18 Eternal Specialty Chemical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. HH H

2 Chronology Products & Applications Certifications Annual Sales Performance Sales Sites

3 Chronology Apr. 2003 : Registered in Zhuhai Sep. 2003 :
Founded in Zhuhai Nov : Trial production Joint Venture with Cognis Feb : On stream Mar : Open ceremony Oct : Certificated ISO9001, ISO14001 Dec : Invested Phase II Jul : Invested Phase III Aug : Phase II on stream

4 Chronology Jan. 2007 : Customs “A Grade” certification approved
Mar : “Trading Business” Authority approved Jun : “Technical-Advanced Company” certification approved Aug : Phase III on stream Oct : Invested Phase IV Nov : “Product-Standard” approved Dec : “Big Taxpayer” of Zhuhai HIZ Jan : Obtained “Employees’ Insurance Advanced Company” of Zhuhai Apr : “Big Taxpayer” of Zhuhai

5 Chronology Mar : “Good-conduct Company (Guangdong)” certification approved May 2009 : “Technology Center Company (Zhuhai)” certification approved Nov : “China High-tech Company” certification approved Jan : Phase IV on stream Oct : Invested Phase V Nov : “China High-quality Brand-name Products” certification approved Dec : OHSAS18001:2007 certification approved Jan : Customs “AA Grade” certification approved

6 Chronology Apr. 2012 : Invested Pilot Plant Phase I Aug. 2012 :
“Safety Standardization Level III” certification approved Sep : Pilot Plant Phase I on stream Oct : Invested Phase VI, Pilot Plant Phase II Nov : “New Product Presentation” successfully hosting in Guangzhou

7 Products and Applications
Products Series Products Applications Monomer TMPTA: EM231 / EM231-TF Application in Electronic, Ink, Paper, 3C Product, etc.. HDDA: EM221 / EM221-TF DPGDA: EM222 / EM222-TF TPGDA: EM223 / EM223-TF TMP(nEO)TA: EM2380 / EM2382 DPHA: EM265 / EM263 HEMAP / IBOA: EM39 / EM70 Oligomer Epoxy Acrylates Oligomer: 621A-80  / 621A-75 / 624F-80 / 624F-75 Reactive Amine Synergists: 645 / 647 Polyurethane Acrylate Oligomer: 6071 / Polyester Acrylate Oligomer: 6315 / 6342 OPV Overprint Varnish: SGA / SGB / SGC Silicones Silicone Resin Powder: DF20A0 / DF20A1 / WJ450 Application in Cosmetics, Optical Film, Coating, LED Lamp Package, etc.. Silicone additives: E4610 / E4611 / E4613 / E4643 / E4646 / E4650T Remark: These are our main products, for more information, please contact us

8 Certifications

9 Annual Sales Performance
Unit: Million RMB

10 Sales Sites South China Sales Section East China Sales Section
ADD: No.182 Junda Road, Eastern Zone, GETDD, Guangzhou Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Guofeng Yang East China Sales Section ADD: 267 Qingyang Road, Kunshan Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Jacky Yang North China Sales Section ADD: Room1711, Huigu Plaza, Hongqi Road, Nankai District, Tianjin Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Jinman Lin TianJin Central China Sales Section QingDao ADD: Room 2020, B Building of Xiangyuzhongyang, Wuyi Road, Furong District, Changsha Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Apollo Sun ChongQing Sales Office KunShan ADD: Room , Huachuang Hotel, 10 Honghuang Road, Jiangbei, Chongqing Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Tony Yao ShangHai ChongQing ChangSha QingDao Sales Office ADD: Room 1206, B Building of Guofa Centre, Miaoling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Alano Li GuangZhou Export Business Sales Office ADD: Room 308, 1 Building, 1397 Yishan Road, Shanghai Tel: , Fax: Contactor: Summer Xiong

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