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Competencies for Security and the Lodging Industry

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0 Chapter 7 Security and the Lodging Industry
Managing Front Office Operations Eighth Edition (333TXT or 333CIN)

1 Competencies for Security and the Lodging Industry
Explain important issues in developing and managing a security program. Describe the role that managers play in a property’s security program. Explain the importance of setting up a security program, including security staffing and having a liaison with local law enforcement. Identify the elements of security training that are critical to an effective security program. List and describe the legal concepts and societal concerns related to security issues.

2 Elements of a Security Program
Doors, locks, key control, access control Guestroom security Control of persons on premises Perimeter and grounds control Protection of assets Emergency procedures Communications Security records Staff security procedures

3 Security Levels of Keys
Individual room Section master Floor master Building masters Grand master Emergency key (E-key)

4 Common Security Procedures
Never mention a guest’s room number aloud Require identification before issuing a key No one enters a guestroom without a key Valet parking control with 3-part forms Provide safety information in each guestroom No charge purchases without a key Require immediate reporting of security issues

5 Effective Ways to Secure Card Numbers
“Mask” card numbers; show only a portion Destroy obsolete transaction records Secure databases from unauthorized access Secure back-up tapes from unauthorized removal Use systems that encrypt card numbers

6 Identity Theft Dumpster diving Skimming Change of address

7 Management’s Security Challenges
Balancing security with image of hospitality Tailoring employee security information to specific jobs Diversity of industry vs. security standards

8 Security Staffing: Contract Security Companies
Screened, tested, and trained personnel Consulting services Surveys on hotel security requirements Debugging sweeps Data processing security Contingency planning: bomb threats/disasters (continued)

9 Security Staffing: Contract Security Companies
(continued) Decision checklist Guard training programs Previous lodging experience State certification, if applicable Property inspection frequency Staffing for large-scale emergency Daily incident reporting to management Liability and workers’ compensation issues

10 Security Staffing: In-House Security Staff
Greater control over security officers More focused training Quality of personnel becomes hotel decision More effective integration with other hotel departments Career paths can reduce security officer turnover

11 Security Staffing: Off-Duty Police
Pros Superior training in reacting to security incidents Knowledge of the law Better able to recognize criminals Immediately recognized as authorities May enhance police response to incidents Cons Trained more toward apprehension than prevention May be required to carry firearms May not be permitted to wear police uniforms Fatigue may become a factor

12 Legal Concepts Reasonable care Foreseeability Proximate cause
Negligence Damages Compensatory Punitive (continued)

13 Legal Concepts Trial court Plaintiff Defendant Summary judgment
(continued) Trial court Plaintiff Defendant Summary judgment Directed verdict Judgment notwithstanding the verdict Appeals Appellant Appellee (respondent)

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