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Bentley CloudWorx and PDS

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1 Bentley CloudWorx and PDS
Product Description Workflow Examples

2 Bentley CloudWorx: Product Description
Open very large point-clouds (up to 1 billion) directly within PDS* Use the PDS tools to View, Rotate, Zoom at reasonable speed View in multiple modes (intensity color, gray scale, texture mapping) Use the host CAD tools to dimension and measure Determine pipe sizes and centerline Fit planar surfaces (walls, floors, beams etc) *PDS requires Bentley CloudWorx

3 Bentley CloudWorx: Product Advantage
Provides Easy Access to “Reality” within PDS - anytime Bring a new level of depth & detail to PDS projects (as-built data, direct data extraction, design verifications, construction monitoring, asset operation and management – the wholly grail of life-cycle management) Provides value to a broad spectrum PDS Users CloudWorx brings reality directly to every PDS user’s desktop across a very broad spectrum of applications, including structural design, piping design, equipment, and electrical.

4 Bentley CloudWorx + PDS = Immediate Productivity
Simple tools and visual environment = Immediate productivity Short learning curve = Immediate productivity Familiar environment (PDS) = Immediate productivity Access to stand design tools (PDS) = Immediate productivity

5 WorkFlow Example 1 Creating an accurate as-built
Launch Bentley CloudWorx in PDS Open point clouds Isolate area of interest Fit pipe centerlines from points Connect centerlines Route PDS piping components DONE!!

6 CloudWorx opens as an mdl application within PDS

7 The point clouds open quickly and easily

8 The CloudWorx “Slice” tool can be used to easily isolate an area of interest such as piping at a particular elevation

9 The plan view clearly shows the layout of the piping at this elevation.

10 The CloudWorx “Fit to Fence” tool is now used to identify piping centerlines and diameters.

11 Additional piping is fit after switching the slice to a vertical section

12 Multiple centerlines can be connected to using the “Connect Piping” tool in CloudWorx.

13 PDS tools are used to “Sketch” over the routing line in preparation for placing PDS piping components.

14 The completed “Sketch” line is now ready for component placement.

15 The PDS “Place Component” dialog is used to place piping on the routing line.

16 Completed piping is now ready for material takeoff or other analysis

17 WorkFlow Example 2 Create and Clash Check New Design
Identify tie in location from points Identify routing of new line through points Sketch pipe routing with PDS tools Place PDS piping components Clash check and adjust as required DONE!!

18 The CloudWorx environment can also be used for routing new lines and checking for clashes against the points. In this example a new line is being connected to an existing line and routed through the structural steel opening.

19 After changing the slice and switching to a plan view the routing of the new line is continued.

20 PDS components are placed on the new routing line.

21 The new design is now clashed against the point clouds
The new design is now clashed against the point clouds. The design can be adjust to eliminate the clash.

22 Summary Bentley CloudWorx with PDS provides a fast easy solution for a wide variety of engineering and design applications Bentley CloudWorx is easy to learn and results in immediate productivity in the design process.

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