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Company Introduction Kingworld (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

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1 Company Introduction Kingworld (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

2 Company profile Core advantages Game operation R&D Table of contents

3 Kingworld (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the operation, sales, R & D and investment of interactive recreation products based on the Internet and mobile network (online games and mobile games). Established in December 2007, this company has registered capital of RMB 13.33 million, and has all qualifications and permits for operating online games. With getting the domestic well-known investment group's capital support in July 2010, the company enters into its rapid development time. The management team of Kingworld has more than 8 years of experience in operating and developing large-scale online games. Its core members independently developed and operated many styles of online games years ago. The team of operation has 9 years of experience in operating online. This company has rich resources and experience in such aspects as the marketing of games, the planning of operating activities and the development of users. Company Profile

4 Now the company has about 150 employees who positioned in Operation team and R&D team. Most of the products operated by the company are the games based on the military and fights. The licensed products operated include such online games as Navy Field II and GE2, and web games as The Age of Sea, World War II and JD War. Products independently developed by the company include a large-scale 3D online game named Navy Legend, a action game named The Valley of the Wind, a 3DMMORPG, and a large-scale military game community named Company Profile

5 From 2008 to 2011, Kingworld has established its own leading position in the field of military and fighting games. From 2011 to 2013, Kingworld will expand its types of game products, cover a more extensive users and form an interactive recreation service platform based on the online and web games; From 2013 to 2015, Kingworld will complete the R & D of game products with intellectual property rights and actively expand its operation on both domestic and overseas market. Company vision

6 Companys qualifications Beijing high and innovation technology enterprise Beijing software authentication enterprise Online Culture Business Permit Certificate of Internet publication (under examination and approval) Certificate of ICP in China A member of Game Publication Work Committee of Publishers Association in China Supporting fund of the Ministry of Commerce Products qualifications Navy field II Approval for importing online games by the General Administration of Press and Publication Approval for importing online games by the Ministry of Culture Navy Legend Awarded the project of national online games by the General Administration of Press and Publication Awarded the prize of a cutting-edge independently-innovative product in China Current qualifications

7 R & D system Operation system Self-developed Products Licensed Products SNS services Online games GE2 Navy Field 2 Web games The Age of Sea; Exoplanet War World War II TTXS 3D online games Navy Legend Valley of the Wind Web games WEB Navy Field Projects being developed Interactive entertainment Community APP application Uniform user management Uniform payment platform Aggregated forum/information E-commerce Core competency

8 Rich operating experience: Through nearly 8 years of experience in operating online games, the company has concentrated business elites and industrial resources for operating and developing games. Abundant user resources: Through 8 years of operation, the company has accumulated nearly 6 million subscribers of online games and 2 million active users. It has set up a large-scale military game platform:, thus providing military lovers with excellent recreational products and a competition platform based on the theme of military fights. Abundant extension resources: This company has been maintaining a smooth cooperation all the year round with well-known media in China such as game portals, communities, platforms and searches, and ground extension channels such as Internet cafes and institutions of higher learning. So it can rapidly and efficiently extend its games nationwide. Core Advantages

9 Solid technical strength: The team of the company has over 6 years of experience in developing online games, which is familiar with the operation of large-scale game engines and the process of development, and can conveniently and effectively match itself with developers. Solid financial strength: The company secured the financial, support from well- known venture capital investment institutions of China in 2010, thus offering financial guarantee to the subsequent development of the company. Close relationships with the government: The company has maintained many years of close cooperative relationships with relevant governmental departments including the Ministry of Culture, General Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and telecom operators. Core Advantages

10 9 years of experience in operating games 6 million users of military games Nationwide extension channels and media resources Years of cooperative relationships with the government Core operating capacity Operation advantages

11 http://js.9hgame.com This website was formally launched in 2008. As the first specialized website based on the theme of military games, it encompasses over 100 styles of military games, videos, messages, blogs, etc., having become the only choice for military game fans. Aiming to create the largest military game community for Chinese people in the world, this website assembles all messages and trends about military games, invites famous military critics and star blogs for participation, and tries to recommend excellent military games to all military fans as soon as possible. In addition, this website has created a competition platform of strategic online games for all military fans. Since its opening, this military game platform has attracted a lot of Internet users thanks to its uniqueness. So far the number of the registered users of this platform has exceeded 4 million, its highest PV on a single day has reached one million, and its average PV has reached 800 thousand/day. Operating Products

12 Online game: NavyField II This is an analogue real-time strategic online game of large- scale online naval battles with a very strong flavor of competition. With marine battles in World War as its background, the warships of several powerful nations at that time serve as the warships in this game. Players will engage regional decisive battles in groups against each other by controlling their respective favorite warships. Fees began to be collected for this game on March 22, 2003. The number of its registered users has accumulatively reached over 5 million, and the number of active users 600 thousand. Without the continuous support of new versions from Korea, this operating team has been operating this product for 8 years through their own efforts. Now this game develops very stably, with 200 thousand monthly active users, and an ARPU of 120 yuan. The payment modes is Come-Stay-Pay, which including the purchase of game props etc. Operating ProductsOnline Games

13 GE2 is a 3D large-scale MMORPG game with a strong historical flavor, and with the Mediterranean culture in the 17 th Century as its background. It is a masterpiece among online games developed by IMC Games headed by Kim Hakkyu, the producer of RO with a huge investment of 4.5 billion from Hanbisoft. Kingworld signed an licensed agreement with Hanbisoft in December 2010, and gained the right of agency operation in mainland China. GE2 has gone through CBT in March 2011, and acquired a very good market feedback and user data. This product is expected to go through OBT and begin to collect fees in May 12. Operating ProductsOnline Games

14 The Age of Sea is an epoch-making webpage game of strategic voyage. In this game, there are 12 countries for players to choose freely, more than 300 harbors, tens of thousands of sea routes, over 1000 trade commodities, several hundred important sea channels and strategically important sites, over 100 types of ships and science and technology. All these elements constitute an unprecedented huge world framework in the history of the age of sea, and will make players feel the true meaning of strategic games for the first time in games. This game will go through OBT formally in February 2011, and the mode of payment is the purchase of pops. Operating ProductsWeb Games

15 JD War is a game with modern war as its background. It not only includes elements owned by traditional strategic games, but also more subversively cancels architectural queues and adopts the real-time battling model of War Chess, thus completely handing over the dominant right of games to players. Operating ProductsWeb Games

16 World War 2 ( brings players back to the Second World War. Players will act as a commander of an army, occupy a city and seek for survival and development in the chaotic world, and eventually set up a stable and powerful regime. Operating ProductsWeb Games

17 Mini Game zone is a platform based on, aiming to provide all users with various types of safe and healthy online mini-games free of charge. Mini Game zone assembles over 1000 styles of Flash games based on military themes, mainly classified into the following seven items: role playing, strategic analogue, first person shooter, action, real-time strategies, adventure and exploration and flight shooter. Users can log into this game directly by opening the webpage without downloading and installing it. Operating ProductsMini Games

18 As all its own products conform to the characteristics of electronic competition, has set up interactive recreation services by relying on this platform, offering users opportunities of competition and mechanisms of perennial events. will participate in many large-scale events at home and abroad every year, e.g. WGB, CEG and IEF. Through these events, it can not only stimulate the participation of all lovers of military games, but also promote the extension and publicity of the products of its cooperative manufacturers. NavyField II is about to be designated as a formal event of CEG (China E-sports Games). Operating ProductsE-Sport Platform

19 Blue ocean strategy Dedicated to games based on pan-military fights; to be the best service provider of military & war games in China Paying attention to the subdivision market and industrial trend; developing innovative and trans-platform( PC/IOS/Android) game products; To be the most characteristic service provider of online cultural. R & D

20 Navy Legend is a large-scale 3D online game, relying on the historical theme of the naval battles in World War. The game integrates such elements as STG, RTS and SLG, and characterized by electronic competition. SNS STG SLG Self-developed Product---Navy Legend

21 Most users are male adult players aged 20 to 40 High academic level and consuming ability Love military affairs and history Love competitive opposition Naval battle game fans Military game fans Real-time strategic game fans Target users of Naval Legend

22 3D naval battle online game---Navy Legend Background of World War ; theme of navy battles: This game is based on the large-scale naval battles in World War. Through 4 belligerent countries, 3 characteristic naval ports, more than 100 campaign missions in history, more than 300 warships in history and more than 10000 kinds of weapons and equipment in history, this game tries to resurrect the scenes of naval wars in World War, and unfold that episode of history in front of users in a lifelike way. By adopting 3D realistic style, this game fully restores the appearance of the historical objects including warships and airborne weapons in World War. Through such models as PVE and PVP, it resurrects the famous campaigns in history, so that players can derive interest from it. In addition, such advanced tools as Bigworld Engine and Scaleform are adopted in game development, and the system is stable and reliable. NavyLegend is expected to receive the close beta test in June 2011. As its historical background caters to the taste of European and American players, it has set up a cooperation intent with American, German and Japanese operators. The overseas operation (in North America and Europe) is expected to begin in Q3 of 2011. R&D--Navy Legend

23 3D realistic and real-time battles Lots of PvP elements, focusing on the interaction between competitive experience and players R&D--Navy Legend

24 3D sea battles with the mode of FPS and RTS R&D--Navy Legend

25 Multiple kinds of Battles Multiple kind of Map R&D--Navy Legend

26 Classical War PVE battleground; Return to World War R&D--Navy Legend

27 Mode of charging Come-Stay-Pay World War R&D--Navy Legend

28 Valley of the Wind a horseback action game An online game integrating the refreshing sense of fighting of action games and the rich dramatic experience of role performance, with a strong style of 3D fantastic Japanese cartoons. Players will enjoy the new refreshing feeling of horseback wars in the game. It is an innovative masterpiece designed by the key technicians from famous game design companies in Europe and USA by adopting the advanced European and American workmanship, so as to recover the fundamental experience and interest of games. In addition, such advanced tools as Gamebryo Engine, Scaleform, Xaitment and Morpheme are adopted in game development, and the system is stable and reliable. The product is expected to receive the close beta test in June 2011, and be operated in a commercialized way in summer. R&D--Valley of the Wind

29 A magic world with knights, sword and muskets R&D--Valley of the Wind

30 Extremely refreshing fighting rhythms; Diversified and changeable skills and tricks R&D--Valley of the Wind

31 Style of cute cartoon characters Attracting young fashion peoples R&D--Valley of the Wind

32 Countless topographies and landforms and classic maps R&D--Valley of the Wind

33 Super-strong SNS function and player interaction R&D--Valley of the Wind


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