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StatCom-Africa III Cape Town, South Africa 21-23 Jan 2012 AU Presentation.

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1 StatCom-Africa III Cape Town, South Africa 21-23 Jan 2012 AU Presentation

2 AfricaInfo endorsed by AU Conference of African Ministers of Economy and Finance in March 2011:Background Calls upon the African Union Commission, the Economic Commission for Africa, the African Development Bank and the United Nations Children’s Fund to strengthen their collaboration for the operationalization of the AfricaInfo initiative to ensure that it has a continental dimension, and produce a plan for its implementation; “

3 In response, AUC, ECA, AfDB and UNICEF produced Strategic Action PlanBackground

4 A pan-African database initiative Monitors the continent’s goals and commitments Builds capacity and harmonizes data throughout the continent Builds on the DevInfo initiative, a UN tool monitoring MDGs and development which is used by 45 of 54 African countries What is AfricaInfo?

5 DevInfo Implementation

6 Institutional objectives Compile and standardize national and subnational data across the region Increase AU capacity to use and analyze data Increase transparency and support planning and decision-making Reinforce national efforts to improve statistical information systems Harmonize data with RECs & Country States

7 Technical objectives Open data access through SDMX and simple web services Better tools for data visualization Support the different structures needed to monitor goals and commitments

8 Search Site | Login | Support | Contact Us | Language Search Results Page 294 in 2008 68 in 2009 290 in 2008

9 Mapping


11 Trends analyzed - graphs

12 Gross enrollment ratio in primary, grade 1 to 6 Female Male Dire Dawa & Harari Addis Ababa

13 Drought Flooding, Cyclone Cholera Flooding, Conflict, Cholera/AWD Flooding, Ethnic Clashes Cholera, Political & economic instability, Drought Flooding, Cyclones Flooding Cholera Flooding Conflict, Flooding Political tension Flooding, Earthquakes Displacements Flooding, AWD,Conflict EMERGENCIES IN EASTERN & SOUTHERN AFRICA 2007






19 Sources Cambodia_MOEYS. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports


21 19961999 Sources Cambodia_MOEYS. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Less than half of the children reach to Grade 5 in Cambodia Situation is worsening in the Northern province

22 Source: UNSD_MDG_2010 Country Data

23 Chad: 2.8 Mauritius: 75.8 Source: UNSD_MDG_2010 Country Data

24 Contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) Namibia, Total 15-49 yr, 2000/2006 Source: NAM_DHS_2000, 2006-2007

25 Larger unmet need for spacing Larger unmet need for limiting Source: UNSD_MDG_2010 Country Data






31 Tunisia

32 Niger

33 Yemen

34 Rwanda

35 Cameroon

36 Egypt

37 Liberia

38 Steering committee – to be composed of directors of the appropriate departments at AUC, UNECA, AfDB, UNICEF and RECs. Technical working group (AUC, UNECA, AfDB, UNICEF) Operational team to be composed of technical experts at AUC, UNECA, AfDB and UNICEF Secretariat to provide administrative support Managementandgovernance Management and governance

39 Way forward Partners are ready to start implementation by: Agreeing upon list of indicators Starting to build the regional database Provide open access to all available national and sub-national data Initiating the training program outlined in Strategic Action Plan

40 Wayforward (continued) Way forward (continued) Resource mobilization based on existing ministerial endorsement of AfricaInfo in March 2011 Five-year strategic action plan - 2011-2015 – calls for $10 million


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