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Dairy 2020 What is it, and what does it mean for the industry?

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1 Dairy 2020 What is it, and what does it mean for the industry?

2 What is Dairy 2020? The key question: What does a sustainable dairy industry look like in 2020? The purpose: Provide a shared understanding of what ‘sustainability’ means for the dairy industry Identify areas for action and where there are conflicts/gaps still to be resolved

3 Who’s involved?

4 Project objectives Position industry for economic success through sustainability leadership Create and communicate a vision for a sustainable UK dairy industry which can be used as best practice for the dairy industry globally Understand the sustainability challenges and opportunities Cooperate actively and transparently across the supply chain to build trust and add value.

5 The process

6 What is ‘futures’ and why did we use it? When talking about the long-term future, people are often willing to discuss important or sensitive issues more positively, focusing more on solutions than they otherwise might. People’s different underlying assumptions can be brought to light and talked over: the futures process is a tool to stimulate debate. Looking to the future can make the imperative for action much clearer, and galvanise a proactive response.

7 What are ‘scenarios’ and why did we create them? Allow us to deal with certainties and uncertainties Good at generating debate Don’t presuppose agreement about everything Show the connections between different issues Provide imperative for action

8 What did we produce? A vision statement that sets a statement of ambition A framework of guiding principles that helps the industry negotiate the complexity of sustainability Areas of focus within each guiding principle that will enable a sustainable dairy industry to thrive in 2020 A set of scenarios describing possible futures for the industry in 2020, and key risks and opportunities that the industry may have to operate within A toolkit that enables anyone in the industry to use these outputs for their own sustainability strategies

9 How did we get there? Certainties Growing impacts of climate change and extreme weather Growing global demand for dairy Higher and more volatile input prices Rise of the health and well-being agenda

10 The things we were less sure about The economy – global or local? Public priorities – fuel or food?

11 The scenarios





16 “A vibrant UK dairy industry that enables people, environment and business to thrive” The vision


18 Successes An ambitious vision and framework, which leading players in the UK dairy industry are signing up to 40 organisations involved in an 18-month process that has helped drive the sustainability agenda forward in the industry The broadest coalition ever to have been brought together on this issue in the industry

19 “I firmly believe the British dairy industry can be amongst the best in the world: the most competitive, the most productive, and the most sustainable. Dairy 2020 can help achieve this. This strategy sets out a clear vision and ambition for the future of the industry, and is a brilliant example of what can be done when an industry works together in a collaborative and positive way.” Jim Paice MP, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Endorsements

20 “Through this initiative we pulled together a credible coalition that represents both the dairy supply chain including farmers, processors, retailers and suppliers, and stakeholders including banks, NGOs and advisors. Through Dairy 2020 and the world- leading Dairy Roadmap, we now have the platform to deliver a sustainable future for the British dairy industry in all respects: environmental, social and economic.” James Neville, Chair of Dairy 2020 and Managing Director, Volac Endorsements

21 “Recent years have seen 'sustainability' often used and sometimes abused in the world of food and farming. Dairy 2020 is an initiative that has not only helped define what the term means, but also how the vision can be achieved. AIC and its members who represent the livestock feed sector recognise they have a vital role to play in supplying the right products, backed by sound advice to underpin a truly sustainable dairy sector.” David Caffal, Chief Executive, Agricultural Industries Confederation Endorsements

22 What’s next? Seek endorsement for the vision and framework from the wider supply chain Industry to refine the ‘areas of focus’ within each guiding principle to create a detailed action plan Implementation! Share learning with dairy sectors in other countries

23 Thank you!

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