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Vocational Education of Adults with Disabilities in Turkey

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1 Vocational Education of Adults with Disabilities in Turkey

2 Training and learning is a lifelong effort
Thus lifelong learning is a key aspect in adaptation to social life and transition from consumerism to productivity

3 The purpose of vocational education, is to help people learn the mandatory skills and knowledge about an effective career in the job market suitable for their talents and will.

*Vocational education decreases the dependency of people on their parents *With proper education they become professionals *Productive members of the society *Finds more meaning in life with continual income *Improved self-confidence, communication and social skills

High Schools for persons with hearing disabilities Vocational High Schools for persons with physical disabilities Vocational Education Centers for persons with mental disabilities Education Centers, Work Training Centers Work Training Centers for adults with mental disabilities Turkish Career Institute and Ministry of National Education Lifelong Learning Head Office

6 The Role of Local Governments and Non Governmental Organizations on Vocational Education of Persons with Disabilities Local Government Bodies and Non-Governmental Organizations are highly connected with people enabling them to offer a large variety of services Municipalities are constantly making policies and taking measures to ensure social and economical adaptation of persons with disabilities to the society

7 Most Municipalities in Turkey are providing vocational education and courses for persons with disabilities, helping them integrate into the society and find jobs.

8 While providing these services municipalities cooperate with universities, vocational high schools, government agencies and non-governmental organizations In addition persons with disabilities are evaluated by professionals and guided towards education that is most suitable for them

9 Vocational Education Courses In Municipalities
Sign Language, arts, wood painting, foreign languages training, marbling, jewelery design, folk dances, music, home economics, ceramic design, typography, woodworking, galosh manifacturing, greenhouse flowers, candle manufacturing, computer training, needlework, drama education, literacy education, and carpenting are just a few examples of vocational education courses provided by municipalities.



12 Non-Governmental Organizations
Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey (TOFD), provides English, fabric painting, silver works, wood painting and needlework courses for persons with disabilities.

13 ‟SIX DOTS FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND made a research about careers suitable for visually impaired people and suggest communications officer, consultant, printing businesses.

In the national education act signed into law in and training act signed into law in 1961; ‟ Educational institutions are for everyone without distinction of any kind, such as race, sex, language or religion.

15 Children with disabilities are provided with special education.
With partial inclusion in education children with disabilities can study with students their own age.

16 With the 2022 act signed into law in 1976 it was made possible to give persons with disabilities and elderly people monetary grants. Efforts on Vocational Education of Persons with Disabilities started mostly after 1950s.

17 If we look at laws and regulations about education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in Turkey, «Persons with disabilities cannot be denied the right to choose a career and get education suitable for their abilities» section clearly states vocational education is a fundamental right.

18 In 2005 5378 act was signed into law named «Persons with Disabilities»
In act was signed into law named «Persons with Disabilities» .The aim of this act was preventing disabilities and solve problems about health, education, rehabilitation, employment and social security of persons with disabilities.

19 In «The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities» which entered into force on 3 May it was emphasized that concerning issues relating to persons with disabilities, shall be closely consulted with and actively involve persons with disabilities.

20 Persons with disabilities cannot be denied the right to choose a career and get education suitable for their abilities. Vocational education services are vital for persons with disabilities integration to society through a career, therefore it must be encouraged.

21 Persons with disabilities are not excluded from the general education system on the basis of disability, and can access an inclusive education on an equal basis with others in the communities in which they live.

22 To provide education and communication to people with hearing disabilities, Turkish Linguistic Society has created the Turkish Sign Language System. The Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism carry out the process of preparing audio, braille books and electronicaly available materials and subtitled films to meet the educational and cultural needs of persons with disabilities.

23 For disabled people who want to have Apprenticeship education, the health commision report, interest and skill conditions are evaluated. The profession education decisions are made by the related comissions.

24 The Legal Regulations for Disabled people are in convincing levels, but some problems occur in implementation of the regulations. This causes social relationships related issues for persons with disabilities.

25 It’s observed that the persons with disabilities can’t make use of the basic and professional education oppurtunities efficiently in Turkey. The difficulty of transportation, the lack of educational material for visually impaired, and the insufficient knowledge, experience and personal inabilities of staff, decreases the educational oppurtunities.

26 In our country a stable education policy couldn’t be composed
In our country a stable education policy couldn’t be composed. Government changes leads to education policy changes which results in an unstable educational system.

27 It can be argued that special education schools isolate persons with disabilities from the society. The lack of resources in current schools prevent inclusive education. There are many positive effects of inclusions where both the students with special needs along with the other students in the classroom both benefit.

Training program based on disabilities and conditions Distance learning should be implemented when available and there should be no age limit Vocational education schedule should be flexible

29 Education should be localized.
Should implement volunteering Along with the students, persons with disabilities working in public and in private sector should be supplied with tools that’ll help them in their jobs

30 Higher Education Exams should include questions and methods for persons with different kinds of disabilities. There should be assistant personnel on every exam to help persons with disabilities.

31 Social, economic and political integration of persons with diabilities to the society can be maximized by making sure everyone benefits from primary and vocational education.

32 This is my Royal Carriage!... »
« These Wheels Are Not My Prison, I’m a Queen!... This is my Royal Carriage!... »

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