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2 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Walnutwood High School (WHS) is an independent study program designed for students who desire an alternative to traditional classroom instruction as a way in which to earn their high school diploma. WHS is a Western Association of Schoolsand Colleges (WASC) accredited school that assists student learning at home using state-adopted curriculum with the support, guidance, and supervision of credentialed teachers. In our program, students work independently according to a written contract under the general supervision of their instructor. While students follow the district-adoptedcurriculum and meet the district graduation requirements, the program allows for flexibility to meet their individual needs, interests, and styles of learning. A student must have sufficient maturity and self-direction to maintain a study schedule of at least 20-25 hours per week. WHS students dedicate themselves to the hard work and discipline it takes to be independent and self-directed learners.

3 THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Independent study is a different way of learning. In independent study, a student is guided by a teacher but usually does not take classes with other students every day. The student works independently. Independent study is available to children and adults. Many school districts offer this type of education, but some do not. Students who participate in independent study take the same courses as students in regular classes. School districts cannot force students into independent study programs; students and parents choose this type of study on their own. Independent study programs are designed to help students who have health problems, are parents, are gifted, are working, or who find that regular classroom settings do not meet their needs. The California Department of Education works to improve independent study programs in school districts. Information on Independent Study schools in California Independent study…is provided as an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum. State law provides that the education students receive using independent study should be at least equal in quality and quantity to that offered in the classroom. Because students in independent study work closely with their teachers, in one-on-one meetings or small group instruction, independent study can be a highly personalized form of instruction. Independent study also offers a high degree of flexibility and individualization, so it can serve a wide range of students including…highly gifted students who are not challenged in their regular classrooms and wish to accelerate.

4 THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Cont. Independent study is not for all students—especially at the high school level. Independent study requires basic academic skills and a level of commitment, motivation, organizational skills, and self-direction not unlike the level required by college students. Funding: Independent study may be used to deliver the curriculum of an alternative school or program of choice. Any alternative school or program of choice shall be maintained and funded by the school district at the same level as other educational programs for children of the same age level operated by the district. EC 58507 Do students need to do as much work in independent study as they would in traditional school? Yes. 5 CCR 11701.5 provides that independent study is to be substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to classroom instruction. EC Section 51745(a)(3) provides that independent study shall not be offered as an alternative curriculum. It is important to make sure that independent study students understand the commitment they are making when they sign the Independent Study Written Agreement. It is important for parents/guardians/caregivers, teachers, and students to understand that students should expect to spend at least as much time on independent study assignments as they would for courses in the comprehensive school. However, the flexibility of independent study allows students to complete courses at their own pace—either accelerated (for advanced students) or with additional support and practice for those who struggle. EC Section 51747.5(b) and 5 CCR 11703(b)(4) provide that the time value of a student’s work is personally judged by a certificated teacher.

5 COMPARISON WHS 1.One-on-One time with teacher to learn material/get help 2.Social interaction with a variety of age groups and people 3.Individually learn material at any speed/however I best learn it TRADITIONAL SCHOOL 1.Forty-to-One learning with little time for individual help 2.Social interaction with same group of friends 3.Learn material through pre-set ways created by teacher to teach forty students at once

6 SOCIAL INTERACTION Girl /Boy Scouts Venturing Hear&Now Athletics (club or through traditional school) Clubs Dance Day camps/other programs Intern through ROP program or find internship elsewhere Job

7 TYPES OF STUDY One-on-One Weekly Sessions 100% Virtual Blended (Some classes virtual, others one-on-one)

8 CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT FHS, VdL, CHS, KHS, FLHS ROP courses Community Colleges Other programs (i.e. BYU)

9 HOMEWORK About 5 hours a day (25 hours/week) 2-3 classes at a time Takes around 5-8 weeks to complete a semester course Homework = Classwork and attendance


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