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MarylynnAdamski, Nathon Kelly, Dena Bailey, Katherine France & Marijo Johnson.

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1 MarylynnAdamski, Nathon Kelly, Dena Bailey, Katherine France & Marijo Johnson

2 Assessment Population in 2009 Michigan 9,969,727 Mecosta County 41,775 Leading cause of death 2008 Michigan Heart Disease 23.5 Mecosta county Heart Disease 25.2 Death by heart disease is much higher in Mecosta County than the State of Michigan

3 Assessment Obesity is the leading cause of Heart Disease Obesity is Body Mass Index (BMI) > 30 Mecosta Obesity 26.2% Michigan Obesity 29.4% Mecosta county has less people but they have almost same the obesity rate as the State of Michigan.

4 What group is most effected Obese adults had a higher prevalence of coronary heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and inadequate sleep compared with non obese adults.

5 Resources for physical activity Mecosta County Parks 18 Golf courses – Public 4 Golf courses – Private 3 Fitness Centers/Gyms 4 Walking/Biking/Hiking Trails 4 City of Big Rapids Recreation 50+ Exercise Tuesdays 1:00 Evergreen Community Building 50+ Dance Tuesdays 1:00 Evergreen Community Building 50+ Water Areobic Monday Wednesday & Friday 8:30am-9:30am and 10:00 am-11:00 am Ferris State University Pool

6 Resources con’t LET’S WALK BIG RAPIDS - is a non-competitive walking program that offers exercise while spending quality time on Big Rapids parks and trails. Let’s Walk Big Rapids is a free program for all ages. Walks are held in the Spring and Fall months. Big Rapids Bike Club

7 Scope of Community Nursing Practice Community health nurses will be taking care of clients who have the diseases associated with the lack of physical activity. It is a community wide problem. Community health nursing will work to get clients to increase physical activity. Community health nurses will inform various groups about what they can do to increase physical activity.

8 Community Groups that can help promote physical activity Chippewa Lake Lions Club Commission on Aging and Senior Center Big Rapids Lions Clubs Barryton Lions Club

9 Diagnosis Risk for heart disease among adults related to lack of physical activity secondary to obesity

10 Plan Primary Prevention: Must start at a young age. Emphasis on exercise and healthy eating habits. Establish healthy habits from a young age to reduce obesity later in life. Continued support of physical activity throughout life. Secondary Prevention: Establish a diet and exercise program. Screen for medical causes of obesity and treat.

11 Primary Prevention - Children The first step in increasing physical activity and decreasing obesity is with children. The primary care physician (pcp) should be one of the greatest advocates for physical activity. Young et al. (2010) establish a need for pcp’s to advise parents on ways to increase physical activity and promote healthy eating habits.

12 Primary Prevention - Adult PCP’s play an important role in promoting health and physical activity in normal weight adults. Normal weight adults are least likely to receive education on healthy habits when they are the ones that would most benefit from it. Nawal et al. (2007) found that on 2.6% of normal weight adults received primary prevention.

13 Secondary Prevention Focus on addressing lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits. The PCP is the prime candidate for this but all healthcare workers should work to address lack of physical activity. Kirksick et al. (2010) found that even moderate decreases in caloric intake and moderate increases in physical activity can result in weight loss.

14 Outcomes Outcomes will be measured using national and state data on obesity in adults and children in Mecosta county. Self reported exercise and food journals will be utilized to monitor physical activity and caloric intake. These can be followed by the PCP. PCP’s will weigh and record BMI at all visits to monitor for changes and provide education at needed.

15 Interventions Encourage nutritious, satisfying meals. Teach about low-calorie, nutritious foods. Encourage exercise such as walking, jogging, aerobics, or swimming appropriate to age and physical condition. Provide teaching and pamphlets on cholesterol and hypertension Encourage patient to take prescribed medications for cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes if needed. Teach the importance of medication compliance

16 Interventions, Cont. Encourage the use of food journals Teach children about nutritious snacks and meals Teach parents the importance of physical activity for children

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