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Maintenance Utilization TECH 58100 Project Champion/Define Phase Chris Gray 10/2/2013.

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2 Maintenance Utilization TECH 58100 Project Champion/Define Phase Chris Gray 10/2/2013

3 Project Selection  General Goal: Maintenance Optimization through Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  Option #1: Utilize work order system to increase general maintenance activities and reduce secondary equipment failures. Currently, work orders are only used to focus on primary production equipment preventive maintenance (PM).  Option #2: Complete full parts analysis to reduce overhead, ensure equipment functionality, maintain quality and reduce impact to repair and maintenance budget. Currently, parts are not inventoried, required PM parts are not on site, and R&M budget potential is reduced to misappropriation. This will allow parts to be loaded in CMMS and increase work order execution.  Option #3: CMMS software change to acceptable alternative. Currently, use a in-house program called Facility Management System (FMS).

4 Project Ranking & Matrix Project Options CriteriaOption #1Option #2Option #3 Likelihood of Success1052 $$ Cost/Revenue Impact 821 Customer Satisfaction787 Employee Utilization9710 Completion Time720 0=no impact/10=impact Option #1 was selected. The potential impact for maintenance optimization is higher with option #1. This should have the most impact for the least amount of investment.

5 Business Case Maintenance organizations must operate as an independent entity within a business. Their focus must be customer service and attention on equipment up-time, equipment availability, timeliness of repairs; along with cost. The CMMS is used to focus on PM work order execution on primary production equipment. General work orders, non-PM, must be completed in a timely manor to ensure secondary equipment is maintained. While primary equipment makes sellable product, the secondary equipment provides necessary support to ensure process controls are met on primary equipment. Optimization of the CMMS work order system to manage general safety and repair WO’s will increase personnel utilization, increase secondary equipment reliability, eliminate hazards, increase quality and decrease operating costs.

6 Problem Statement  CMMS work order are only used for PM execution. General work orders are not managed, therefore requestors are directly asking for work to be done. There is no management of maintenance personnel, work authorization, record of work or data collected for failure analysis.  General work is not completed in a timely manor.  Customers satisfaction is low.  Non-critical safety items are slow to be repaired.  Uncontrolled cost  No data/failure analysis information is collected

7 Project Objectives There are two objectives which will be the focus of the project.  Use the existing CMMS system to increase work order usage and execution.  Increase Maintenance personnel utilization.  Decrease overall maintenance costs for the plant.

8 Goal & Deliverables  Utilize the computerized maintenance management system to ensure all work requested is captured and executed by a work order.  Reduced time for general repairs –repairs made <2 weeks  Increased customer satisfaction  Increased maintenance utilization –measure total work orders completed – necessary measurement since no baseline is established.  Reduced maintenance backlog –reduce work order backlog by 50%

9 Stakeholder Analysis Project RelationshipCommunication Strategy Impacted by Project influence proj results Content/Pro cess expert Controls resources Has decision authority Reg Meetings Invite to meetings Copy of minutes No comm. needed Resp. for comms. Plant Mgr XXXXXX Ops Mgr XXX Plant Eng XXXXXXXX Maint Mgr XXXXXXXXX Scheduler XXXXXX

10 SIPOC SupplierInputProcessOutcomeCustomer WO RequestorWork Order - General Work Order Execution Work Completed Requestor WO RequestorWork Order- Safety Work Completed Requestor/Plant WO RequestorWork Order- Emergency Work Completed Requestor

11 VoC - SWOT STRENGTHS-WEAKNESS-OPPORTUNITIES-THREATS StrengthsOpportunities Experienced Maint. Department Willing to work Higher maintenance utilization rates Work order completion Reduce cost for secondary eq. failures Reduce backlog levels WeaknessThreats New leadership Excessive time to WO completion Excessive number of people per WO Focused on PM work only Departmental power struggle Reluctant to move to full scheduling Decreased moral Crafts not completing backlog work Requestors not putting in work orders

12 CTQ Tree CustomerCTQKPOVs KPIVs Maint Backlog Levels WORK ORDER REQUESTORWork Orders Completion Time to completion Work Order Execution # of Craft per WO Emergency/Safety WO Increased Maint Personnel Usage Craft Utilization Time

13 ROI  The execution of this project results in no investment. The maintenance Scheduler already exists, therefore no additional headcount is required. There will be a cost reduction from using company labor versus contractor labor ($30 vs $125) to make secondary equipment repairs. Performing the necessary routine maintenance on secondary equipment will also result in a reliability increase and ultimately a reduced operating cost.

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