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Jan’2002 Introduction to IEEE. Jan’2002 IEEE Mission The IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, & applying.

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1 Jan’2002 Introduction to IEEE

2 Jan’2002 IEEE Mission The IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, & applying knowledge about electro- and information-technologies & sciences for the benefit of humanity & the profession.

3 Jan’2002 The IEEE Today IEEE members have advanced the profession & develop technologies that benefit humanity  375,000 + Members in over 150 countries u 37 IEEE Societies/4 Councils u 10 Regions

4 Jan’2002 Foster Technological Innovation u IEEE conferences o Over 300 conferences per year held worldwide o 110,000 plus participants u IEEE publications o Over 30% of world’s information o Over 1.3 million subscriptions o Over 100 periodicals o 200 conference proceedings per year o 50 new IEEE books per year u IEEE standards o 90 new & revised per year o 30,000 plus participants

5 Jan’2002 IEEE Publications u World’s leading publisher in Electrical and Computer Science u Spectrum Magazine - award winning monthly publication – available online u The INSTITUTE - news supplement to Spectrum u IEEE Potentials Magazine - quarterly magazine for student and recent graduate members u IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) - 30% of world’s current literature in electrical engineering and computer science. u IEEE Xplore - provides full-text access to IEEE transactions, journals, magazines and conference proceedings published since 1988 and all current IEEE Standards (

6 Jan’2002 IEEE Conferences  Over 350,000 Participants at more than 300 meetings & conferences worldwide: Region Conferences International Conferences Symposiums Workshops Tutorials  Search online conference database (

7 Jan’2002 IEEE Technical Societies (1) u Aerospace & Electronic Systems u Antennas & Propagation u Broadcast Technology u Circuits & Systems u Communications u Components, Packaging, & Manufacturing Technology u Computer u Consumer Electronics u Control Systems u Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation u Education u Electromagnetic Compatibility u Electron Devices u Engineering in Medicine & Biology u Engineering Management u Geoscience & Remote Sensing u Industrial Electronics u Industry Applications

8 Jan’2002 IEEE Technical Societies (2) u Information Theory u Instrumentation & Measurement u Lasers & Electro-Optics u Magnetics u Microwave Theory & Techniques u Nuclear & Plasma Sciences u Neural Networks u Oceanic Engineering u Power Electronics u Power Engineering u Professional Communication u Reliability u Robotics & Automation u Signal Processing u Social Implications of Technology u Solid-State Circuits u Systems, Man, & Cybernetics u Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics,& Frequency Control u Vehicular Technology 4 Technical Councils  SuperConductivity  Intelligent Transportation Systems  Nanotechnology  Sensors

9 Jan’2002 Electronic Services Member/Customer u Members can have a total electronic experience o New member application o Renewal, add services, update contact information, o On-line store o IEEE Xplore o Instant access to electronic services u What’s new @ IEEE u E-mail alias service u IEEE job site

10 Jan’2002 IEEE Organization Assembly Publication Products & Services IEEE-USAEducational Activities Regions Regional Activities Standards Association Societies Technical Activities ED & Staff Executive Committee Board of Directors MEMBERS (Student Services is part of Regional Activities in the staff organization)

11 Jan’2002 IEEE Membership By Regions 31 December 2001 R8 – 52,808 R10 – 58,162 R7 – 16,037 R1 - 6 235,591 R9 – 14,744 TOTAL – 377,342

12 Jan’2002 Regional Structure Areas Councils Student Branch Chapters Regional Activities Board Regions Affinity Groups Sections Sub-Sections Student Branches Chapters

13 Jan’2002 Geographic Entities in IEEE Southwest Area of Region 6 Univ. of Calif. at San Diego IEEE Student Branch Note: Not drawn to scale and boundaries are only approximate San Diego Section of Southwest Area of Region 6 Region 6 in the World Region 6

14 Jan’2002 Geographic Units 31 December 2001 Regions10 Areas (in some Regions)24 Councils (in some Regions) 21 Sections298 Subsections (in some Sections)49 Society Chapters (in some Sections/Councils)1,284 Student Branches1,156 Student Branch Chapters295 Total Geographical Units3,137

15 Jan’2002 Membership Totals by Region 20012000% Change 144,16844,281(-0.3%) 235,94335,646+0.8% 332,23931,778+1.5% 425,70125,828(-0.5%) 531,83231,706+0.4% 665,70864,733+1.5% US235,591233,972+0.7% 716,03715,491+3.5% 852,80848,157+9.7 914,74413,474+9.4% 1058,16255,041+5.7% Non US141,751132,163+7.3% Total377,342366,135+3.1%

16 Jan’2002 IEEE Student Membership Region2001 Total2000 TotalGrowth % 13,7013,5633.9 23,5813,4453.9 34,4404,2863.6 43,8813,7922.3 54,1614,0712.2 66,3285,7669.7 73,5043,4042.9 812,15210,05920.8 97,1505,84722.3 1016,77114,08719.1 Total65,66958,32012.6

17 Jan’2002 Regional Activities Board Organization

18 Jan’2002 Regional Activities Board Mission To serve the needs of the members of the Institute by maintaining, enhancing & supporting the geographical entities of the IEEE. RAB recognizes the intimate relationship between Sections & Societies & their Chapters & will work with other entities of the IEEE to foster improved interactions. RAB is also responsible for all aspects of IEEE membership & membership development, including recruitment, retention, elevation & service, as well as the related operational & budget issues.

19 Jan’2002 RAB Committees Joint RAB Committees  RAB/EAB Reference List of Educational Program  RAB/TAB Section/Chapter Support  Transnational IEEE Committees (assigned to RAB by the IEEE BoD)  IEEE Admission and Advancement  IEEE Membership Development  Awards & Recognition  Finance  Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)  Industry Relations  Operating Committee  Nominations & Appointments  Potentials Advisory  Strategic Planning  Student Activities 14 Committee Chairs

20 Jan’2002 Student Activities Committee Mission To provide undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in the Electrical/Electronics or related engineering professions with opportunities for education, technical and professional development in preparation for entry into the profession.

21 Jan’2002 Student Activities Committee Membership RSRs - Regional Student Representatives RSACs - Regional Student Activities Chairs IRs - Industrial Representatives SPAA Chair and USAB SPAC Chair Potentials Student Editor, Potentials Editor TAB Representative, Branch Chapter Representative Chair, Vice Chair Student Services Manager (non-voting)

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