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如何成為IEEE作者 — IEEE期刊與會議投稿流程

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1 如何成為IEEE作者 — IEEE期刊與會議投稿流程

2 論文寫作前 注意事項 Is this an important problem, or, is the data collected and analyzed of interest to the wider community? What has been done in the past? Does this research significantly advance the state of the field?

3 投稿期刊 還是 會議 ? 期刊論文是作者所從事研究工作和最終結果的完整呈現;其結論清晰明確並有嚴格的資料支援。
期刊發表體現更嚴格的評審以及更高品質的成果 大部分期刊論文至少有3名 以上評審人審稿,並有副主編定稿 期刊論文接受率通常遠低於會議論文 會議主要目的是通過演講 現場交流資訊和交換想法 會議常常反映最新最前沿的研究,很多研究尚未到達正式期刊發表的程度,還處於研究進展階段。 會議主要是快速傳播科研資訊,以從觀眾中獲取寶貴的意見和回饋 會議常常會盡可能能覆蓋較多的參與者,所以很多會議論文接受率較高

4 IEEE 期刊投稿流程

5 Journals, Transactions, Magazines
IEEE 學術期刊 160 Journals, Transactions, Magazines What are the opportunities to publish at IEEE? IEEE's 154 journals, transactions, magazines, and more than 1,200 conferences around the world allow authors to find the best forum for their work. This wealth of information allows researchers to find exactly what they need among the more than three million documents in IEEE Xplore. Authors can be "found" where their work belongs. 2-1

6 Journals-學術期刊 Journals, Transactions, and Letters are the primary means for publishing technical papers concerning original work in IEEE fields of interest. The primary purpose of Journals, Transactions, and Letters is to disclose and provide a permanent archival record of original technical work that advances the state of the art or provides novel insights. Letters are for the publication of brief papers, usually three to four pages in length.

7 Magazines-技術雜誌 Magazines are characterized by regular and continuing issues with significant technical content in addition to general news and regular columns IEEE Communications Magazine IEEE Microwave Magazine IEEE Signal Processing Magazine IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine ......

8 以MTT刊物為例 Transactions Letters Magazine NewResearch Article YES(6pages, over-lengthcharge) YES(3pages) NO TutorialArticle YES(atexpert level) YES(atFundamental toIntermediatelevel) Application Note YES ReviewArticle Research Article: Papers in the journals use the IEEE standard format and must include a Title, Abstract, Introduction, Technical Content, Conclusions, and References. The transactions also include the author biographies. Tutorial: Unique presentation of known material. Valuable methodologies, exhaustive references Application Note: Describe current application of technology: circuits, systems, models, concepts. Review: Historical account of field, exhaustive references, explanation of state-of-the-art, indications of future research

9 如何選擇期刊投稿第一步 Relevancy 期刊主題相關性 Impact Factor 期刊影響因子

10 Journal Citation Report Results, by Impact Factor
JCR 報告排名 Journal Citation Report Results, by Impact Factor IEEE publishes: #1 journal in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 16 of the top 20 journals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 8 of the top 10 journals in Telecommunications 6 of top 10 journals in Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture 3 of the top 5 journals in Computer Science, Cybernetics 3 of the top 5 journals in Automation & Control Systems # 1 in Artificial Intelligence # 1 in Transportation Technology # 3 in Imaging Science # 4 in Nuclear Science # 5 in Biomedical Engineering The ISI JCR presents “quantifiable statistical data that provides a systematic, objective way to evaluate the world’s leading journals” (2010 report released June 2011) 2-1

11 篩選與研究領域最相關的期刊 Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on (855)
Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on (283) Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on (193) Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on (165) Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on (75) Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on (69)

12 如何選擇期刊投稿第一步-瞭解期刊 一旦確定了4-5本目標期刊,下一步是研究 “Aims and Scope” 以瞭解到底該刊傾向於 何種類型的文章 主編 編委成員 閱讀部分期刊收錄的文章,判斷該期刊的 讀者群是否吻合

13 瀏覽 IEEE 期刊 2-1



16 瞭解期刊的評審出版時間 每本期刊的評審時間各有不同。Xplore上大部分期刊會顯示文章被收到、修改、接受和出版的時間。

17 考慮期刊可能涉及的費用 Page Charge 版面費 IIIustration Charge 圖像製作費
Open Access Fee 作者付費

18 IEEE Open Access期刊 複合OA期刊 完全OA期刊 2011年底起,所有 IEEE 期刊提供作者付費選擇
這類文章將以開放存取的形式出現在 IEEE Xplore 供所有人訪問 完全OA期刊 IEEEJournal of theElectron DevicesSociety IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing

19 IEEE於2013年發佈一種Open Access型出版物Mega Journal。該期刊瞄準IEEE所有研究領域的廣泛受眾,包括普通讀者、專家和從業人員。其既包含實用型文章,也包含研究型文章
IEEE Access採用的是技術相關度和準確度、而非科學理論重要性這一接納標準,將為新作者提供一個出版中心,並將任職於公司而非大學的眾多電氣、電子和電腦工程師讀者緊密地聯繫在一起 馬里蘭大學高級生命週期工程研究中心創始人兼主任Michael Pecht博士為該期刊的現任主編

20 電子投稿 :E-Submission

21 註冊帳號

22 評審流程 Review Process e.g. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine

23 同行評審 Does it address a new and important problem?
Is the material original? Are the methods and rationale valid? Do the conclusions make sense? Is it clearly written? Do the illustrations, tables, and charts support the text? Are the references current and relevant to the subject? Is the content appropriate, in scope and level, for the journal?

24 稿件被退 Not in the proper format. These are not rejected, but they cause delay for the author Not within the scope of the journal Does not have sufficient technical content Source: George E. Ponchak, Editor, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques

25 稿件被拒 Paper is very similar to another paper by the authors that was not referenced. Idea not novel or it is an obvious, incremental variation over prior art. Results are not state of the art. Unsupported claims made in the paper. Method or circuit are not fully explained. Measured results not presented. Poor grammar or use of English. Source: George E. Ponchak, Editor, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques

26 Journals, Transactions, Magazines
IEEE會議 160 Journals, Transactions, Magazines 1,200 Conferences

27 Conferences Call For Papers

28 2013 Conferences in Taiwan

29 Call for Papers Ads

30 Browse Past Conferences

31 Browse Past Conferences

32 IEEE 投稿注意事項

33 強調原創性 IEEE's policy on duplicate publication states
"authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor which is under review for another refereed publication. If authors have used their own previously published work(s) as a basis for a new submission, they are required to cite the previous work(s) and very briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantively novel contributions beyond those of the previously published work(s)."

34 學術抄襲行為 Copying someone else’s entire article, or a major portion of the article (more than 50%) verbatim, without credit to the original author(s) or copying your own previously published work (see redundant Publication, below). Copying a large proportion (20-50%) of someone else’s work, or your own previous work, without credit. Copying without credit individual elements such as paragraphs, sentences, or illustrations, resulting in a significant portion (up to 20%) of an article. Uncredited paraphrasing of pages or paragraphs from another source. Credited verbatim copying of a major portion of an article without clear delineation, such as quotes or indents

35 不要一稿多投 Never submit work for review to more than one publication at the same time. Doing so risks being accepted by both publications and, consequently, multiple publications It is common in technical publishing for material to be presented at various stages of evolution. Early ideas may be published in a workshop; more developed work in conference proceedings; and the fully developed study may be published in a journal. IEEE guidelines require that authors fully cite their prior work. Authors must be able to demonstrate significant advances from prior publications.

36 投稿格式:Tools for Authors

37 Article Preparation and Submission
IEEE Taxonomy (PDF,374 KB) Reference Preparation Assistant STIX Fonts Web Site   IEEE Style Manual (PDF, 132 KB)  Refine the Use of English in Your Manuscript IEEE "Information for Authors" kit (PDF, 755 KB)  Graphics Checker Tool  Frequently Asked Questions on Submitting Graphics (PDF, 20 KB)  Titles of IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Magazines (PDF, 728 KB) Using Microsoft Products or PDFs to Submit Graphics  (PDF, 2.2 MB)

38 Template for all Transactions*
•Template and Instructions on How to Create Your Paper (DOC, 92KB) •Instructions Only (PDF, 108 KB) • WIN and MAC Bibliography File (ZIP, 208 KB) • Unix LaTeX2e Transactions Style File (TAR.GZ, 204 KB) • WIN OR MAC LaTeX2e Transactions Style File (ZIP, 348 KB) • Unix Bibliography File (TAR.GZ, 204 KB)  (except IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, IEEE Magnetics Letters, IEEE Photonics Journal and IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation )

39 重新提交以前被拒收的稿件 有時候作者被建議重新提交被拒收稿件的更新版本。
提交時請不要附給審稿人的單獨說明信件,而是把你的觀點在更新版本中陳述清楚,確保大多數人能夠理解核心內容 在提交時,作者會選擇是該文是全新稿件或是以前的拒收稿件更新版本。如果是後者,你需要提供支援檔,證明新版本如何解決以前的評審意見和建議 e.g. The IEEE Sensors Journal

40 不當行為處理 Immediate rejection of the manuscript in question
Immediate withdrawal of all other submitted manuscripts by any of the authors, submitted to any of the Society’s publications (journals, conferences, workshops), except for manuscripts that also involve innocent co-authors Prohibition against each of the authors for any new submissions, either individually, in combination with the authors of the plagiarizing manuscript, or in combination with new co-authors, to all of the Society’s publications (journals, conferences, workshops). The prohibition shall continue for one year from notice of suspension.

41 李箐 IEEE Client Services/UPP Manager

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