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Today’s Agenda 1. Measuring Value 2. IEEE Xplore Update 3. Expert Now 4. Current Library Trends Federico Pena Delegado General Paul Canning Area Manager.

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1 Today’s Agenda 1. Measuring Value 2. IEEE Xplore Update 3. Expert Now 4. Current Library Trends Federico Pena Delegado General Paul Canning Area Manager Europe Rachel Berrington Manager Client Services

2 Measuring Value of Full-text Scientific Collections Paul Canning Area Manager Europe January 2008

3 Today ’ s Discussion Overview of IEEE Publishing program Measuring Value –Academic –Corporate & Government Seeking your perspective

4 About the IEEE A not-for-profit society Celebrating 125 years in 2009 Four core areas of activity –Publishing –Conferences –Standards –Membership World’s largest technical membership association with over 370,000 members in over 160 countries More than 2100 members in Spain

5 Innovators since the beginning … Alexander Graham Bell Founding officers of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1884 Thomas A. Edison Founding member of the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1912: Guglielmo Marconi AIEE & IRE merged in 1963 to form the IEEE

6 Technology Review magazine published by MIT, Mar/April 2007 issue Spotlighting 10 technologies that can change industries, fields of research and even the way we live!

7 “ 10 Emerging Technologies 2007 ” Peer-to-Peer Video Internet Quantum-Dot Solar Power Energy Neuron Control Biotechnology Nanohealing Nanotechnology Mobile Augmented Reality Telecom Metamaterials Nanotechnology Compressive Sensing Software Personalized medical monitors Medicine Optical antennas Nanotechnology Single-cell analysis Biotechnology

8 Peer to peer video Internet By 2009, 98% of Internet traffic will be video –The Internet is about to drown in traffic With P2P there are no central servers, saving huge bandwidth Being developed by Hui Zhang, Carnegie Mellon 172 articles by Zhang in IEL since Oct 1995 19 other articles on P2P video architecture

9 Neuron control Biotechnology A genetically engineered "light switch" lets scientists turn selected parts of the brain on and off May help improve treatments for psychiatric & neurological disorders Being developed by Karl Deisseroth, Stanford 1 article by Deisseroth in IEL, 18 others by leading experts 1 st article in IEL = August 1997

10 Optical antennas Nanotechnology Developers creating high- capacity DVDs have hit the “diffraction limit” Adding nanoscale “optical antennas” to lasers can focus light onto a spot 1/20 of light’s wavelength –DVD’s could contain 3.6 terrabytes of data Developed by Kenneth Crozier & Federico Capasso, Harvard 4 articles by Crozier in IEL, 160 by Capasso 1 st article in IEL = Aug 1983

11 All 10 emerging technologies in IEEE Xplore Most published many years before MIT’s 2007 article Many papers were presented at IEEE conferences Papers in medicine, energy, nanotechnology etc, not just EE “10 Emerging Technologies 2007”

12 IEEE Xplore Usage Continues to Climb Average monthly PDF downloads: 2001 = 1.2M 2002 = 1.9M 2003 = 3.7M 2004 = 4.4M 2005 = 4.8M 2006 = 5.6M 2007 = 5.7M A 200% increase since 2002!

13 Users Access Archival Content, Too About 35% of usage is for content 1-3 years old.

14 Users Access All Content Types Conference proceedings represent about 2/3 of content database. Standards represent less than 1% of content database.

15 Universities across Europe choose IEEE online IEEE academic consortia 2006

16 IEEE Covers All Areas of Technology More than just electrical engineering & computer science Aerospace Biomedical Engineering Communications Electronics Imaging Nanotechnology Optics Power Systems Remote Sensing Secure Communications Transportation Antennas Circuits Computing Energy Information Technology Nuclear Science Power Electronics Radiology Robotics & Automation Software Wireless Over 1.7 million articles and papers!

17 New Journals Published in 2007 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems IEEE Systems Journal IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management IET Synthetic Biology IET Renewable Power Generation

18 Upcoming IEEE Journals for 2008 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing IEEE Transactions on Haptics IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering IEEE Transaction on Services Computing IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies IET Power Electronics

19 Historical Data Enriches Content IEEE digitizes journals back to volume 1, issue 1 –Added over 235,000 legacy documents to IEEE Xplore since 2003 –90,000+ legacy PDF articles loaded in 2007  Proceedings of the IEEE back to 1913  Historical content from over 60 IEEE titles from twenty participating societies –Efforts to complete the digital backfile continue IET Legacy –Electronics Letters volumes 1-23 (1965-1987)

20 17 out of Top 20 journals in Electrical Engineering 10 out of Top 10 in Telecommunications 7 out of Top 10 in Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture 9 out of Top 20 in Computer Science, Software Engineering 7 out of Top 20 in Computer Science, Information Systems # 1 in Telecommunications # 1 in Imaging Science # 1 in Automation Control # 1 in Robotics # 2 in Remote Sensing # 3 in Artificial Intelligence # 3 in Biomedical Engineering IEEE = Leader in Technology with the Top-cited Journals in the Field The ISI JCR presents “quantifiable statistical data that provides a systematic, objective way to evaluate the world’s leading journals” (Report released June 2007) ISI 2006 Journal Citation Report, by Impact Factor

21 IEEE Offers Extraordinary Value One of the best values in your digital collection Source: Library Journal, April 2007 According to Library Journal the average price of an engineering journal is $2,071 But the price of the average IEEE journal is just $630 – 70% lower than the competition

22 Leading Research Organizations Worldwide Subscribe to IEEE Top 25 Engineering Schools* 8 of Top 10 Semiconductor companies 8 of Top 10 Aerospace companies 8 of Top 10 Networking & Communication Equipment companies 6 out of Top 7 Computer companies Top 3 Telecommunications companies Top 3 Automotive companies #1 company in Computer Software Japan’s “Big Five” Electronics companies Leading Government Agencies Source: *US News & World Report **Fortune, Top 1,000 Companies Worldwide 2007

23 The Most Innovative Companies Subscribe to IEEE In the technology category, all 10 of the top 10 most innovative technology companies subscribe to IEEE Source: Business Week May 14, 2007 Business Week’s “2007 Most Innovative Companies”

24 Key Findings of New Patent Study The importance of sci-tech literature on patents is increasing and outpaces rate of new patents –# of patents up 27% over prior year –# of sci-tech references up 59% over prior year 38% of sci-tech literature citations in patents are to IEEE IEEE is highly cited in: –Computer Hardware patents –Telecommunications patents –Semiconductor patents –Information storage patents –Medical devices patents –Optics patents –Business software patents Sample U.S. patent citing IEEE information Study examines Sci-Tech references in patents for the top 25 patenting organizations in 2006 and reveals:

25 IEEE Patent References to STM Publishers IEEE cited 4x more than nearest competitor IEEE is 1st! U.S. Patent References to Top 20 Publishers Based on top 25 patenting organizations USPTO patents in 2005 - 2006 Source: 1790 Analytics 2007 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000

26 IEEE Mission IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession

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