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Hera Antoniades School of the Built Environment University of Technology Sydney INTED2013 VIRTUAL 1.

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1 Hera Antoniades School of the Built Environment University of Technology Sydney INTED2013 VIRTUAL 1

2 Examine the minimum standards of education and knowledge, which are imposed as a pre-requisite for the licensing of a Strata Manager. It is argued educational requirements during the mid 1990’s to the early 2000’s best served the needs of the consumer in comparison to these last 10 years. 2

3  FIRST STAGE ◦ Collate the historical changes since 2005 – national training packages commencement date - which are relevant to education for the property licence. ◦ Map course content for the current course against the role of the strata manager.  SECOND STAGE ◦ Randomly select 5 registered training organisations to verify if the mandated property courses were adequately delivered to the students. Data in the second stage will include course content and hours allocated for the delivery of the course. Data from stages one and two is tabulated and compared to the national training package 3

4 4 QUALIFICATIONCOURSE NUMBER NATIONAL CODE TRAINING PACKAGE NOMINAL HOURS or attendance THIS COURSE REPLACED This course has been replaced by Prior 2005DiplomaPRD012 to 3 years part time CPP07 2005 to 2009 Certificate IV In Property (Strata Management) 967490779NSWPRD012 years part time CPP07 2005 to 2009 Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations) 17685CPP40607CPP07 Property Services 570 hours19196 Property (Operations) 18366 19/6/2009 to 23/2/2012 Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations) 18366CPP40609CPP07 Property Services 590 hours17685 Property Services Operations 11168 Property Services Operations 24/2/2012 to 5/7/2012 Certificate IVCPP40609 OR CPP40611 Transitiona l 6/7/2012 to date Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations) 11168CPP40611CPP07 Property Services 590 hours18366 Property Services Operations TABLE 1: CHRONOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF LICENSING COURSE FOR STRATA MANAGERS Source: Training packages from the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council and TAFE NSW.

5 5 CPP40609 Certificate IV in property services (Operations) OR CPP40611 Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations) CPPDSM4048A or CPPDSM4048B Implement customer service strategies in the property industry All of the following: BSBREL401AEstablish networks CPPDSM4028AIdentify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industry CPPDSM4044ACoordinate maintenance and repair of properties and facilities CPPDSM4047AImplement and monitor procurement process CPPDSM4057AMonitor a safe workplace in the property industry CPPDSM4063AParticipate in developing and establishing property or facilities contracts CPPDSM4072AProvide leadership in the property industry BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity BSBRKG304BMaintain business records BSBSMB402APlan small business finances BSBSMB406AManage small business finances CPPDSM4006AEstablish and manage agency trust accounts CPPDSM4034AAssess and implement strata community management agreement CPPDSM4045AFacilitate meetings in the property industry CPPDSM4056AManage conflict and disputes in the property industry CPPDSM4074ASelect and appoint contractors in the property industry AND to complete CPPDSM3019A or CPPDSM3019B Communicate with clients as part of agency operations And complete CPPDSM3016AWork in the property industry CPPDSM3017AWork in the strata/community management sector TABLE 2: Course content Source: Property, Stock and Business Agents (Qualifications) Order 2009

6 6 RTOAdvertised attendance Equivalent Hours Nominal Hours 113 weeks at 2 days per week 156590There is a requirement to submit assessment work 210 days70590There is a requirement to submit assessment work 3unavailable590No information provided 4Distance learning only 590All distance learning is supported with a tutor on call 513 days91 hours590This RTO has a strata course TABLE 3: Actual hours v. Nominal hours Source: Web sites for RTOs accessed 20 th December 2012

7  Course content is adequate and compares favourably with the requirements and knowledge aligned to a Strata Manager.  The delivery of the educational requirements by the Registered Training Organisations is questionable. The nominated hours of 590 recommended in the training packages is not evident with the delivery hours allocated by the RTO’s.  Therefore, due to the huge discrepancy between the nominal hours and the actual hours allocated to the educational course, further research is necessary. 7

8  If the RTOs have reduced the number of hours to deliver an educational course which sits within Australia’s VET quality control framework, are there processes to monitor the academic rigour that might be compromised?  Should the government continue with national training packages and compulsory education for occupational licensing?  Are there any differences between a government RTO and a private RTO with regards to the delivery of the course and the hours actually allocated for the various subjects and the application of the RPL? 8

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