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GIG-Array® High Speed, High Density Mezzanine Connectors

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1 GIG-Array® High Speed, High Density Mezzanine Connectors
Grace S. Showers – Product Manager June 1, 2007 Notes

2 GIG-Array® Connector Features & Benefits
Optimized Design For High-Density, High-Speed Mezzanine Applications Ball Grid Array (BGA) Termination For Process Friendly Attachment 1mm X 0.65mm BGA Grid Optimizes Routing And Electrical Performance 200 and 296 Positions Stack Heights Of 15mm To 40mm

3 GIG-Array® Features & Benefits
100 Ohm Differential Pair Matched Impedance Assures Consistent High Speed Performance 10 Gb/s Differential Pair Performance Supports High Speed Data Rates Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) Of Less Than 3% Preserves Signal Integrity Dual-Beam Receptacle Provides Two Points Of Contact On The Signal Contacts Increasing Product Reliability Polarized Design Assures Proper Mating Of The Connector

4 Plug Pin Configuration The 200 Position Connector Contains 25 Columns
GIG-Array® Plug Plug Pin Configuration Columns Columns G = Ground S = Signal The 296 Position Connector Contains 37 Columns With 8 Usable Signals In A Row The 200 Position Connector Contains 25 Columns

5 The 296 Position GIG-ArrayTM Contains 37 Individual Wafers
Integrate Power With The GIG-Array® Designers Can Choose To Run 18 Amps (Derated) Through Just One Wafer Using The Other 36 Wafers For High Speed Requirements Discrete contacts offer more flexibility in handling Power or Low-Speed signals The 296 Position GIG-ArrayTM Contains 37 Individual Wafers Each Wafer Contains 9 Individual Ground Pins & 8 Individual Signal Pins

6 GIG-Array® Receptacle
Plug Signal Ground Receptacle Receptacle Narrower Receptacle Slot Openings and Center Walls to Reduce Risk of Contact Damage from Foreign Objects 2-Points Of Contact On The Signals Increase Reliability Of The End Application

7 GIG-Array® Offering 200 & 296 Positions

8 Mezzanine Applications

9 Servers & Storage (1U & 3U Rack Server)
PCI Express Card Edge Riser LGA 775 Sockets EyeMax® or Densi-Shield I/O™ Link 4X SATA/SAS Plugs & Receptacles HDD PCIe CARD FAN RACK CPU MEMORY HDD CPU DDR1, DDR2 or FBD Sockets HDD POWER SUPPLY HDD POWER SUPPLY MEG-Array®, GIG-Array®, or BergStak® Board Stacking Systems PwrBlade® Power Distribution System or Power Card Edge Vertical SATA or SAS Receptacles

10 Servers & Storage (Blade Server)
Blade Server Board GIG-Array®  Server Blade Blade Center Chassis

11 Switching & Transmission
Switches Routers

12 BGA Technology

13 Advantages of BGA Technology
Lower application cost then Press Fit terminations Applied to PCB by standard re-flow soldering processes Excellent SI performance Simplified board routing Eliminates press-fit constraints on via Can mount on PCB opposite other surface-mount components BGA BGA SMT PTH Press Fit

14 FCI’s Ball Grid Array Design (BGA)
FCI’s Patented Design Alternative Designs Perfect “Ball True Position” in the X, Y, and Z direction Solid Pin-to-Ball connection No ‘guidance’ for ball position in X and Y direction Doubtful Pin-to-Ball connection

15 Self-Centering in X and Y Directions
Surface Tension Promotes Self-Centering Of The Connector During Re-flow With A Placement Of Only 50% Of The Solder Sphere On The Pad Compensates For Placement Error 0.030” Diameter Solder Sphere A B C D E F G.

16 Self-Leveling in Z Direction
Solder Spheres Collapse Upon Reflow For Vertical Self-Leveling Compensates For Warpage Or Mis-match Cross section prior to soldering Cross section after soldering

17 FCI’s BGA Reliability GIG-Array® Connectors Utilize The Exact Same BGA Sphere, Design, And Process As MEG-Array Connectors FCI 100% Verifies BGA Coplanarity Of Every GIG-Array Connector Solder Joint Reliability – FCI’s BGA Solder Joint Reliability On The GIG-Array Product In Accordance With IPC-SM-785 GIG-Array Connectors Passed 6000 Thermal Cycles 0 C to +100 C per IPC-SM-785

18 System Advantages In-Process Inspection & Quality Controls
Vision Systems Verification Of Terminal And BGA Presence RVSI 100% Laser Inspection – Coplanarity Acuity Verification Of Terminal Placement

19 Signal Integrity Testing

20 Test PCB “Stack-Up” PCB Boards Vias (Rogers 4003)
Semi-Rigid Pad Attach Pad Vias Connector System Strip-line PCB Trace .062” Typical Semi-Rigid Pad Attach Pad PCB Boards (Rogers 4003)

21 Measurement PCB Configuration
Columns G = Ground Q = Quiet S = Signal

22 GIG-Array® High-Speed Performance
Notes: * Denotes fully-shielded differential pairs. 79 differential pairs per linear inch can be attained if the differential pairs are continuous ** The acceptance criteria for Eye Patterns are a mask height of 25% and a mask width of 40%. ***Denotes Bandwidth. Frequency at which Insertion Loss reaches 3 dB. Rise time ( Tr ) is specified from 10% to 90% of the signal amplitude.

23 GIG-Array® 10Gb/s Eye Patterns
25 mm GIG-Array Differential Eye Pattern 10 Gb/s Reference Eye Pattern 20 mm GIG-Array Differential Eye Pattern Mask Amplitude Was 25% (200 mVp-p) Of The Input Signal And The Mask Width Was Set To 40% (40 ps) Of The Input Signal.

24 Summary Proven Patented BGA Design
Provides 10Gb/s Electrical Performance Proven Patented BGA Design FCI Is Recognized As The BGA Expert… Shipping over 10 Billion BGA Contacts Connectors Provide 2-Points Of Contact for Reliability Demonstrated > 22 Years Life (IPC-SM-785) Solder Joint Reliability FCI Worked With Solectron & Universal In Developing The GIG-Array Application Specification Assuring Stable Process Capability During Product Application Certified Second Source (Tyco) Intermateable and Interchangeable

25 All Of The Above Information Is Located At:
Product Support Datasheet Application Specification GS Product Specification GS High-Speed Performance Data Sample Kit SPICE Files – Web Site Drawings – Web Site 3D Models (ProE & IGES) – Web Site All Of The Above Information Is Located At:

26 Thank You Notes

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