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“Silk Homes” 2006 - 2008. Funded by:Implemented by: MAE/DGCS.

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1 “Silk Homes” 2006 - 2008

2 Funded by:Implemented by: MAE/DGCS

3 “Silk Homes” Multi-function centres for information, education and safe delivery for pregnant women from remote areas of Laos

4 Grant: Euro 2.000.000 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE/DGCS) Duration: 28 months (Jun 2006 - Oct 2008) End of activities: October 2008 – closing of the Office Location: 17 districts of the Provinces of Saravan, Sekong and Attapeu, located in the South of Lao PDR

5 Saravan Province Saravan Laongam Vapy Lakhonepheng Khonsedone Toumlan Taoy Samuoy Attapeu Province Samakkhixay Sanamxay Sanxay Phouvong Saysettha Sekong Province Lamam Thateng Kaleum Dakchung

6 The main objectives of the Project : to build one Maternity Waiting Home (“Silk Home”) in each of the 17 districts, within the hospital premises to provide medical training courses to the health personnel of the target Provinces of Saravan, Sekong and Attapeu to provide handicraft training courses to the local communities of the target Provinces

7 Silk Home within the district hospital premises District HospitalSilk Home

8 The main results of the Project: 17 fully functioning “Silk Homes” in the target districts 17 “Silk Homes” and a delivery room in the nearby district hospitals, provided with the required medical equipment

9 Health personnel trained at Provincial and District Hospitals Published educational leaflets and operational manuals, delivered to these health personnel in each Silk Home Educational courses provided to pregnant women in each Silk Home by these trained staff

10 Handicraft activities implemented: construction of 14 workshops training courses for women on:  silk and cotton weaving  natural dying  tailoring  embroidery  mulberry paper production

11 Silk Home and Hospital delivery room

12 Training courses for health personnel and pregnant women

13 Handicraft Activities


15 International Management Group Vladimira Popovica 6 11070 Belgrade Serbia Phone + 381 11 311 87 82 Fax + 381 11 311 87 81

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