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This unit focuses on images of Jesus in relation to – selected Christian art, media and prayers; images in one selected Gospel, and the significance of.

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1 This unit focuses on images of Jesus in relation to – selected Christian art, media and prayers; images in one selected Gospel, and the significance of personal images of Jesus. It brings Jesus to life exploring Christology from a uniquely human perspective. ‘Once when Jesus was praying alone, with only the disciples near him, he asked them, “ Who do the crowds say that I am? “ They answered “ John the Baptist; but others Elijah; and still others that one of the ancient prophets has arisen.” He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered, “The Messiah of God” (Luke 9:18-20) Images of Jesus

2 This image shows Jesus for his love of all living things and how he is a shepherd for all living kind.

3 As Jesus wears the thorn crown it makes us aware of the huge sacrifice he made for us and as he stares blankly it shows Jesus calm self.

4 This image is an interpretation of Jesus’ crucifixion and shows the pain and suffering of not only Jesus but the people around him including his mother Mary and a few of his disciples

5 This image is a painting of the new born Jesus with his mother Mary and it represents a new time and new hope for the Jewish community of the time. It also shows what little Mary and Joseph had to give to Jesus because he was born in a stable with animals.

6 This image demonstrates how caring and considerate Jesus is and shows the healing and nurturing side of Jesus because no matter who or what came to him he would help and care for them no matter what situation they were in (including theft and murder).

7 This image shows Jesus praying and is a good demonstration of how devoted to god and educating others about God he really was and it also shows how willing he was to prayer and even though he knew many stories from God he did not know them all so he learnt all he could.

8 So many people love Jesus Jesus is a loving man Everybody is treated equally by Jesus Some people don’t believe in Jesus Understanding

9 Jesus Christ died for me and Every day we remember the Sacrifice he made for Us, because he is our Saviour. Crying for those who Haven’t had privileges, he Rose from the tomb In Nazareth, to Show every one, The power of God. Listening to prayers, he Offers his guidance and Values to help Everyone live Devoted Christian lives. All of us can Listen and Learn from Jesus Christ.

10 Exodus – Marc Chagall This artwork shows the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus is shown at the head of the picture, a sign of his leadership. Followers surround Jesus as he is crucified on the cross. They stand together united in the time of sadness and sorrow.

11 Titian - Madonna with the child and Maria Magdalene Jesus can be seen staring off into the distance as a sign of his curiosity. He is pensive as his mother, Mary and Mary Magdalene care for him. He is already showing his abilities as a young child.

12 Deposition - Jacopo Pontormo Jesus has many followers and carers in his time of need. He is being supported after his crucifixion. Little do his followers know, Jesus will rise from the dead. Jesus quite obviously who had followers who cared for him no matter what as a result of the trust he had build up with them.

13 Jesus is depicted here in a red outfit. His dress shows Jesus as what I believe is meant to be a King. This is depicting the story of “The Miraculous Catch of Fish ( John 21:1-14)”. Jesus asked the fishermen to believe in him. Miraculous Draughts of Fishes – Konrad Witz


15 In this image, Jesus is displayed as huge, monstrous, and muscly God-like figure. It displays all the power of god inside him, and makes people respect him and stand in awe before him. This image also shows that Jesus could have saved himself if he chose to, but he didn’t because he needed to redeem the sins of man.

16 In this image, Jesus is shown in the vulnerable time before his torture and crucifixion in the garden of Gethsemane. It shows Jesus as much more human than in the last image, it shows his suffering, and God coming down in the form of an angel to offer comfort to the suffering ahead.

17 This image shows Jesus, dead on the cross, and people around him weeping and collapsing. The sky is dark showing the power and anger of God. This shows Jesus right after he died, and the sky is black because God is angry that such extreme measures were necessary to release the sins of humans on earth.

18 Truth John 18:37

19 18 Pilate asked him, ‘so you are a king?’ Jesus answered, ‘you say that I'm a king. For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.



22 Images of Jesus Poem Jesus sat pondering in his thoughts as the warm sun slowly climbed higher in the sky he felt his heart warm and he knew that he was at peace with the earth. The grass danced in the cool morning breeze Jesus was thinking about all of the people he loved and a tear sprung to his eye as he broke his gaze a single tear rolled down his face The artist who produced this work, in my opinion was trying to capture Jesus alone thinking time where he observed the beautiful earth god had created. The light warm colours create a sense of happiness peacefulness and godliness.

23 This image of Jesus is very bold and strong. It shows the pain and desperation that Jesus felt during his long journey carrying the heavy cross. The blood on his face and hands is symbolic of his wounds and suffering. The cross he was forced to carry represents the world which Jesus carried upon his shoulders

24 The Shroud of Turin is meant to have a picture of Jesus within it. Most details of Jesus are there like his eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc. SHROUD OF TURIN

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