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Responsive Communications for the Mobile Worker Making Wireless as Good as Wired Micky Tsui, Vice President & General Manager, Converged Systems Division.

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1 Responsive Communications for the Mobile Worker Making Wireless as Good as Wired Micky Tsui, Vice President & General Manager, Converged Systems Division Mack Leathurby, Marketing Director, Technical Alliances Leigh Chinitz, Chief Technology Advisor, Proxim Bob Duerr, Director of Marketing, Motorola (On NDA Until Announcement) July 2004

2 Agenda Making Wireless as Good as Wired
Delivering on the Avaya/Motorola/Proxim promise Update of Avaya mobility/wireless strategy Providing end-to-end VoWLAN services

3 What’s New Enabling Seamless Mobile Communications
Delivering on the Avaya/Motorola/Proxim promise Introducing Avaya W310 WLAN Gateway, W110 WLAN Access Point: Seamless mobile communications solution campus-wide today and out of building cellular support later this year Announcing Avaya as exclusive re-seller of the jointly-developed W310/W110 solution Supporting the Motorola CN620 dual-network mobile office device: Avaya will resell the Motorola dual-network device at the time of general availability Extending communications applications to mobile workers: Avaya Communication Manager, UCC, Extension to Cellular, SIP with IM/Presence Making wireless as good as wire-line: Security, high quality voice and video, reliability, rich business functionality

4 What’s New Strategy and Services Update
Collaboration expands deployment choices Speeding mobile IP technology adoption Initiating joint development, technology licensing, interoperability testing Interoperability through industry standards, open specifications Promoting secure, open, seamless mobile IP communications Avaya Global Services - systems integration for mobility Supporting secure mobile voice and WLAN access Enabling one-stop shopping for full VoWLAN implementation

5 Avaya Provides What Customers Need: Simpler, More Powerful, More Reliable Mobility
End users need Always available communications: reach the right person, anywhere, with clear undropped conversations Powerful communications: oversee teleconferences, listen to , utilize speech access for communication sessions and information tasks Mobility: access feature-rich communications apps anywhere on any network Businesses need Security and reliability: with transparent IT support Productivity: worker, partner, customer collaboration Cost efficiency, investment protection: usage and admin savings + migration Customer satisfaction and loyalty: responsiveness

6 Avaya Mobility Strategy
Extend communications applications anywhere on any network Wireless as good as wired Seamless access to productivity-enhancing apps: Avaya Communication Manager, Unified Communication, Extension to Cellular, SIP-IM Presence Seamlessly integrate wire-line + wireless: in-building, on-campus, off-site Deliver secure, convergence-ready infrastructure and voice-optimized networks Develop personal workspace, “smart devices,” intelligent user agents Provide services to help customers install, maintain, ensure security Collaborate with “best of breed” mobility developers Avaya expertise in convergence, applications, appliances Third-party expertise in infrastructure, access devices, vertical solutions Support interoperability via standards and open specifications Provide investment protection and lower cost of ownership Enable compliance relationships that expand deployment choices

7 Avaya Offers Choice for the End User
Dual-network 802.11/Cellular Mobile Office Device Outside Building Cellular Off-Premises Extension IP Softphone for Windows client Location IP Softphone for PDA client IP Wireless handset Inside Building Nomadic Truly Mobile Mobility Nomadic vs. Mobile Islands of connectivity vs. continuous roaming Inside Building vs. Outside Building Typically vs. Cellular Avaya has solutions for both Dual-network mobile office device has widest applicability

8 Motorola Mobile Office Device
Avaya Mobility Solutions Enabling Feature-Rich Communications Applications for Mobile Workers Outside the Building Inside the Building Avaya Communication Manager running on Avaya Media Server/Media Gateway PSTN UCC Servers with Speech Access Modular Messaging with Find Me Cellular Network Wired Network Infrastructure IP Phone W310 WLAN Gateway New voice- optimized WLAN supports equivalent of wire-line voice quality Dual-network Motorola Mobile Office Device (2H 04) W110 WLAN Access Points Avaya Extension to Cellular Avaya Speech Access to UCC IP Softphone for Pocket PC WiFi Devices IP Softphone Motorola Wireless Services Manager

9 Optimizing Wireless Communications Introducing Avaya W310 Gateway, W110 Access Point
Brings enterprise-quality converged wire-line to wireless IP Extends Avaya productivity communications applications anywhere Ensures voice quality, undropped calls Architecture centralizes access point intelligence Simplifies secure management and maintenance Simplifies IT support – configure and update switch, not APs Plug and play light access points Provides scalability, simplifies deployment Solution offers lower total cost of ownership Seamless roaming for VoWLAN and cellular Within building or on campus today; same device inside and out 2H04 Secure fast roaming for APs, Subnets, WLAN/Cell Avaya and Proxim AP customers can upgrade to “W110 mode” Take advantage of voice-optimization from W310

10 Avaya W310 WLAN Gateway, W110 WLAN Access Point
Architecture centralizes access point intelligence Secure fast roaming for APs, Subnets, WLAN/Cell Security features: WPA, rogue AP detection, location-based access, i (future) QoS: SVP, WME-based, CAC, e (future), 802.1P/Q, DiffServ, intelligent load balancing 16 port 802.3af Power over Ethernet-enabled switch (supporting 16 W110s) w/2 One gig uplinks R1.0 customers can migrate to R1.1 (for /Cellular Roaming Support) via free firmware Simple to manage and deploy large WLAN deployments via centralized management US List Price: $8995 W110 WLAN Access Point Plug and play light access points provide scalability, simplify deployment 802.11a/b/g single radio device Uses PoE from W310 Remote W110 management/control Supports 16 SSiDs (Service Set IDs) per W110 Supports 8 calls per b W110 Supports 20 calls per a or g W110 Existing Avaya and Proxim AP customers can upgrade to “W110 Mode” to take advantage of voice-optimization from W310 US List Price: $495 Highly scalable architecture simplifies large-scale deployments and additions

11 Avaya W110 WLAN Access Points
Voice-Optimized WLAN First Product of Avaya-Motorola-Proxim Relationship Inter-switch tunneling for subnet mobility provides seamless on campus mobility Existing Wired Infrastructure Infrastructure-driven roaming with pre i security for secure fast roaming between Access Points I.D. I.D. Avaya W310 WLAN Gateway Call Admission Control for Quality of Service enables network to determine how many calls to admit Avaya W110 WLAN Access Points Packet prioritization, bandwidth management for Quality of Service supports wireless voice optimization comparable to wire-line voice Pre e power management for long battery life extends mobility access time and provides power savings for practical mobility usage P2 P3 P1 Wireless services management supports handoffs between WiFi and Cellular networks

12 Working with Motorola CN620 Dual-Network Mobile Office Device GA 2H 2004
Provides consistent interface to enterprise telephony features inside and outside Supports seamless handoff between cellular and WLAN networks Designed as a Business Phone Dedicated buttons for key enterprise features Speakerphone Replaces existing cell phone, replaces or complements desk phone Enterprise Class Voice Features Multiple call appearances Conference, hold Call coverage

13 Avaya Mobility Roadmap
2004 2005 Client Devices and Software Soft clients for Windows; Windows for Pocket PC (today) 2nd generation handsets (today) Extension to Cellular – Communications Manager features extended to cellular (today) Dual-network /cellular devices (2H04) WLAN Infrastructure 1st release of W310/W110 voice-optimized WLAN infrastructure (today) – supports embedded base- existing b standard and 3616/3626 handsets (today) Multi-vendor interoperability testing 2nd release of W310/W110 voice-optimized WLAN infrastructure adds seamless mobility for cellular/WLAN Client Devices and Software Soft clients for additional mobile OSs SIP-based soft clients 3rd generation, standards-based handsets with improved UI, APIs Additional multi-network /cellular devices Additional Communications Manager features extended to cellular users WLAN Infrastructure Multi-vendor AP support Joint development and technology licensing Remote AP support Under NDA until announcements

14 Expanded Collaboration
Joint Development with Global Strategic Alliances Motorola, Proxim, Extreme today (others to follow) Wide choice of end-user devices, communication system components Future technology licensing Enabling seamless user experience - multi-vendor infrastructures, devices New Avaya DevConnect VoWLAN Interoperability Program Interoperability with Aruba, Extreme, Meru, Trapeze (others to follow) Open to mobility application & WLAN vendors Customer value: assured solution interoperability, configuration notes

15 Promoting Industry Standards, Open Specifications Enabling Interoperable, Seamless Mobile IP Communications Supporting industry standards for systems and applications Protecting customer investment and providing choice Extending SIP-based IP telephony-presence to mobile users Participating in IEEE task forces, open specification initiatives Leading IETF CAPWAP (Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) Supporting WPA (WiFi Protected Access), precursor development for i Supporting WME (Wireless Multimedia Extension) packet prioritization and CAC (Call Admission Control) protocols as precursors to e adoption Encouraging industry participation in seamless mobility specifications

16 Complete Solutions for Mobile Security
Planning for security, business continuity – Avaya Global Services Security assessment and policy development Design and planning Application-level security – Avaya MultiVantage applications Avaya Communication Manager media encryption (AEA - Avaya Encryption Algorithm or AES - Advanced Encryption Standard) for IP Softphone versions End-to-end signaling encryption – multi-network handsets Protection beyond peer-to-peer IP media streams Infrastructure-level security – Avaya and partnership development WPA support for user authentication and over-the-air encryption Location-based access control and VPN support (future) Rogue access point detection Supplemental services (e.g., intrusion detection) available from partners

17 New Services for Mobility and Wireless From Avaya Global Services
Avaya Multi-Vendor Wireless LAN Implementation and Maintenance Services Avaya Wireless LAN Design Services Avaya Wireless LAN Assessment Services Plan and design Assessments: IP readiness, security and continuity Business consulting, professional services Build and implement Staging, implementation, project management From the ground up or adding capabilities to an existing WLAN Maintain and manage 8/5 or 24/7 responsiveness and problem resolution Web-enabled support, remote diagnostics and Avaya applications Comprehensive support Single point of contact and accountability Consultants and technicians average years of technical/network experience (voice, data, messaging, convergence, multi-vendor) Multi-vendor wireless services Supporting Avaya, Proxim and Aruba, Cisco, Extreme, Nortel, Symbol (Nov 2004) Testing additional vendors and products

18 Customer Example: SCANA Energy Company with Mobile Workers
Customer Need Wireless security with authentication Efficient, easy to manage mobile communications systems Low cost: VoIP vs. cellular access Seamless mobility between networks Solution Description Avaya W310/110 WLAN solution for use with WiFi devices Motorola dual-network device (future) Business Environment SCANA has mobile workers in the field continually traveling throughout corporate branch offices or moving in and out of various power plants. SCANA requires mobility to access voic , and other feature-rich IP communication capabilities that provide mobile workers with the functionality found in the PBX systems at their headquarters. “Avaya enabled us to introduce VoWLAN solutions that help our employees make faster decisions and be more productive,” said Tim Ritter, communications manager for the Scana Corporation.

19 Summary: Responsive Communications For The Mobile Worker
Announced today: First steps on path to seamless mobility Wireless as good as wired Communications applications anywhere on any network Non-proprietary, standards-based approach Supporting mobility adoption with end-to-end services

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