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WI League 2014 1. 2 Original formed as WIN Cycling in 2013 Wisconsin High School Cycling League (WI League) is a statewide organization operating in affiliation.

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1 WI League 2014 1

2 2 Original formed as WIN Cycling in 2013 Wisconsin High School Cycling League (WI League) is a statewide organization operating in affiliation with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Official Wisconsin League site is As an Affiliate League of NICA, the Wisconsin League will have similar web sites, standards, fees, etc. Build around a race series, the WI League is committed and focused primarily on youth development and opportunities WISCONSIN HIGH SCHOOL CYCLING LEAGUE

3 NICA (NATIONAL INTERSCHOLASTIC CYCLING ASSOCCIATION 3 NICA is based in Berkeley, CA Core principles: Inclusivity, Equality, Strong Body, Strong Mind & Strong Character NICA has leagues in CA, CO, TX, UT, MN, AZ, NY, TN, and now Wisconsin New leagues in progress for 2014 include GA along with two other states that will be announced in April NICA’s vision to be nationwide by 2020 WI League 2014

4 4 NorCal was first mtb league, established by Berkeley High School Math teacher in 2000 SoCal launched 2008 based on success of NorCal 2009 – NICA formally established as a nonprofit to guide new league development Don Edberg and Kathy Mock have stepped up to co-direct the WI League Wisconsin is a “Affiliate League” of NICA MORE ON NICA

5 5 NICA provides tents, banners, table covers, flags All materials professionally done with league and NICA logos Award podium banners, finish and start line banners also provided “This is really impressive! The program is well run and looks better than national races I’ve attended. This is going to grow like crazy.” High School Administrator, District 196 WI League 2014 NICA PROVIDES GREAT GRAPHICS



8 WI League 2014 8 More than 50 high schools in CA have mountain bike racing programs (40 new teams in 2013) More student athletes racing mountain bikes in Marin County than play football 25% of the student athletes racing are girls 95% of student athletes report health and fitness benefits from participation in NICA 67% of students bring fathers into mountain biking 37% bring mothers in NICA’S INFLUENCE ON YOUTH

9 9 Season Snapshot Leaders’ Summit July Rider Camp 150-200 student/athletes 15-20 teams 4 race schedule Awards Banquet WI League 2014 WI LEAGUE’S INAUGURAL SEASON OUTLOOK

10 WI League 2014 A WORD ABOUT OUR STUDENT ATHLETES 10 Typically not ball and stick participants If past team experience, generally not positive Kids “adrift” find the league to be social and a place to build self-esteem “I can’t tell you how happy we are with this league. We’ve tried so many things with our son that never fit. He loves this and now rides his bike every day. He can’t wait for the races. We bought mountain bikes, too!” Mother of a Prior Lake racer

11 11 WI League 2014

12 12 WI League 2014

13 TESTIMONIALS 13 My primary motivation to begin coaching high school mountain biking was to create an opportunity that was not available while I was in school. I believe now, more than ever, that the WI League will aid in this goal along with fostering the many added benefits of team building. - John Brown, coach SPASH Mountain Biking

14 WISCONSIN LEAGUE TIMELINE 14 Leaders Summit – April 26 & 27 Teams Form – Spring Preseason Activities – April-June Camps – Summer 2014 Official Practice Begins – July 1 Racing Schedule: Race 1 August 31 Race 2 September 21 Race 3 October 5 Race 4 October 19 Awards Banquet in November WI League 2014

15 TYPICAL RACE WEEKEND SNAPSHOT 15 Saturday: - Course set up 7 am to Noon - Pre-ride 1 to 4 pm - Camping available on site or nearby Sunday: - Teams set up in Pit Zone - Racing starts at 10:00 am - Girls Varsity, Junior Varsity, Sophomore, Freshmen - Boys Varsity, Junior Varsity, Sophomore, Freshmen - Awards around 3 pm WI League 2014


17 17 Courses are between 4 and 6-mile loops, mostly singletrack, with passing zones Climbing 400/600 ft. per lap Courses routed to provide visibility for coaches and parents WI League 2014 RACE FORMAT

18 18 Other Features: Uphill starts/finish spread racers out intentionally Fenced through start/finish, feed zone, pit area Feed Zones clearly marked Onsite WiFi allows parents to check lap times Will move to chip timing as league grows WI League 2014 RACE FORMAT, CONT.

19 19 Race lengths: Freshmen/Sophomores – generally 2 laps (45-60 minutes) Junior Varsity – 3 laps (70-90 minutes) Varsity – 4-5 laps (90-120 minutes) Racers register depending on school class Must petition to race Varsity class Venues scheduled in progressive manner ( opening races are flatter with fewer technical challenges). The Season Finale will have the most climbing and more technical elements. WI League 2014 RACE FORMAT, CONT.

20 20 WI League 2014

21 TEAMS AND SCORING 21 Students can race: As independents As part of a high school team On Composite team from several schools Teams with girls score more points Team score is top five finishers with at least one of opposite gender (a team without at least one boy or one girl finisher will score the top four) Finishes are weighted by class (a first place in varsity scores higher than a first place in Freshman) Two categories of awards at each race: Individuals (5 deep per class) Team scoring (3 deep)

22 WI League 2014 WI LEAGUE JERSEY POLICY 22 The Wisconsin League policy is to not allow company or manufacturer logos on racing jerseys, jerseys worn in races can only have school name or mascot (small manufacturer logo ok) WI League team jersey may include league and NICA logo All team members must wear the same jersey and/or t-shirt during competition Independents must wear a plain jersey without team affiliation or sponsors Leader’s jersey are provided by NICA and national sponsor Primal and will carry logos from NICA’s national sponsors

23 MN League 2013 23

24 24 NICA has a licensing program for coaches - Head Coach - Assistant Coach - Team Director - Ride Leader - General Volunteer Minimum requirement of any adult/parent working with the team is a background check available on WI League 2014 COACHES

25 25 Majority of license requirements for coaches can be met at two-day Leader’s Summit Focus on coaching youth, working with girls, risk mitigation, on-the-bike skills Head and Assistant Coaches also need Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification Coaches have two years to secure license requirements WI League 2014 COACHING, CONT.

26 26 Student Athletes: $50 to join the WI League (provides insurance) $35-40 per race (scholarships available) Coaches: $25 fee to join the WI League Team Registration: $150 for teams up to 26 members, $10 for each additional member (per insurance policy) WI League 2014 QUICK LOOK AT FEES

27 27 Composite Teams: Glacial Drumlin, Baraboo, Central Wisconsin, De Pere, Lake Geneva, Shorewood, Wausau, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Hayward, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Madison, Sun Prairie High School Teams: Stevens Point, Hortonville, Appleton North, West Bend WI League 2014 WI LEAGUE TEAMS IN PROGESS FOR 2014

28 28 Opportunities to help: 1. As a parent of a student athlete who wants to race on a team 2. As a member of the Race Crew (volunteers) 3. Become part of the Core Staff for the WI League WI League 2014 WAYS TO HELP WITH THE WI LEAGUE

29 29 Help students form a team at the high school Team starter kit materials on web site Help by becoming a Team Director Help register racers, pay fees, track results (Pit Zone) On race day, help with team logistics at event Help by becoming a General Volunteer, Ride Leader, Team Director, Assistant Coach, or Head Coach for a team Attend Leaders Summit and start working toward certification Register with NICA Pit Zone Minimum requirement is passing a background check Coaches have two years to achieve full certification WI League 2014 1. HELPING AS A PARENT FOR A TEAM

30 30 Students talk to school administrators and receive ok to form “mtb club team” WI League has School Admin presentation to help Parents help students organize an informational meeting (flyers available) Helps if meeting can occur at a high school or bike shop Hold first general meeting Get names, addresses, email, etc. to start communication flow Second meeting can outline costs, schedules, identify coaches, etc. WI League 2014 HELPING STUDENTS START A TEAM

31 31 TDs maintain teams presence in Pit Zone Pit Zone is the WI League’s online database system Team Directors input team and coach information TDs also help individual students register for races and pay league fees through Pit Zone NICA hosts webinars for Pit Zone procedures WI League 2014 BECOMING A TEAM DIRECTOR

32 2. HELPING AS A RACE CREW MEMBER 32 Race Crew made up of 50 to 60 volunteers who help run the races Variety of tasks (3 or 4 hours each) Can sign up in advance for specific tasks and specific times at Tasks include race course set up, course marshals, crowd control, starting and finishing line support, apparel sales, etc. Race crew volunteers get food/drink/t-shirt Tasks on both Saturdays and Sundays WI League 2014

33 MN League 2013 33

34 3. HELPING AS WI LEAGUE CORE STAFF 34 We are looking for individuals to help with and take up the duties of the following positions. We need a commitment for all of the races over the next two years. Core Staff positions for WI League: Race DirectorDon Edberg Operations ManagerWe need someone to fill this position Chief Course SetterWe need someone to fill this position Chief Course MarshalWe need someone to fill this position Registration ChiefWe need someone to fill this position Race PhotographerDave Reich Chief RefereeWe need someone to fill this position Timing and Scoring ChiefLeigh Smith Volunteer CoordinatorKathy Mock Communications DirectorSarah Lukas Pit BossVolunteer Needed WI League 2014

35 CORE STAFF, CONT. 35 Core Staff a significant commitment Requires most of Saturday and all day Sunday NICA provides guidelines and training for Core Staff positions Dependent upon WI League resources, some compensation available for Core Staff Mileage expenses Hotels, meals Modest stipend

36 36 At Erik's, we think the NICA leagues are an awesome investment in the future of mountain biking. Not only is it a great sport for these high school students, but we see entire families getting into the sport due to their kids involvement. It's a great combination! Erik Saltvold, Owner and Founder, Erik’s Bikes and Boards WI League 2014 TESTIMONIALS

37 WI League 2014 LEAGUE NEEDS SPONSORS AND DONORS 37 Sponsorships provide cash and product to support league Donors provide cash or in-kind contributions Contributions to WI League are tax-deductible Let Kathy or Don know if corporate sponsors might be interested

38 38 Jersey policy prohibits manufacturers or company logos on racing apparel Teams still need support from sponsors Logo exposure available on banners and tents in team tent area, on t- shirts worn around community/school, on newsletters or team jackets, sweatshirts, etc. WI League 2014 WI LEAGUE TEAMS NEED SPONSORS

39 39 1.Host a second meeting to see who’s interested - student athletes who’d like to race (find the girls!) - parents or adults who’d like to help 2.Parents interested in becoming a Ride Leader, Team Director, Assistant Coach, or Head Coach should attend Leaders Summit April 26/27 3.Find potential team sponsors WI League 2014 ACTION STEPS

40 WI League 2014 ACTION STEPS, CONT. 40 Look for posting of WI League Try-It-Out low-cost ($3 insurance fee) fun rides, bikes and helmets provided for interested students to participate in an easy first ride (May, June and July) Important for new racers to experience mtb racing in WORS to recruit other students before school starts in September, WORS has nine Learn to Race Clinics and Races before the first WI League race for new racers to gain experience Watch for Summer Camp announcements

41 41 1.Can I letter? 2.Do I have to quit my Fall sport? 3.Isn’t it expensive? 4.What if I don’t have a bike? 5.Is it dangerous? WI League 2014 FAQS

42 42 Please check our web site for more Advocate map – shows interested people in your area Resources for starting a team League Information & Events listed on web site Call or email Founding Co-Directors Kathy Mock or Don Edberg with questions 988-7498 (715) 498-9677 WI League 2014 THANKS!

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