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Tom Cruise Tiger Woods Sandra Bullock Robert Pattinson.

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2 Tom Cruise Tiger Woods

3 Sandra Bullock Robert Pattinson

4 Prince Harry Miley Cyrus

5 Michael Phelps Christina Aguilera

6 Pierce Brosnan Bill Clinton



9 throwing objects threatening locking in or out of a space stealing damaging possessions spitting kicking pinching pushing beating … Bullying happens when someone REPEATEDLY HURTS or SCARES another person ON PURPOSE and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself.


11 Racial Indirect Emotional Direct Sexual … Cyber Cyber bullying

12 Cyber bullying Cyber bullying


14 Kelly Yeomans was 13 years old when she died, on September 29, 1997. Until that day, Kelly lived in the working-class Allenton neighborhood of Derby, 130 miles northwest of London, England. For three years Kelly suffered ridicule and torment from classmates who threw salt in her school lunch and threw her clothes into the garbage. If that weren't enough, one night about a week before she had all she could take, the bullies gathered outside her parents home and threw stones at the house. Then to add insult to injury they slammed the house with eggs and butter, calling her names such as fatty and smelly. Kelly was described as "a bubbly, charming little angel who would do anything for anybody", a "chubby, sweet-faced 13-year old".

15 She was regularly teased about her weight and always left her gym class after everyone else in an attempt to avoid being seen by her classmates in her gym clothes. For several consecutive nights, neighbors noted a gang of about 15 young people attacking Kelly's house throwing food through the windows and shouting words of abuse. Finally, Kelly told her parents that she had stood all she could and planned to take an overdose and end it all. Although they knew she was very depressed, they didn't think she would really do it. As her parents slept on September 29, 1997, Kelly followed through as promised. Her tormentors had won, she took a fatal dose of painkillers and her suicide-attempt was a success, and her bullies had succeeded as well. Abridged and adapted from

16 low self-esteem sleep difficulties fear nightmares stress

17 headaches stomach aches tension panic isolation

18 school failure lack of concentration suicide / bullycide suicide / bullycide self mutilation

19 Encourage a positive attitude … attitude … Respect … Listen … Accept … Share … Communicate … Love … Have compassion …



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