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My own star. Written By ………. Dedicated to my brother Jack…

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1 My own star. Written By ………


3 Dedicated to my brother Jack…

4 Once upon a time there was a little girl named Teris. She had cute blonde hair that was modelled into a short bob. Teris was 5 and a half. Every night Teris would gaze out her window, at the glowing stars high in the shining night sky.


6 Meow (:

7 That night Teris went into the basement to get some rope. Then she went back up to her bedroom and looked out of her window. “There is plenty of stars tonight aren’t there Tippee. “Meow” Tippee replied.


9 As hard as Teris tried she just couldn’t catch one. She gave up on her dream, lay down and went to sleep.

10 While she was sleeping she dreamt of a Sparkly fairy (who’s name was Razzle) placing a small glittery star underneath her pillow. ‘How cool it would be if that happened’ Teris thought to herself.

11 The next morning she woke up to find her pillow was glowing. Teris took a small peek underneath her pillow, and there sitting in a small dent in her bed was a dazzling star.

12 “Mum, Dad. I have my own star!”They just smiled and told Teris it was gorgeous. Gorgeous!

13 Teris, holding a glowing star in her hand, went to show her cat Tippee. “Look at this Tippee!” Teris said. “Meow” replied Tippee. “I knew you would like it” said Teris. Meow (:

14 Teris placed it on a piece of thread and hung it above her bed. Teris was scared of the dark but tonight she didn’t have to sleep with any lights on.


16 As her new star hung from her baby pink ceiling, it lit up the room, making enough light to see, but just dark enough to be able to go to sleep. Teris never got rid of the star and it hung in her room for a while.

17 When she didn’t need the star anymore, she passed it down to her daughter, Miah. Miah passed it down to her daughter, Jamie. Jamie passed it down to her son, Deon and he passed it down to me.

18 Now, I have the privilege to tell you the star’s journey. The End.


20 This story is about a small girl called Teris that would love to have her own star, but her parent’s say that it can never happen. But when Teris finds something under her pillow, everything changes. This is a great story for 6 and under. Have fun reading this awesome story.

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