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This is the story of Snowhite and what had happened to her after Her famous breakdown. She lost her beauty, her sanity in the eyes of her surroundings,

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1 This is the story of Snowhite and what had happened to her after Her famous breakdown. She lost her beauty, her sanity in the eyes of her surroundings, her charming husband revealed himself as able to endure only golden leisure. She was tired of being a saint, and after a short romance with a freak she decided to change. She gave a long look at her step mother’s mirror and headed out of the fairy tale book she was caught in. “Now i must do something, clean up stuff”, she said.

2 Her best friend told her: ”you are exaggerating a bit. Who do you think you are, the world doesn't turn around you.” But she knew it did. She threw away the bunch of pills that almost killed her, and headed for the farmer, using one of nature’s and man’s greatest forces: greed. “Your apples harmed my dear son” she told the man. He said: “i don't feel so well myself, but all my friends use the same poison for their engineered crops and i have to do that too, in order to stay in the market.” She looked at him with her bright blue eyes and told him, “Did you know that many people are now interested in buying poison free food? They are willing to pay you more for it, and they won’t buy Your friends’ crop, you can compete there, and

3 You might start feeling better yourself, if you ate poison free food.” That night she was over TV and told the people she was moving to organic food, because of what had happened to her son. “genetic engineered plants are designed to be poison-enduring. Then the farmer pours the poison over it throughout the season Instead of just at the beginning of the season, like he used to. This way he could get crop that was “clean” from insects and weeds. He had less work, more profit. “The amount of poisons inside the genetically altered crop Could teach my old step mom a lesson”, she said, in her soft southern voice. (she was real touchy about poisoned food).

4 “There was no label on your food telling you It was genetically engineered” she said, her voice trembling and her snowhite skin slightly blushed. “Just like there was no label telling me the apple handed to me by my own step mother, was altered. Through disguising themselves, genetic engineered crops hold 95% of the market.” “You have all cried with me over my loss And i really appreciate that”, she said. Now don't let it happen to you and join me.”

5 Many people said she lost her mind. Especially the people who sold poisoned food. They wrote all kinds of things about her. Talked of her romance with a freak who brainwashed her. Her shrink said she was a loveable person but easy prey for manipulative interesants due to her obsessive infatuation with her late dad, and her paranoic accusations against her step mother. But some people listened to her and it wasn't that difficult, since there were a few shops selling organic food. A few food chains decided to sell organic food as well. “Seems people want that” they said. The farmer made a lot of money. He told his friends about it.

6 “Seems they even preferred apples that looked like they were touched by insects”, he said. “My apples are tastier and the princess has given her name to ensure they were healthier.” The genetic engineering firms were very worried. We must stop that silly princess they said.” They invited the hunter over. “This troubled woman says organic food was better, soon she will say we should stop eating animal flesh, and then what will you do?”

7 “People will start thinking they could gain control over their lives. what will we do with our weapons, who will buy them?” asked a worried banker. “Oil prices are dropping since people are working from their homes and avoid using cars.” “They don't buy fancy clothes to work anymore. Children who grew up in schools and had TV for a nanny, don’t seem to believe in commercials anymore. Where did we fail? This is the worst time since

8 Its the worst time ever said an advertising specialist. His specialty was to find out what was worse in your product, then lie about it and sell it as the opposite. His best known commercials were: “The bank is working for you.” “The bank is your friend.” “You can’t do without it.” “Its healthy”, and “Its good for you.” “We must create an emergency and get the people patriotic about it. should we kill the princess first?” They agreed to do that because she was messing up things she had no a clue about, and people believed her dangerous blabber.

9 Snowhite died nobly in her lover’s arms. The world entered a big war and there was a large market for weapons again. After ruining some countries, they sold them poisoned crops. People died in the streets and there was a lot of demand for security guards. The princess died and many people felt sorry about it. Then they forgot about her. But they liked the taste of organic apples better, and purchased them when ever they found them. Some people started growing vegetables and fruit trees In their private gardens and over the roofs of their homes. The kids smiled at the silly commercials and other kids were hired to tell the advertisers how to sell stuff to the new generation.

10 “Tell them your stuff will ruin them, like you do with drugs and cigarettes, Then they will buy it” said the kids. And it worked. But there were some kids and grown ups who wanted to live peacefully and happily, instead of what they were used to, Look at TV and envy and see commercials and despair. So, in time, as it happens always, takes a hundred years sometimes and you loose half the population, but truth finds its way and lie vanishes. The problem with truth is that when it appeared, people started to get they were lied to. In the course of history people became freer with time

11 It seems to be important for them, to be free and not to be lied to or forced to buy bad merchandise. So in the end, They got themselves and their children some descent food. I don't really know why and how it will happen, But judging from the course of history, it will. Snowhite Laied in her grave covered with flowers Her son laied in his grave And so did many brave soldiers But if you look at it, The world is turning towards better times. First it is just in the poets’ words And in the freaks shopping bags Then one day it becomes obvious.

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