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Identification and assistance to presumed and potential victims of trafficking Nikola Dzina Psychoterapist RCW Marta,

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1 Identification and assistance to presumed and potential victims of trafficking Nikola Dzina Psychoterapist RCW Marta,

2 What does the victim need the most ? Freedom or safety ? Suspiciousness or trust ? Confidentiality or public recognition as a victim? Freedom of choice and right to say NO at any time or obligation to collaborate?

3 System If the system we live in clearly states who is the violator, working with trauma is more effective. If the state, society, court recognizes you as a victim of human trafficking, it clearly defines who is responsible and lessens victim’s sense of guilt. It is necessary to collaborate with the state and the system! This takes strength and resilience and there is risk of recurrent traumatization.

4 When can we help? When working with a person, it is not important to us what the public officials define as human trafficking or voluntary prostitution We can provide help as long the victim needs it We can choose how to help and truly respect the needs of the victim BUT! Our resources are limited… and directed to the victim RISK! We cannot fight the organized crime as a system

5 Lora’s story BEFORE Woman, 33, single, raises a daughter Lora’s background: grew up with 3 siblings, parents were working as a child was sexually abused by a family friend – nobody knew that enrolled in university, her dorm roommate told her about the opportunity to “make money” abroad

6 Lora’s story WHAT HAPPENED On her way home she met a nice man, who offered to live with him – for that she had to sleep with him and his friend The man found her “a job” in Germany In Germany she was sold from one brothel to another, then third She ran back to Latvia, a security guard from the last brothel helped her

7 Lora’s story AFTER A SECRET She graduated She worked in her field, abused drugs and alcohol – then stopped Met a man, her daughter was born, they split She returned to her parents

8 Lora’s story WHY SHE LOOKED FOR HELP No contact with parents and brothers Unemployed No communication with friends Raising her daughter One day the friend of the family came to visit…

9 FINDING HELP She searched for free psychological consultation on the Internet Stated problem – childhood sexual abuse Was especially worried about confidentiality

10 WOMAN’S STATE 10 YEARS AFTER Nightmares Fear of leaving home Fear to be in public Fear for her and her family’s safety Anxiety Fear for her daughter GUILT – HOW COULD I AGREE TO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?

11 HELP 1,5 years social: – Support regarding her employment psychological: – Diminishing the fear, anxiety – Work with feelings of guilt – Work with client’s needs

12 Lora’s story AFTER Told her mother about the experience of childhood sexual abuse Found a job Renewed relationships with friends Stopped blaming herself Recognizes her right to have her feelings and thoughts and that they deserve attention Allows herself to make mistakes and realizes that one doesn’t have to be perfect to be loved Started to accept the real situation, instead of dreaming of how things could have been

13 Lora’s story WHAT WORKED Client’s resources: personality, intellect, motivation to help herself, ability to self- reflect, desire to make a better life for her daughter Opportunity to provide help as long and to the degree it was necessary Confidentiality The client was given the freedom of choice Specialist’s beliefs

14 Lora’s story WHAT WILL NEVER BE RESOLVED She will never be recognized as a victim of human trafficking She won’t be able to realize her right to special procedural protection, compensation etc. The offenders will remain unpunished As nobody will face charges for any of the crimes, there is a risk that at more difficult moments in life, the symptoms of the trauma may intensify

15 WHAT ABOUT OTHERS? Lora’s story is a story of success For others it may be different How people find us: internet, other NPOs, referred by other specialists, collaboration with outreach specialists What can we do: provide long term social and psychological help What can’t we do: help to prosecute the offenders and fully provide safety

16 Natasha lives with the client, attends support groups, sees prostitution as a source of income – We encourage her to build her life independently. Will it work? Ilze saw two choices: suicide or running away. She fled to us. – We were able to hide her for 4 months, then she decided to leave. Did she commit suicide?

17 I AM VULNERABLE ‘It seems I knew already from childhood. Everywhere I looked around I saw sex. I realized from childhood that you can get things by using sex, if you let yourself experience the pain you can get whatever.’ “With the financial support from the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme European Commission - Directorate-General Home Affairs” Picture by Kristians Brekte

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