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Become aware Research Gains interest RegisterVerify IDDeposit Share docs Close.

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1 Become aware Research Gains interest RegisterVerify IDDeposit Share docs Close

2 Become aware Sally and Paul have planned a family holiday to Tahiti in 5 weeks She checks her passport (which is stored in the top drawer of her beside table) and sees expired 2 months ago When she goes to get her birth certificate Sally can’t find it (Paul put it in a ‘safe’ place) Sally calls Birth Deaths & Marriages and is told that it takes 4 weeks to manual apply & receive a replacement. They then tell Sally about a new online government service called ‘mii’ (as in ‘wii’) that can provide a digital copy immediately. FEELINGS: Sally feels frustrated with her situation and her interest in ‘mii’ is piqued

3 Research Sally hangs up, gets on the computer and googles ‘mii’ She sees mii amongst the top of results and clicks through to website Sally reads some overview information about the service and the benefits to her and her family, including replacing birth certificates and renewing passports FEELINGS:

4 Gains interest Sally can see how this service will help her: – Replace her birth certificate & renew her passport before her family holiday to Tahiti (which is in 5 weeks) – Stop worrying about where Paul ‘safely’ puts her family’s important documents – Save time identifying herself and family with other government services – Avoid lining up at Australia Post Sally decides to register

5 Register At Sally clicks the register button Sally fills in her personal details (she adds her children later & her husband Paul needs to register himself and then link ‘safes’) There is a list of official identifiers Sally can choose She adds her driver’s licence, centrelink customer reference number and medicare number (all in her purse) She clicks Verify to create her account

6 Verify The website tells Sally to check her email for the confirmation message Sally logins into email, sees the confirmation and clicks on the link provided The link takes Sally back to the mii website, where she logs in An indicator shows Sally has reached 90% of the identification requirements and she needs to add a. Sally goes to her top drawer to get her marriage certificate, and enters the reference number Sally has reached the verification points threshold and her ‘mii’ safe is created FEELINGS: Sally feels satisfied that she has a ‘safe’ (Disclaimer: verification process needs more technical design and development to implement)

7 Deposit Sally clicks on “Add documents” and selects her Birth certificate. Sally also notices she can select other documents, and chooses her – Marriage certificate – Tax Notice of Assessment for previous year – Academic Transcript (University of NSW) (something else Paul stored ‘safely’) Sally clicks on ‘My safe’ and can see those documents appear in the list of stored documents Sally clicks on the birth certificate, which opens FEELINGS: Sally feels relieved and ecstatic that she has her birth certificate, in less than 48 hours!

8 Share Sally clicks on Share and requests that her birth certificate is shared with DFAT (Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade) along with her application for renewal of passport, which she uploads 8 days later Sally gets and SMS saying her passport is renewed and has been dispatched via registered mail Sally clicks on the link in the SMS (on her Samsung Galaxy SIII) and logins into ‘mii’ to find a digital copy of her passport now available (which can be used in Australia with the SmartGate e-passport system) FEELINGS: Very happy Her physical passport arrives at her home 2 days later while she is at school. Because it is registered post a notice is left and Sally must go to Australia Post where she queues for 45 minutes to collect the passport. (We can’t solve every problem) FEELINGS: Annoyed, but relieved 3.5 weeks later Sally, Paul, Chloe and Andy pass through customs, get on the plane and arrive in Tahiti FEELINGS: Relaxed, happy, tipsy Disclaimer: we know there is a huge gap in the passport renewal step and that isn’t our focus, yet!

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