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Pepsi Beverages & Motorola: A HISTORY OF PARTNERSHIP APRIL 11, 2011 Tom Campbell | Global Account Executive Motorola Solutions.

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1 Pepsi Beverages & Motorola: A HISTORY OF PARTNERSHIP APRIL 11, 2011 Tom Campbell | Global Account Executive Motorola Solutions

2 PAGE 2 Motorola Solutions, Inc. At-A-Glance CEO/President: Greg Brown Corporate HQ: Schaumburg, IL Global Presence; Founded in 1928 Intellectual Property Portfolio: Over 10,000 patents Employees: Over 32,000 in 65 countries Sales in 100 countries Traded on the NYSE S&P 500 component DOW Sustainability Index Ticker Symbol: MSI Revenue $19.28b Market Cap $14.9b Operating Income $789m Net Income $633m Total Assets $25.57b Total Equity $10.98b

3 PAGE 3 Global Customer Portfolio Full end-end Motorola deployment MotoWLAN Mobile Computer Mobility Wireless Security The only IT vendor not 2 nd sourced 7.2b unique purchasing tranx per year Full end-end Motorola deployment Supporting over 2,500 facilities Ground/Air/Freight Hubs Over 8.5m shipments per day 25+ Year relationship –Custom DIAD Full end-end Motorola deployment 109,000 Moto Diads in use today 15.6M packages per day 3 rd Generation end-end customer Voice over WLAN on 100k MC70 Stock 40-50,000 items per store Customer Satisfaction program

4 Overview Historical Relationship -How we got here Account Coverage -How we work today Product Development -How we collaborate Services Engagement -How we keep it running

5 PBC – Mot Today MC7000 Over 26,000 devices deployed across PBC enterprise: Express Delivery PPS Pre-Sell MEM Move VendMAX MC9000 Over 3,000 devices deployed across Lot Trace LTTS ICS Inventory Count WMS iTi VC5090 in Pilot in Tampa RP 5,000+ other devices deployed across Mexico 4,000+ other devices deployed across Europe InforEAM ePAD Fleet Focus

6 Historical Relationship 2000 Apollo Developed Custom Terminal for PBG - Deployed to over 10,000 users in US & Canada -Staged, Kitted, Configured by Symbol -Discontinued in 2006 -Refurbished 4,000 units for redeployment to Mexico 2002 Gemini Deployed over 5,000 Pre-Sell Devices to US & Canada -Staged, Kitted, Configured by Symbol -Managing End of Lifecycle program -Discontinued in 2005, transitioned to MC9090

7 Historical Relationship 2005 ILA/LTTS/ICS Deployed first Mobile Data Capture devices to PBG factory floor -Deployed over 3,000 terminals -Staged, Kitted, Configured by Symbol 2007 Delivery Deployed over 8,000 devices for Delivery upgrade Staged, Kitted, Configured by Symbol (Symbol acquired in Q1 07) 2007 ePad Deployed over 3,000 devices to US & Canada Staged, Kitted, Configured by Motorola

8 Historical Relationship 2008 Pre-Sell Deployed over 4,000 devices for Pre-Sell upgrade Staged, Kitted, Configured by Motorola 2009 WMS/iTi/LTTS Deployed Pilot locations for Red Prairie WMS project 2010 PAS Integration ILA/LTTS/ICS deployments On-Boarding of PAS assets to PBC processes Today we have over 35,000 Motorola Mobile Computers deployed across the PepsiCo Enterprise

9 Account Coverage Senior Level Executive Sponsorship Supporting all account initiatives Dedicated Global Account Team Consistent communication Globally Dedicated Sr. Technical Architect Product to Process Expert Dedicated Services Account Team Directs all facets of Pre & Post Deployment Services Dedicated Customer Service Advocates Drives all post-deployment process Dedicated Tier 2 Technical Support Technical liaison with Product Engineering Vertical Market Principal Assist with Solution design, field user assessment, business case analysis as needed

10 Account Coverage Account Cadence Customer Scorecard Initiative Monthly reviews Weekly Technical meetings Open Technical Discussion Bi-Annual Executive Briefings Technical and Strategic Account Review Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Services Meetings Review of TAT, SLA, CSAT Quarterly Meetings with Product Strategy Team 12-18 Month Short Term View 3- 5 Year Horizon View As needed the team has been onsite to address issues in new or existing projects, solicit user input, ride alongs and solution design

11 Product Development Involved in all Phases of Product Design & Development Birth of Concept Market Validation Human Factors (ID) Features Definition Quality Lab Testing Alpha Programs: Field IT Trials and Validation Beta Programs: Field User Trials and Forum Participation Result = influenced architecture components for MC70 Access to Motorola Solutions Lab Application validation on released and unreleased HW Validation that 3 rd party vendor components work -i.e. Printers, Voice solutions, GPS peripherals, SD cards

12 Services Engagement Global Master Service Agreement Terms & Conditions agreed to Custom Service Level Agreements Length and Level Custom Ordering Process Bundled Ordering Repair Depots Manage Device Spare pool, Image/OS Configuration, Testing and Loading Battery Management Program Test & Replace Custom Billing on all Service Contracts Frequency and Pro-Forma Manage End of Sale Lifecycle Program Replace & Destroy Green Initiatives for Disposal

13 Two Global Market leaders Mutually beneficial relationship Established processes and programs World-Class Service and Support Collaboration on Future Solutions Cultures that revolve around innovation Motorola National Medal of Technology 1999 & 2004 Summary PepsiCo 2011 Partner of the Year - Sustainability Patents PepsiCo over 1,500 Motorola over 10,000 Pepsi Beverages 2010 Supply Chain Innovation Award


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