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Symantec & IMlogic January 2006. 2© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Contents Intro Vision Key Benefits Product Strategy Business Strategy Roadmap.

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1 Symantec & IMlogic January 2006

2 2© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Contents Intro Vision Key Benefits Product Strategy Business Strategy Roadmap

3 3© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Introduction Symantec is acquiring IMlogic, the leader in IM security and archiving –Symantec continuing to bulk up on best of breed Messaging assets –Portfolio also includes: Brightmail, KVS Enterprise Vault and TurnTide Creates a new, broader category around Messaging Security –Customers want inbound and outbound threat protection as well the ability to monitor, archive and manage for compliance across multiple protocols –Symantec is the first vendor to credibly play in this broader space Strengthens an already proven relationship –Integration since 2002 between Enterprise Vault (formerly KVS) and IM Manager –30+ joint customers, including several major Wall Street organizations –Symantec is the only single source supplier of an IM archiving, search and review solution

4 4© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Increasing Scope of Business Messaging Viruses / Worms SPAM / Phishing Archiving / Availability Compliance E-MAIL IM / P2P Web VOIP Collaboration Type Messaging is Growing in Complexity, Breadth, and Business Impact Business Impact Traffic / Complexity

5 5© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Vision Provide comprehensive solutions to manage massive quantities of information by monitoring, categorizing and protecting our customers messaging infrastructure. Monitor – traffic across all key collaboration systems Categorize – spam, virus, but also: confidential, health-related, financial, etc. Protect – Block threats, archive data, and increase compliance

6 6© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Key Benefits - Customers 1.Customers can now protect the full lifecycle of business-critical messaging Monitor Email and IM in real time Check for suspicious activity, both internal and external Block activity when necessary Archive for review and compliance 2.Buy with confidence from a single, market-leading vendor Global support and integrated product roadmaps Multiple deployment options – Software, Appliance & Hosted

7 7© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Product Strategy Short term –Continue to offer IM Manager as a standalone product with Symantec branding and via Symantec channels and salesforce –Integrate IMlogic RTTPS service into Symantec Security Response Medium Term –Integrate IM scanning technology into our email security products (SBAS, 8000) –Integrate IM scanning technology into our archiving products (Enterprise Vault) –Share policies across email and IM traffic –IM scanning will be a premium add-on Long Term –Continue to drive towards a common platform for our all of messaging solutions

8 8© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Business Strategy Integrate IMlogic engineering and product management into Symantec Messaging and Web Security division Integrate IMlogic salesforce into Symantec messaging security overlay team Move IMlogics Waltham, MA team into Symantecs Waltham, MA office Retain key executives to drive the IM security business Offer IM Security through the Symantec channel partners as well as global and overlay teams Offer IMlogics standalone product, under Symantec brand, on day 1 following deal close

9 9© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL Product Roadmap Yosemite release of SMS 8000 Appliance includes embedded IMlogic IM security functionality, available as a premium add-on feature. This will be the first IM solution for Small and Medium Businesses Add IM Archiving into Enterprise Vault Integration of IM technology into the software version of Symantecs email gateway solution Release IM Linkage v3.5 Q1 2006Q2 2006Q3 2006Q4 2006 Deal closes Symantec releases IM Manager v8.0 and continues to be sold as stand alone solution Symantec releases updated OEM product, IM Linkage 3.0 Symantec updates IM Real-time Threat Center technology and integrates it with Symantec Security Response

10 10© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL APPENDIX

11 11© 2006 Symantec - CONFIDENTIAL EV And IM Archiving Sources Enterprise Vault Archive IM Applications Outlook / OWA Shortcuts Search Outlook, Web, SP Archive Explorer Compliance Accelerator Monitoring and supervision Discovery Accelerator Legal discovery Win. Explorer Placeholders SDK Application / Search Exchange Journal Mailbox SMTP MAPI x-sender: ExchangeJournalMailbox@smtpaddress x-receiver: ExchangeJournalMailbox@smtpaddress x-KVS-MessageType:IM.[vendorName] Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 17:26:13 From: IMUser1 To: IMUser2 Subject: Conversation ID Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html 1. Third-party IM logging vendors capture IMs 2. Deliver conversations to Exchange Journal Mailbox 3. Archive and index properties 4. Search using Accelerators

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