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Thule Air Base, Greenland Mission Brief

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1 Thule Air Base, Greenland Mission Brief
This briefing was taken from the 21 SW standard brief, which came from the 14 AF standard briefing. Colonel Edward A. Fienga Commander, 821st Air Base Group

2 Overview Mission, Vision Effect Space Superiority Core Values
Installation Operations Installation Protection Questions

3 TEAM THULE MISSION Effect space superiority through Air Force Core Values-based installation operations and protection VISION Transforming Space Operations, and its Support, at DoD’s Northernmost Installation GUIDING PRINCIPLES Anticipation, Balance, Communication, Action (ABCA) Mission First…People Always

4 21st Space Wing (21 SW) 16 Weapon Systems 42 Units 27 Locations
Thule AB Globus II Norway Copenhagen DK Clear AFS AK RAF Fylingdales UK Cavalier AFS ND Cape Cod AFS MA Beale AFB CA Moron AB Spain Holloman AFB NM Dahlgren VA Stallion AAF NM Eglin C6 FL Maui HI 21 SW HQ Cheyenne Mtn AFS CO Diego Garcia BIOT Peterson AFB CO Schriever AFB CO 16 Weapon Systems 42 Units 27 Locations 5 Countries 9 Time Zones

5 Effect Space Superiority
12th Space Warning Squadron Primary – Missile Warning Provide early warning of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and Sea Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) attacks against the continental United States and southern Canada Secondary – Space Surveillance Detect and track ESVs for CDR JFCC-Space

6 Effect Space Superiority
BMEWS Site I Radar System 240o azimuth 3.5o - 85o elevation 5000 km range Thule’s location is uniquely suited to tracking polar-orbiting objects Thule’s radar is uniquely suited to track while scanning

7 Air Force Satellite Control Network

8 Resources & Capabilities
The systems at Det 3 support the three primary functions of Satellite Command & Control Telemetry & Mission data Data downloaded from a satellite Up to 5 simultaneous data streams State of Health and/or Mission Payload Data Tracking Data Knowing where a satellite is in orbit 100 miles to 448,000 miles above the Earth Range accurate to < 2.5 meters Range Rate accurate to 1 cm/sec Commands Data sent to a satellite Real-time and Stored Mission Payload and Bus

9 Core Values-based Installation Ops
821st Support Squadron Airfield Operations Civil Engineering Communications Logistics Medical Support Personnel Activities Port Operations Postal Services Services (MWR) Activities As you can see, the support Squadron is not very big. We have personnel and are divided into 8 Flights. However, if you compare us to a state side base, we operate like a Miniature Support Group. We support approximately 130 military personnel and over contractors. The top three are Greenland Contractors (GC), ARCTEC and Harris/Honeywell. Team Thule is comprised of outstanding people. Bottom picture is of our Raft Regatta race we had on the 4th of July this year at Lake Sparum by DV Quarters System of Systems to Effect Space Superiority

10 Core Values-based Installation Ops
Airfield Operations $40M multi-national ATC facility 10,000 foot runway 3,000+ annual aircraft ops 500+ international flights 255 Canadian Forces C-130s Multi-national support Weather forecasting and winter storm warning center Refueling service ISO OIF, OEF (re-)deployments Operation Boxtop resupplies Canadian Forces Station Alert in Northern Canada Operation Brilliant Ice resupplies Danish Station Nord in Northeast Greenland Thule AB supports various military exercises and scientific/research projects Thule’s Airpower Advocates

11 Core Values-based Installation Ops
Logistics Operation PACER GOOSE – Annual summertime resupply 2005 – short tons cargo and 14M gallons of JP-8 2006 – short tons cargo and 8.8M gallons of JP-8 Routine flights L-100s (McGuire AFB NJ) DC-8 (Baltimore’s BWI) Air Greenland Vehicle Maintenance and Operations Gets people, their stuff and other stuff in and out of Thule AB

12 Core Values-based Installation Ops
Medical Support SERVICES AVAILABLE Primary Care Clinic 24-hr Emergency Room Emergency/Minor Surgery Inpatient Care Immunizations Pharmacy X-Rays Laboratory Dental (Limited) GYN (Limited) Smoking Cessation WORKLOAD Outpatients / year Inpatients / year Prevent. Health Exams 600 / year Surgeries / year Minor Surgeries / year Operations (and a lot more) for Operations’ sake

13 Arctic Support Operations
…Installation Operations Arctic Support Operations Resupply Operations of BOXTOP, Brilliant Ice Military Exercises Scientific/Research National Science Foundation Danish Polar Center Danish Meteorological Institute Operation Julemand Operation Boxtop resupplies Canadian Forces Station Alert in Northern Canada Operation Brilliant Ice resupplies Danish Station Nord in Northeast Greenland Thule AB supports various military exercises and scientific/research projects

14 BOXTOP & Brilliant Ice Canada Canadian Forces Station Alert Danish
Station Nord Greenland Nord is approximately 700 miles to Thule. Alert is approximately 400 miles from Thule. 821st ABG

15 Operation Julemand A Thule Air Base local fund-raising charity since 1959 Volunteers at Thule AB raise money throughout the year to purchase Christmas gifts for the Greenlandic children in the neighboring villages Special emphasis on children, youth and elderly services in the village of Qaanaaq Greenland Qaanaaq is 60 mile north of Thule. A 45-minute helicopter ride from Thule.

16 Installation Security equals Mission Longevity
…Installation Protection 821 SFS Secure / Protect Effect Space Superiority (12 SWS, Det 3) Installation Operations Law Enforcement/Traffic Management Antiterrorism/Force Protection Installation Security equals Mission Longevity

17 …Installation Protection
Antiterrorism/Force Protection Air Terminal and seasonal harbor activity Primary Advisor to ABG/CC on all things Force Protection European AOR Defending our Team Thule Friends and Partners!

18 Commander, Thule Air Base
This Briefing is UNCLASSIFIED Thule Mosaic Colonel Ed Fienga Commander, Thule Air Base 12 Mar 07

19 Thule Mosaic

20 Thule Defense Area THULE DEFENSE AREA
…Installation Operations and Protection DoD’s Northernmost Base Air and/or sea access only 800 Miles/1300 Km from North Pole Thule Defense Area Total Footprint: 254 Miles2/406 Km2 Main Base: 5 Miles2/8 Km2 Arctic Environment Limited Port and outdoor work season Extended Storm season Psychological Adjustment Required 4 Months of twilight/darkness 4 Months of 24/7 Sunlight International Family of Teams Military -- US, CA, DK Contractors -- US, DK, GL Thule AB is very unique. . . We are the USAF’s Northernmost base We’re south of the North Pole and North of the Arctic Circle 947 Miles South of North Pose (about the distance from Denver to Los Angeles) We’re accessible by air year round and by sea for 2 months each year We spend the majority of our time in storm season (8 months) Our mission is accomplished by personnel from 4 different cultures THULE DEFENSE AREA

21 Thule Mosaic Purpose: Provide insight into the unique mix of nationalities and personalities contributing to Thule Air Base mission Other US Contractors

22 Thule Mosaic US Military (25%) 821 ABG 12 SWS (21 OG) Det 3 (50 SW)
107 US military personnel Effect space superiority through AF Core Values- based installation operations and protection 12 SWS (21 OG) 27 US military + 2 Canadian military personnel BMEWS Site provides early warning of ICBM and SLBM attacks and space surveillance data on man- made objects in space Det 3 (50 SW) 2 US military personnel Det 3, 22nd SOS, provides telemetry, tracking and commanding operations to US and allied government satellite programs Det 1, 21 CONS (21 MSG) 9 personnel (4 military) Controls all purchasing related to Thule’s 10 yr $900M+ contract

23 US Military Demographics
Thule Mosaic US Military Demographics

24 Any Questions?

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