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Venture Investment Group, LLC Tyumen, Russia t: +73452552848 Hybrid-Wave Drive.

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1 Venture Investment Group, LLC Tyumen, Russia t: +73452552848 E-mail: Hybrid-Wave Drive

2 PRODUCT At present there is no complete solution for creating year-round off-road vehicles. Hovercraft - a unique universal vehicle, but it has several drawbacks. Addressing these shortcomings - Hybrid-Wave Drive (HWD). NOVELTY OF DESIGN  The partition of an air cushion on section, and also - giving of a stream of air in section is discrete. It creates wave fluctuation of sections concerning their vertical axis.  The sharnirno-jointed mechanisms between them provide their horizontal displacement at giving of a stream of air in them on the set algorithm;  The HWD can move forward, backward, sideways, diagonally, to rotate in place, a surface relief. Disadvantages of a hovercraftAdvantages of HWD for their movement the additional air-screw engine (to 80 % from the general power consumption) is required; poor control on slopes and in windy conditions; insurmountable obstacles and large waves at sea. reduction of requirement for capacity in 5 times and a considerable saving of fuel; ability to overcome obstacles and slopes; high level of safety; increased cross-country, passes from one environment in another without preliminary preparation; speed of movement.


4 COMPETITORS The level of innovation in hovercrafts The level of innovation in the wave motion The reverse thrust Neoteric The system of reverse thrust «Neoteric» not only does efficient Hovertrek ™brakes, but allowing it to bypass all other hovercraft in the market. Back draft provides excellent maneuverability, not only to inhibit but to hang in the opposite direction, yaw, and rotation maintenance of lifting cushions in the wind at high speed. Robot nuthatch 4108.DCSupplemental/pnas.1116564108_SI.pdf Scientists led by Robert Shepherd from Harvard University have created a fundamentally new model of the robot nuthatch. The new robot has no single rigid parts, so he moves like a starfish or a caterpillar. The first sample softness robot - a four-flat design, cast from an elastomericplastic. Within these four "limbs" and "body" - a network of pneumatic valves. This design is simple and low cost. No direct competitors HWD has The most advanced workings out:

5 BUSINESS IDEA 1)To organize manufacture and sales of the unique product - "Hybrid Wave Drive" - for a wide range of cross-country vehicles; 2)Sale of licenses for the right of manufacture of the developed models. Potential buyers - the companies-leaders in sphere of manufacture of transport of a special purpose. Key factors for success of the project: Innovative design - the lack of analogues; Significant new consumer and technical advantages; Having a comprehensive package of intellectual property rights. A large and growing market (cross-country vehicles and hovercraft); Experimental confirmation of technical feasibility of the development (the existence of the prototype).

6 MARKET POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Griffon Hoverwork, (UK) AIRLIFT HOVERCRAFT (Australia) Universal Hovercraft (U.S.) www. Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc (USA) MAD Hovercraft, Slovenia (SI) Europe America and Canada Australia, Oceania, South-East Asia Europe The Arctic and Antarctica Russia Medium and large hovercraft companies, which seek: - To become the market leader; - To grow faster than competitors by means of innovations.

7 DEVELOPMENT PLAN Result Prototype (1 seat) Commercial prototype The range of vehicles for passenger and freight transport Stage Seed Start-upGrowth Period 1 year 2-3 years5 year Company Confirmation of the planned performance of a new product and lack of technical or economic barriers to implementation, whi ch can not be overcome The development of industrial technology and market assessment of suitability by the production, testing and sale of a prototype Sales growth in the international market R&D Development of landing gear Development of the chassis management controller (programmer) Technology production of the chassis, general construction Layout solutions for different applications Necessary investments $200 000 $ 546 666 Determined by results of seed and start-up phases

8 PROJECT TEAM Vasiliy Medvedev The chief engineer of the project Andrey Fomenko Venture Investment Group, LLC Anton Yazovskikh Venture Investment Group, LLC Higher education, specialty, "Machinery and Equipment Oil and Gas Fields" Businessman, an innovator A business angel. Has experience in the program «Economic development – qualitative management»: FoxValleyTechnicalCollege, Аppleton, WI, the USA. Was trained to business leadership – France. The design engineer, worked in the Surgut branch "Zapsibburmash" over creation of the Mobile chisel complex on an air cushion. Has 9 copyright certificates and patents, the publication Co-owner of an innovative company "Biogeneratsiya." Conducts constant practice in sphere of investment designing and management of investment projects. The business trainer of Russian school of management.

9 FINANCIAL MODEL Forecast profit and loss account, $ 2012201320142015 Sales volume 00010 169 492 administrative costs 33 898 20 339 production costs 59 32883 33940 9660 marketing expenses 1 69527 40114 12450 847 the administrative personnel salary 16 080 the salary of the industrial personnel 69 680139 360 16 080 The total fixed costs 180 681300 078244 429103 346 Losses from previous periods 0180 681300 078244 429 Profit before tax -180 681-300 078-244 42910 066 145 Taxable income 0009 821 716 Net profit -180 681-300 078-244 42910 066 145 Efficiency parameters of the project Specific unit of measurement Value The discount rate %12 The forecast period month48 Payback Period month37 Discounted payback period month38 Average rate of return(ARR) %352,0 Net present value (NPV) $, million6,6 Profitability Index, PI раз11,3 Internal rate of return (IRR) %225,4 Sales volume $, million 10,2

10 RISKS OF THE PROJECT Risk typeRisk characteristicRisk-management Technical realizability of the project Basic novelty of working out. The facts of realization of similar technical decisions it is not revealed. The basic uncertainty of the project is connected with constructional decisions, selection of materials. But working out is based on known physical principles and existing technologies. It reduces risk. Realisation of the project by stages; Cooperation on research and development with the best experts and the companies in sphere of designing and construction of hovercraft; Conducting complex research workings out in parallel with developmental works Investment risk (loss of the investments) Contingencies are possible Preliminary study of the plan of expenses; Stage-by-stage financing; Joint financing; Attraction of a grant of the Government of Russia Commercial risk The risk is minimum, as the market niche is already generated – hovercrafts. The market stably grows. Detailed study of business model and the marketing plan.

11 INVESTMENTS Total investment, $ 726 666 - own funds, $180 000 - required investment, $546 666 The investment offer: 40% of the share capital of the Company The exit strategy of the investor the investor's share may be sold for: a strategic partner of the project (enterprises which manufacture ATVs or hovercrafts); venture funds (start-up stage); initiator of the project. The company's value at the output, $ 10 033 333 The cost of the investor’s share, $ 4 013 333

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