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ITSM Support Group Administrator

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1 ITSM Support Group Administrator
This is one in a series of presentations about ITSM, the earliest ones stretching back to November. Today’s is a high level overview where we present the different processes. We’ll be giving more details in upcoming weeks. May 2011

2 Objectives By the end of the session you will be able to:
Describe the Support Group Admin Role Administer support group membership Know when to use the OARS M2 Request Utilize ITSM reports Find support information

3 Agenda Support Group Administrator (SGA) role and responsibilities
Administering support group membership Running ITSM Reports Bringing it all together: a day in the life Questions

4 role and responsibilities
Support Group Administrator (SGA) role and responsibilities

5 The ITSM Support Group Administrator
Previously: Support Group Manager Same responsibilities Plus the ability to manage membership A key role Connecting your team to where ITS is going Vital to embracing ITS changes Essential to making the ITS Service Management processes work

6 The ITSM Support Group Administrator
Priorities Puts policies into action Not just managing membership, but getting team members to take ownership and responsibility Decides how to administer within framework Viewed as Empowered Accountable High performing support team

7 The ITSM Support Group Administrator
Puts policies into action Not just managing membership, but getting team members to take ownership and responsibility

8 High Level Responsibilities: Processes
Monitor efficiency and effectiveness Take appropriate action when necessary Knowledge Incident Problem Change

9 Incident Problem Change
Incident Process Appropriate assignment of open incidents Ensure incidents are resolved as quickly as possible, adhering to ITS Resolution Targets Ensure appropriate Knowledge Management articles and Problem Investigations are created from incidents Incident Problem Change Knowledge

10 Incident Problem Change
Problem Process Assign resources to Problem Investigations and Known Errors Monitor target dates of investigations Incident Problem Change Knowledge

11 Incident Problem Change
Change Process Ensure that change requests to be coordinated by your group are accurately recorded and completed in a timely manner When the Change Coordinator is unknown, ensure that a Change Coordinator gets assigned to your change requests Incident Problem Change Knowledge

12 Incident Problem Change
Knowledge Process Document reviews: after notification, determine if review is needed then assign for review Reports: know what has been used and what hasn’t; decide if those numbers are appropriate. Incident Problem Change Knowledge

13 Your Tools ITSM Consoles Reporting Manage support group membership
Standard Public Create New Manage support group membership ITSM Tool OARS (M2) request process for specific roles

14 Consoles in ITSM Individual Console by Process Overview Console
ITSM Home Page

15 Individual Consoles

16 Overview Console

17 Console Personalizing

18 Console Personalizing

19 Console Personalizing
1 2

20 ITSM Home Page

21 Personalizing Your Home Page
1 3 2

22 Administering support group membership
Keep those ducks in a row Administering support group membership

23 Administering Group Members
What does this mean? Gives you the power to add or remove support staff members from your own support group. Benefits Empowering you to have more control of your support group Immediate Support Group resource to work records

24 Administering Group Members
Two ways to manage support group membership ITSM Tool – adding a user to the your Support Group OARS (M2) Request – adding a user to ITSM tool & Functional Role Role OARS (M2) Request ITSM (Adding User to Support Group) Existing ITSM User New ITS Employee Non-ITS Employee Functional Role: Change Coordinator Support Group Admin

25 Administering using ITSM Tool

26 1 2 3 Click the Support Groups tab.
3. Select the support group to manage. 4. Click Modify Selected Support Group. 2 3

27 Click the People Display tab.
6. Click Refresh. 7. To add a member, click Add and complete the following steps. To remove a member, select their name and click Delete.


29 Type the person’s first and last name and then click Search.
9. Select the person and then, from the Relationship Role list, select Member. 10. Click Add. 11. Repeat steps 7 – 9 to add additional people and then click Close.

30 OARS M2 Request 1 2 3 ITSM General Access includes but not limited to;
Infrastructure Change User Incident User Problem User Knowledge User Notice the Functional Role field: Change Coordinator 2 3

31 Metrics, Metrics, Metrics
Running ITSM Reports

32 Running Reports

33 Standard Reports

34 New Reports

35 New Report Criteria

36 Key SGA Reports Incident Change Reporting Job Aids Problem Knowledge
Volume Backlog Resolution Time Change Open Changes Volume of Changes Problem All Problems Open by Service Knowledge Articles with update requests Article usage Articles up for review Feedback Reporting Job Aids Run a Standard ITSM Report Create a New Report

37 Bringing it all together
the life of an sga

38 The Life of an SGA: daily
Overview Console Look for unassigned or aging records Monitor overall volume of work being handled by your group Stay in tune with heavy volume or records that seem out of the “norm” Individual Module Console Priority and aging for all records Remedy Knowledge Management (RKM) Review documents assigned to your group and re-assign as needed Notifications Assignment only, no Service Target notifications in May

39 The Life of an SGA: monthly
Run and review process reports and take appropriate action to reward or correct Surface internal process improvement opportunities within your area Provide appropriate feedback to resource managers Review group membership and update or submit M2’s for other adjustments Opportunity to communicate both to your leadership and your team

40 SGA Resource SGA Toolkit Overview of Expectations Resource Links Report Information

41 Other Resources ITS Backstage page: Anonymous feedback form: Feedback page results:

42 Reviewing our objectives
Are you able to: Describe the Support Group Admin Role Administer support group membership Know when to use the M2 for access Utilize ITSM reports Find support information

43 What else? Questions

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