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Alstom Grid recto SmartGrid : the new Data Tsunami

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1 Alstom Grid recto SmartGrid : the new Data Tsunami
Laurent SCHMITT, VP Strategy & Innovation Notes 1

2 Clean Energy and Transport Solutions
Power Generation Thermal & Renewables Low & No-Carbon Energy Solutions Renewables Efficiency Improvements Carbon capture & Storage Grid Smarter, more Reliable, more Flexible Power Transmission Up to 1200 kV substations Advanced Network Management Renewable Integration Smart Grid and Super Grid technologies Transport Faster, Cleaner and less congestion High-speed Rail Light Rail Urban Tramways

3 Complex Step Change : Connecting Prosumers with Grids
Smart Energy Positive Infrastructures Increased energy density during peaks Real-time pricing to end consumers Complexity to change Grid footprint Consumers turning to “Prosumers” Integrated Mobility Services New Virtual Power Plant/MicroGrid A micro subsystem with generation, storage and consumption capacity aggregating 10-50MW interconnected with the global energy wholesale 3

4 Active Demand Response Eco-Cities Grid Connections
Alstom Grid’s technologies and solutions are at the heart of the Smart & Super Grids Alstom Grid is strong technology leader in Control Room Solutions for Grid Systems Historical activity evolving towards new Smart Grid areas NiceGrid NMS deployed in 70 TSOs and VPLGOs world-wide In Grid, Alstom is well positioned on strategic technologies for Smart Grid Second: Smarter Grid Management Equipment level: Digital Protection Relays – full MICOM range – among the top 3 leaders Substation level: Digital Control Systems – PACIS solution – among the top 3 leaders Grid level: Network Management Systems (EMS, MMS, DMS): e-terra platform - N°1 world-wide in Transmission Energy Management Systems and Market Management Systems. Growing in Distribution Management Systems, very large references USA. Deployed new network management applications for Smart Grid (e.g. Renewable management, Online stability) with leading customers in Europe, US, India & China. Innovation investments to sustain leadership for smart grid: Wide Area Protection –grid protection schemes self adaptive, self healing defense plans New network management solutions: Smart metering & Demand response mgt, Online Asset mgt, Virtual Power Plant & Microgrids mgt And also: EV fast charging: leverage expertise in power electronics e.g. AC to DC conversion stations Grid connected batteries: objective to be a solution provider with battery technology partners IssyGrid Renewable Connection Active Demand Response Eco-Cities Grid Connections On-line stability Strong international strategy 4

5 New Reference Layered Control Architecture
TSOs & Market Operators Transmission/Wholesale Control Rooms (EMS-MMS-OSS-AMS-GMS) Aggregators (Generation, Load) Distribution/Retail Control Rooms (IDMS, DRMS, MDMS) Internet DSOs Cities Neighborhoods T EHV SAS Secondary D SAS Sub T / Primary D SAS Grid Automation Metering Concentrator / AMI Residential Asset Automation & Controls Commercial & Industrials Gencos Storage EV Partners Core

6 New Reference Integrated Telecom Architecture
Control Rooms (EMS/DMS/DRMS) Low Resiliency Backbone Optical Fiber SDH/PDH High Resiliency Backbone Digital HV SS Smart Metering LV/MV Concentrators Digital MV SS Wireless Access Meshed Networks MV Power Line Carrier Integration of Telecom backbones

7 Where are we on the Hype Cycle ? Customer is the current challenge !

8 Where are we on the technology challenge ? Data tsunami ahead !
Consumer connection is really data intensive 8

9 Demand Response Use Case
Most operational use of demand response (DR) assets today involves many time-consuming manual steps. Use of DR cannot scale unless the manual steps are eliminated through automation, and integrated to control center applications. Integration and automation is also essential for DR to provide real-time energy and ancillary services. Time Scale of DR Source: LBNL 9

10 Strong Implication on SmartGrid Standardization
Use Case Management Generic Use Case Libraries Domain / Actor Role Reference Architecture Standard Developments Security Management 10

11 New Standardized Architecture Model
Source : SmartGrid Coordination Group / M490 Mandate

12 Smart Grid Pilots, Innovation, Early Concepts Map
EU DC breakers, WAMS (Twenties1) WPD Distribution Automation (Falcon) ESB Smart Energy Port (FINESCE) Energinet AVR Cell EU DERMS (Grid4EU) ESB Fast Charging DC (Green e-motion) UKPN Distribution Automation (FPP) EU EMBIX (Cooperate) EU Twenties + (WP2013) ERDF DERMS (NiceGrid) ERDF DERMS (Vendée) ELIA Online Stability (AFTER) EU DR Hub (WP2013) BPA DRMS (DOE) Infrax DERMS (Slim) Veolia DERMS (Reflexe) ELIA DERMS (e-storage) Duke Energy DERMS (DOE) ELIA / ORES Active Network Management GDF Suez EMBIX (Greenlys) Philadelphia DERMS (Navy yard) UVSQ EMBIX (Smart Campus) 06/01/2012 Issy City EMBIX (IssyGrid) BOUYGUES EMBIX (Eco2charge) SNCF / Econoving Program Gare BOUTGUES EMBIX (EPIT) MEW - Kuwait On-line Asset Transelectrica WAMPAC – Shield (DANCERS) CEA Meshed DC (Winpower) MEW - Kuwait DRMS EDF DRMS B2C RTE Digital Substation Pilots (12) Innovation, Prototype (7) Strategy, Early Concept (12) 12

13 Evolving towards new Grid 2.0 Functions
RT Monitoring (SM, PMU) Condition Monitoring Demand reduction EE & New usages AMI/MDM Portal HD Analytics (Big Data) Integrated Cyber Security WAMS Risk assessment EMS DMS MMS Congestion Mgnt (AFR) Voltage regulation (VVC) VPP Operations (P,Q I/E) RES Integration FLISR Local Optimization Load shedding, Black start µGrids support Active Network Management Reliability GIS Forecast Distribution Market Places DER / DR Enrollment Bidding, Clearing support Settlement Ancillary services CIS MMS, BRP Schield

14 Embedded DLR Functions
Grid 2.0 New Analytics RT Monitoring (SM, PMU) Condition Monitoring Demand reduction EE & New usages HD Data Analytics Energy Efficiency “Use High Definition monitoring, higher spatial resolution (PMU), higher time resolution (Meters), Enable Data services, and New electricity usages ” Embedded DLR Functions EE & New usages Manage Demand response process flow, Auto DR, Base Line Methods EV infrastructure Monitoring & Control Dynamic rating, Limits calculations and management Condition Monitoring / Asset Care Predict Overload, Look ahead operations Short Term Plans

15 Next Steps on Analytics

16 Welcome in the Smart Grid world !

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