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EB – TN Circle Enterprise Business Unit TAMILNADU TELECOM CIRCLE 08-09-2011.

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1 EB – TN Circle Enterprise Business Unit TAMILNADU TELECOM CIRCLE

2 EB – TN Circle New business Proposal of Dark fibre to Tamilnadu Arasu cable TV E-Governance of TN State – Issue of certificates online- Nearly 8000 BB con DoP BB to POs- Nearly 1000 BB con MPLS VPN for Mahindra Finance- 42 locations._Feasibility requested MPLS VPN for Dalmia Cements- 128 locations_Fesibility requested.

3 EB – TN Circle Bundling of Data Card ELCOT and State Govt Want the Data card to be supplied FREE with the Laptops – May be difficult to agree. Diversion of MLLN and EVDO 1. MLLN modems diverted from MTNL have been received- Allotment being issued. 2.EVDO Routers diversion- From Gujarat received and From Andhra Pradesh – likely to be received shortly

4 EB – TN Circle TNSWAN Penalty 13 th Qtr SSA 8th Qtr Penalty in (Rs.) 9th Qtr Penalty in (Rs.) 10th Qtr Penalty in (Rs.) 11th Qtr Penalty in (Rs.) 12th Qtr Penalty in (Rs.) 13th Qtr Penalty in (Rs.) Total Penalty Total number of SWAN links Average penalty per link Chennai Coimbatore Cuddalore Dharmapuri Erode Kanyakumari Karaikudi Kumbakonam Madurai Nilgiries Salem Thanjavur Thiruchirapalli Thirunelveli Thoothukudi Vellore Virudhunagar Grand Total

5 EB – TN Circle Posting of Staff for EB All other SSAs are also requested to ensure that staff posted for EB activities are not utilised for other acitivities Status of Staff Position - Gold Offices as on SNCity Sales Personnel DGMAGM KAMs Nodal (AGM level) Outgoing/ IncomingTeam (SDE/ JTO) SDEJTO ReqPostedReqPostedReqPostedReqPostedReqPostedReqPosted 1Dharmapuri Coimbatore Madurai Salem Trichy

6 EB – TN Circle Renting of BSNL Space for ATMs Nominating FRAC (Fare Rent Accessment Committee) in each SSA for deciding the minimum rental for BSNL space to be rented for ATMs of CMS Banks (9- Banks) Compliance after forming the committee has to be sent Letter in this regard has already uploaded which contains the duties of FRAC Letter

7 EB – TN Circle Top 10 Customers in each SSA All the SSAs has to give the list of Top 10 Customers and the probable date of acquiring business from the customer

8 EB – TN Circle ELCOT BB – Implementation Pending Status SNSSA NamePending 1 CBT55 2 SLM2 3 TT1 TOTAL58 SNSSA NamePending 1 CBT 13 2 CON 2 3 DPI 1 4 TR 4 TOTAL20 VPNoBB to RI PendingBB to PACCS Pending SNSSA NamePending 1 CBT5 2 SLM2 TOTAL7 BB to Urban Co-op Bank Madurai SSA – Pending BB to Judges – 3 & BB to DCCB – 14

9 EB – TN Circle Govt. School BB Phase - II SNSSA NamePending 1 CDL 7 2 DPI 4 3 KKD 3 4 KMB 1 5 TT 8 6 TNJ 3 7 VLR 9 TOTAL 35 SSSAPending 1 CDL 2 2 DPI 1 3 KKD 2 4 KMB 1 5 MA 2 6 NIL 1 7 TNJ 1 8 TR 3 TOTAL 13 BB to BJP BB – Implementation Pending Status

10 EB – TN Circle ELCOT is placing the work orders to BSNL as per the conditions of the new tender. ELCOT will release the payments after the details of commissioning are provided. The timeline for provisioning is 15 working days from the LOI date Creation of special BB and VPNoBB plans for this project in CDR is done with annual advance billing option. The details are being communicated to SSAs as and when orders are received from ELCOT. Issue of Advice Note in the correct plan, timely provisioning of the connections and sending compliance to EB Unit has to be ensured as the payments will be released only after the details of provided connections are furnished to the customer. If the connections are not provided in time penalty will be levied by ELCOT for delayed provisioning ELCOT- Broadband &VPNOBB - New tender

11 EB – TN Circle BSNL – Channel Partner Details Sl.N o Channel partner Contact person with number mail ID 1 SAI INFOSYSTEM(INDIA) LTD , Micro plus Rajendran , A& T saravanakumar , Vitsa infotechNagarajan om 5Wipro Ezhil,

12 EB – TN Circle TNEB Laying of Optical Fiber OF cable to be laid to the Tamilnadu Electricity Board for their Online Billing Project Cuddalore (Villupuram) – Pending Tirunelveli – Pending Madurai – Pending Trichy – Pending Vellore – Pending

13 EB – TN Circle STM-1 Connectivity to Collectorates - TNSWAN SNSSA NameDistrictsStatus 1CoimbatoreCoimbatore, TiruppurCompleted 2ThanjavurThanjavur, ThiruvarurCompleted 3MaduraiMadurai, Theni, DindugalCompleted 4Tirunelveli Completed 5Virudhunagar Completed 6SalemSalem, NamakkalPending 7CuddaloreCuddalore, VillupuramPending 8NagerkoilKanyakumariPending 9VelloreVellore, TiruvanamalaiPending 10DharmapuriDharmapuri, KrishnagiriPending 11TrichyTrichy, Perambalur, Karur, pudukotaiPending 12Erode Pending 13Tuticorin Pending 14KaraikudiSivaganga, RamnadPending 15CoonoorNilgiriPending 16KumbakonamNagapatinamPending

14 EB – TN Circle Plan Migration of ELCOT Broadband in CDR During Conversion from DOTSoft to CDR it is observed that around 2500 connection of the ELCOT BB are in various other plans Due to this monthly bills are generated and disconnection is done. This creates bitter complaints and dissatisfaction from ELCOT/Customers SSA are requested to consolidate the list provided by EB Unit for the ELCOT BB connections and migrate them to the correct ELCOT BB Plan For any further queries contact Mrs.Anuradha, SDE (EB), Mr. Viruthagiri, JTO (EB),

15 EB – TN Circle Installation of IBS During the visit of CGM in DPI SSA, TVS has complained about the poor signal inside their campus and IBS was proposed to be installed in their campus. It may be expedited and installed at the earliest. Similarly in SIPCOT I & II of DPI SSA are also has the complaints of poor coverage necessary action may be taken to resolve.

16 EB – TN Circle Backup Circuits – ISDN & CDMA To create the existing/future ccts under free backup category in CDR package Plan , ISDNBRI ZERO FMC / ZERO RATING FOR SERVICE/LEASED LINE is used for ISDN BRI leased line Backup circuit connections for Banks etc BACKUP PLAN RENT ZERO, ETC for ISDN PRI can be followed. (Already Salem and Pondicherry have done the above thing) To cancel the pending bills so that ccts will not be disconnected For CDMA-VPN also ATM offsite/ branches are to be brought in to 20000/-plan and VIP category, old bills are to be cleared as discussed.

17 EB – TN Circle TVARIT Activities Commissioning of all long pending Circuits in each SSA SSAs are requested to update the pending entries of all the commissioned circuits which are showing as pending in TVARIT Monitoring of new ANs and commission of new circuits at the earliest Updating TVARIT plus entries immediately after commissioning of any new circuit Weekly and Monthly reports of commissioned circuits and completed entries (customer wise) to be given

18 EB – TN Circle TVARIT – Outgoing Circuits Status SSAtotal cctcommu/pAmt not recAmt reccclclos CBT CDL DPI ERD KKD KMB MA NGC NIL PY SLM TNJ TVL Tnchn TR TT VLR VGR Total

19 EB – TN Circle TVARIT – Long Pending Data - Aug11 SSA Cases pending for <3 months Cases pending for (3<6) months Cases pending for (6<12) months Cases pending for >1 year Total Pending CBT CON 33 6 CDL DPI ERD KKD KMB MA NGC PY SLM TNJ TVL TR TT VLR VGR Total

20 EB – TN Circle TVARIT – Pending & Provisioning for Aug11 SSA Pending until Last Month New appls received Aug11 Commission ed Aug11Cancelled pending at the end of Aug11 Working at the end of Aug11 CBT CON CDL DPI ERD KKD KMB MA NGC PY 23nil SLM TNJ TVL TR TT VLR VGR Total

21 EB – TN Circle TVARIT – SSA wise Pending as on Name of SSA Number of Pending Circuits BULKP2PVPNTotal Coimbatore Cuddalore Dharmapuri Erode Karaikudi Kumbakonam Madurai Nagerkovil Nilgiris(Coonoor) Pondichery41712 Salem Tanjore Tirunelveli Trichy Tuticorin Vellore Virudhunager Grand Total757

22 EB – TN Circle TVARIT – Long Pending with Reasons SSA pending for > 30 days pending due to Feasibility of Modem unavail- able Equipment unavailable (MUX) Pending for subscriber reasons Any other Reason Local lead at near end Local lead at far end Long distant media ModemPremises not ready Others CBT CON6 2 4 CDL DPI ERD KKD KMB MA NGC PY SLM TNJ TVL TR TT4 4 VLR VGR Total

23 EB – TN Circle TVARIT PLUS Bill Checking report as on of Tamilnadu Circle SSA Total Circuits for which billing is to be issued by the SSA Total Circuits updated/re- validated by Commercial wing. Total Circuits updated/re- validated by Finance wing No. of bills generated up to Bill preview stage & found correct. No. of bills generated up to Bill preview stage & found incorrect. Pending Circuits Likely date of completion Cbe Vlr134 Connoor DPI At the earliest ERD SLM TNJ At the earliest PY181 CDL74 Trichy TT VGR7248 Due to non-availability of system, bill generation is getting delayed TVL days Ma NGL One Week KKD KMB days TnChn (Done by VLR & Trichy weeks Total Note: - GM's of all SSA's have been instructed personnaly by CGM of Tamilnadu Circle to complete the re-validation process at the earliest.

24 EB – TN Circle THANKS

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