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1 Faculty Information Session “ It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ~Attributed to Harry S. Truman

2 SPS Resource Team Mary Millsaps, Senior Account Mgr., SPS Chris Tompkins, Proposal Supervisor, SPS Dani Garamvolgyi, Account Mgr., SPS Jennifer Hemmerick, Account Mgr., SPS

3 Our Objectives What is and What it is not submission process and timelines Start a proposal in Complete and Process a proposal in Help ensure a successful Submission Where to find assistance for

4 What is Electronic Submission system Liaison with other existing e-subsystems (ex: Fastlane) Not exclusively for Federal, but intended 100% usage for ALL Federal agencies in the near future!

5 File PureEdge Viewer Software executable program to view.xfd files.xfd Files Downloadable Proposal Package File saved to PC NOT Web based File that contains sponsor forms

6 Federal Requirements List of sponsors utilizing Mandated Federal Sponsor requirements: –FY 2006 100% find 75% option to submit –FY2007 100% find 100% option to submit

7 Sponsors Currently Utilizing Appalachian Regional Commission Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation City of Orlando Corporation for National and Community Service Department of Commerce Department of Defense Department of Health and Human Services Department of Homeland Security Department of Labor Department of State Department of Veterans Affairs Department of the Interior District of Columbia Environmental Protection Agency System Integrator Institute of Museum and Library Services James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Japan-United States Friendship Commission Marine Mammal Commission National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Endowment for the Arts National Endowment for the Humanities National Science Foundation Small Business Administration Social Security Administration State of Minnesota State of Texas U. S. Election Assistance Commission U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Transportation US Agency for International Development US Department of Energy US Department of Housing and Urban Development US Department of the Treasury US Institute of Peace United States Department of Agriculture United States Department of Justice Woodrow Wilson Center

8 Proposal Submission using

9 Recommended Timeline Recommended “Final Form” submission to SPS: 4-5 business days PRIOR to deadline Sponsor Validation: 2-4 business days Sponsor Rejected proposals: re-submission through required PRIOR to deadline

10 Submission Timeline Example

11 Starting a Proposal System Requirements Registration Notification to Business Offices and SPS Software Download Package Search Package Download

12 System Requirements Windows Users: Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP 500 Mhz processor 128 MB of RAM 40 MB disk space Web browser: Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher, Netscape Communicator 4.5 – 4.8, Netscape 6.1, 6.2, or 7 Non-Windows Users: does support the use of systems that do not use Windows. To find more information about the use of the Citrix Server Application please contact SPS or go to:

13 Registration No individual registration required to Search, Download or Complete Proposal Packages. Only Institutional registration required to submit proposals Purdue University is currently registered with Sponsor Sub-systems MAY require individual registration

14 Notification to Business Office and SPS When starting a proposal, please immediately notify: 1.Your Business Office 2.Sponsored Program Services at

15 Software Download

16 Package Search

17 Package Download (Step 1)

18 Package Download (Step 2)

19 Completing and Processing Proposal Cover page overview Uploading/viewing attachments Checking for errors Saving Printing Routing SPS receipt requirements Submission & Validation Rejection

20 Package Cover Page

21 Uploading/Viewing Attachments

22 Checking for Errors

23 Saving a Proposal Package

24 Printing a Proposal Package

25 Routing Routing between: PI/Co-PIs/BO Route.xfd files as an email attachment Save.xfd file to disk and route disk Save.xfd files in shared network drive Routing to SPS Route.xfd files as email attachment to:

26 Proposal Receipt Requirements Per Vice President for Research Policy… Proposal must be in FINAL form. Final Form Includes: 1.Original hardcopy with all sections complete 2.Original hardcopy matches the package 3.Completed Transmittal Checksheet contains all required signatures 4.Final and complete file forwarded to:

27 Proposal Package Rejection CRITICAL: Allow time for Rejection/Re- submission…WHY?! validation checks Sponsor validation checks Checks are completely electronic based Minor errors will cause system rejection (example: 47907--2108; additional hyphen in zip) Resubmission through PRIOR to Sponsor Deadline Rejection email notifications

28 Rejection Email -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 3:52 PM To: Subject: Rejection Notice for Application GRANT00081476 Your submission was received at 03-Mar-06 03:51:04 PM EST Type: GRANT Tracking Number:GRANT00081476 The following errors were detected: Error: 0 UNAUTHORIZED_SUBMITTER_ERROR FATAL You have not registered successfully with or the E-Business Point of Contact for your organization has not assigned you the rights to submit grant applications on behalf of your organization through Verify that you have registered with or that you have received an email notification stating that you have been designated as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) and are able to submit grants on behalf of your organization. To verify if you have been successfully registered with, go to For instructions on how to register with and for information on being designated as an AOR, go to PLEASE NOTE: This email is for notification purposes only. Please do not reply to this email for any purpose. Your submission was rejected by and will not be reviewed by the processing agency.

29 Ensure Submission Success 1.Early communication: PI – BO – SPS 2.Correct package download 3.Sponsor specific guidelines followed 4.Proposal Package accuracy 5.Early submission

30 Your Business Office Technical or Process Assistance Chris Tompkins:4-6204……………… 4-1079 …………… Sponsor/Program Specific Assistance SPS Account Managers Mary Millsaps: 4-1078 ……………… Dani Garamvolgyi 4-4856 ……………… Technical Assistance – Help Desk 1-800-518-4726 PureEdge Software Assistance or Download Contact your zone or software administrator Where do I go for Assistance?

31 Helpful Web Links Homepage: Search: Helpdesk: Sponsored Program Services Homepage: SPS Information: SPS Training:

32 Observations/Questions

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