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Future Tense Kristi Reyes.

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1 Future Tense Kristi Reyes

2 Key Words for Future Tense
Next … Tomorrow In … On … At …

3 Two Main Ways to Express Future
BE GOING TO and WILL Subject + be + going to + verb Subject + will + verb

4 Situations to use Will + verb
First situation: Quick decision made now for future action (not a plan, not prearranged) Class examples:

5 Situations to use Will + verb
Second situation: Voluntary offers to do something for someone and requests (asking someone to do something) Class examples:

6 Situations to use Will + verb
Third situation: Forceful commands Class examples:

7 Situations to use Will + verb
Fourth situation: Scheduled events Class examples:

8 Situations to use Will + verb
Fifth situation: Promises Class examples:

9 Will + verb Question: Will + subject + verb + ? Negation: Subject + will + not + verb

10 Contractions with will
My friend will = Jose will = Maria will = The future will = Students will = Everyone will not = I will = You will = He will = She will = It will = They will = We will =

11 Pronunciation Practice

12 Practice: Short Conversations for Offering Help

13 Review: “Will” for offering help What will you say? Write a short offer.
The telephone is ringing. I’m in the shower. My car won’t start. I have to be at work right now, and the babysitter isn’t here. Your music is too loud. I can’t sleep. My books are so heavy. My back feels like it’s breaking! I don’t understand this grammar. I have a job interview in Encinitas, but I don’t know how to get there. Where’s Susie? She’s late!

14 Be + going to + verb Use for plans, prearranged activities Class examples:

15 Be + going to + verb Question: Negation:
Be + subject + going to + verb + ? Negation: Subject + be + not + going to + verb

16 Contractions I am going to = You are going to = He is going to =
She is going to = It is going to = We are going to = They are going to = My friend is going to = The students are going to = Practice

17 Pronunciation Practice: “Be going to”

18 Writing Practice Change to future: be going to + verb
They (take) a vacation next year. She (study) art at San Diego State University. We (have) a party next weekend. I (buy) a new car. The boyfriend and girlfriend (get) married. He (look) for a new job. The boss (give) everyone a pay raise. One student (be) absent tomorrow. I (no spend) any more money.

19 Use either will or be going to – you choose
Either will + verb or be going to + verb can be used for PREDICTIONS about the future Prediction =

20 What do you think? What are your predictions about the future?

21 Will scientists create genetic disasters?

22 Will we all live in space one day?

23 Who will win the next World Cup Soccer tournament?
Brazil? Argentina? Mexico? Germany? France? The United States?

24 Other future predictions?
Reading Group work: Write predictions for the future.

25 Let’s practice Future Tense
Links to sites for practice: Will Be going to Will v. Be going to (exercises 18, 19, 20)

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