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[6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]1 QUOTES & CURRENT EVENTS By Lyle B., Ph.D. September 23, 2008.

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1 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]1 QUOTES & CURRENT EVENTS By Lyle B., Ph.D. September 23, 2008

2 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]2 ISLAM IS VIOLENT, A MUSLIMS POINT OF VIEW (a) Dr. Alrabaa, a Muslim, states that: we are told that the Koran is the Word of God. However, in reading it, it is full of hatred, killing, and discriminate against women. He also noted that over 90% of all Muslims have never read it. [by Dr. Sami Alrabaa, 09/07/08]

3 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]3 KORAN 8:12 TERRORIZE THE UNBELIEVERS Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes. [Joseph Farah, 2008]

4 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]4 KORAN 8:59 INFIDELS ARE THE ENEMY The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allahs enemy. [Joseph Farah, 2008]

5 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]5 KORAN 9:29 TAX & SUBJECTION Fight those who do not believe in Allah, … nor follow the religion of truth, … until they pay the tax in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjection. [Joseph Farah, 2008]

6 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]6 POLITICIANS TURN A BLIND EYE TO IMMIGRATION THREAT Political leadership in Britain and increasingly in the United States turn a blind eye to Muslim segregation and subjugation because they are prospecting for votes, including from those who would end democracy. [Cal Thomas, 01/08/08]

7 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]7 DHIMMI – DO NOT USE WORD ISLAMO-FASCISM Some believe it wrong to use words like Islamo-fascism when referring to those who use violence in the name of Islam and in accord with Islamic teachings to advance their political objectives, such as those who perpetrated 9/11.) [Robert Spencer, 02/11/08]

8 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]8 MUSLIM IMMIGRATION Former Muslims and others have issued dire warning about the intentions of … immigrant invaders and their objectives to subordinate Western countries to their view of Gods will. Segregation and intolerance are their first fruits. [Cal Thomas, 01/08/08]

9 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]9 MUSLIM SEGREGATION IS NORM Anyone who has studied Islamic societies … knows segregation and subjugation of non-Muslims is the norm, not the behavior of an extremist fringe. [Cal Thomas, 01/08/08]

10 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]10 MUSLIM SEGREGATION Where there are large concentrations of Muslims in England, no-go zones are being established… non-Muslims who trespass in such neighborhoods risk attack. (London,17% Muslim; Luton, 14.6%; Birmingham 14.3%). [Cal Thomas, 01/08/08]

11 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]11 DHIMMI – BOOK WITHDREW FROM PUBLICATION The Jewel of Medina, a racy historical novel about Aisha, nine year old bride of Mohammed (by Sherry Jones), has been pulled from publication due to Islamic threats of violence that jihadists use to inhibit discussion about Islam. (Random House already paid $100k for the book.) [Robert Spencer, 8/18/08]

12 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]12 ANOTHER FORM OF DHIMMI Dr. Alrabaa, a Muslim, states that the Koran is full of violence, hatred, and discrimination. But, he notes: If you say that Islam is a violent faith, or equate Islam with terror, you can be accused of being anti-Islam and being Islamophobic. [by Dr. Sami Alrabaa, 09/07/08]

13 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]13 SHARIA LAW OFFICIAL IN UK (a) Great Britain has surrendering itself -- Islamic law now officially operates in the UK. Sharia courts are in Birmingham, Bradford, London and Manchester with others planned for Glasgow and Edinburgh. [, Sept 15, 2008]

14 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]14 SHARIA LAW OFFICIAL IN UK (b) Sharia courts -- Muslim Arbitration Tribunal. These favor men -- several cases of domestic violence ended w/husbands receiving little punishment except an anger management course; and the women withdrew their claims. [, Sept 15, 2008]

15 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]15 SHARIA LAW OFFICAL IN UK (c) Unequal Inheritance – the sharia court divided a Muslim fathers estate such that his sons received twice as much as his daughters -- contrary to British law, which would have given the daughters equal shares. [Srdja Trifkovic, Sept 15, 2008]

16 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]16 STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (a) What is it? An emotional attachment, a bond of interdependence that develops between captive and captor when the captor threatens ones life, deliberates, and then doesnt kill the captive. [Joel Richardson, Ch. 17]

17 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]17 STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (b) The resulting relief causes intense feelings of gratitude and fear such that the captive does not display negative feelings toward the captor. And, since the captives need to survive is stronger than their impulse to hate, the captive comes to see the captor as a friend, even a savior. [Joel Richardson, Ch. 17]

18 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]18 Blogger Detained in Malaysia for Insulting Islam Malaysia: Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been incarcerated for insulting Islam, publishing related articles on his website, and inciting hate toward Islam -- a serious offence in predominantly Muslim Malaysia. Editor's Note: This is what "hate legislation" will lead to in the United States if we allow it to exist. [The New Media, 9/24/08]

19 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]19 UN – MAY BAN ISLAMOPHOBIA NY -- 63rd session, UN General Assembly : The OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) has asked Malaysia to play a major role towards rectifying Western societys misconception of Islam. (I.e., ban connection of Islam with terror.) Malaysia has proposed that an international convention be held to tackle the anti-Islamic movement which is rearing its ugly head in several developed nations. [Robert Spencer, 9/25/08]

20 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]20 HOW MUSLIMS CAN STOP ISLAMOPHOBIA (a) How the Muslims can do it: 1. Focus their indignation on Muslims committing violent acts in the name of Islam, not on non-Muslims reporting on those acts. 2. Renounce definitively not just "terrorism," but any intention to replace the U.S. Constitution (or the constitutions of any non-Muslim state) with Sharia even by peaceful means. [Robert Spencer, 9/25/08]

21 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]21 HOW MUSLIMS CAN STOP ISLAMOPHOBIA (b) 3. Teach Muslims the imperative of coexisting peacefully as equals with non-Muslims on an indefinite basis. 4. Begin comprehensive international programs in mosques all over the world to teach against the ideas of violent jihad and Islamic supremacism. [Robert Spencer, 9/25/08]

22 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]22 HOW MUSLIMS CAN STOP ISLAMOPHOBIA (c) 5. Actively work with Western law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend jihadists within Western Muslim communities. If Muslims do those five things, voila! "Islamophobia" will vanish [Robert Spencer, 9/25/08]

23 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]23 WHO IS BRIGITTE GABRIEL? Brigitte is a terrorism expert and founder of ACT! for America. She has spoke to members of the FBI, U.S. Special Operations, U.S. Congress, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, among others. [Brigitte Gabriel, 2008]

24 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]24 BRIGITTE GABRIEL SAYS: (a) Stop ignoring growth of radical Islam -- act soon, and powerfully. Political correctness ignores threat of radical Islam. Radical Islam is fundamentally opposed to democracy and equality. Islamists consider "infidels" as enemies, worthy of death. [Brigitte Gabriel, 2008]

25 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]25 BRIGITTE GABRIEL SAYS: (b) Madrasses in USA are part of a growing radical Islamic army on U.S. soil. Radical Islam exploits US legal system and protection of religion to spread hatred. America must organize a unified voice that says "enough" to political correctness. [Brigitte Gabriel, 2008]

26 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]26 WHAT CAN YOU DO? (a) uBe informed -- learn, share files & DVDs. uBe active -- join a citizen action network. uBe observant -- report strange activities. uChoke $ -- close Sharia-compliant bk acnts. uTalk – discuss threat with others. [Citizen Warrior Blog]

27 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]27 WHAT CAN YOU DO? (b) uInfluence – write letters to lawmakers. uOnline -- visit uBe patriotic – fly & wear the colors. uSupport – always support the military. uCheck K-12 mtls for Islam propaganda. [Citizen Warrior Blog]

28 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]28 BIBLIOGRAPHY (a) DR. Sami Alrabaa, Islam is a Violent Faith. September 07, CitizenWarrier Blog. of-islamic.html Joseph Farah. Book of Hate Brigitte Gabriel. They Must Be Stopped. Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. St. Martins Press, Blogger Detained in Malaysia for Insulting Islam. September 24, 2008.

29 [6x-Quotes-and-Curr-Ev-PP- Slides-LB.PPT]29 BIBLIOGRAPHY (b) Robert Spencer. Jihad Watch, Wk of August 18, Sharia law is now legally binding, September 15, Joel Richardson. Will Islam Be Our Future? A study of Biblical and Islamic Eschatology. On-line book, available at:,htm. Cal Thomas. Muslim-style segregation divides Britain. Daily Bulletin, January 8, Srdja Trifkovic, Britain Adopts Sharia, September 16, 2008 Bat Yeor. Islam and Dhimmitude, Where Civilizations Collide. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2002.

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